After he killed this man with his punch, Naito retracted his fist back, then he stared at the Rock’s side.

Several of them were so terrified, and the closest Shinobi to him was the most scared one; therefore, he wasn’t gonna gave up on his life this easily, and start printing hand sign for casting a clone.

But this was useless!


Once again, due to the powerful impact from using the Soru the ground under Naito’s feet broke, and in an instant, Naito was in front of that Shinobi throwing a punch at him just a second before he completes his seal.


Suddenly, the sky cracked, and the punch looked like a falling star as it was pressing him to the ground, the momentum broke space, and the Shinobi wasn’t able to block it!

The momentum started raising until it smashed both the Shinobi and the ground.

Another Shinboi died!

The next Shinobi to him got genuinely horrified seeing this scene, suddenly, he started to print hand signs, then he directly dived under the ground, hiding from Naito.

Naito looked at him with an expression full of mockery.


Naito once again rushed at high speed toward his last location, and just before he reaches it, Naito jumped above it, then punched the ground so hard.


The whole ground got destroyed by that tremendous force.

The shocks spread out from Naito’s fist toward the ground, then it spread out to every direction, this time, his attack shaken the whole battlefield, the armies of both sides couldn’t help but look at this scene.

Even the sides who wear already fighting each other couldn’t help but take a glance at this shocking scene.

Under the power of his punch, the whole place cracked open.

Indeed, what a shocking scene!

Even if it didn’t have a significant effect, everyone on the battlefield felt the reflections of the shocks in their bodies.

The Shinobi under the ground was planning to sneak behind Naito and attack him, yet before he could even do hand signs, the shocks reached him.

This enormous force slammed down the whole ground, then it crushed his body along with it, even the ants underground couldn’t survive this attack.

Up until this moment, Naito managed to kill dozens of people and three of them were Jonins, you can say that Naito has already made significant achievements in this battlefield!

However, this wasn’t enough for Naito.

Killing dozens from thousands of Shinobis in the battlefield, won’t affect the overall situation of the war.

Naito has already made an oath in his heart that he’s gonna end this war with his hands!

Naito turned toward the army of the Rocks, and suddenly his expression changed revealing a very terrifying Aura.

Suddenly, he stepped so hard at the ground.


And once again he blinked, but this time, Naito’s movements weren’t horizontal, he directly jumped toward the sky!

Naito currently didn’t reach the level of Gai, and he couldn’t open the Eighth Gate yet, he couldn’t use moon steps and move in the sky, yet with his Saru Technique, he could jump very high in the air.

Everyone noticed how he jumped so high in the sky, and both sides showed a hint of surprise.

Yuu Naito… What are you doing?!

Under normal circumstances, no one dares to jump like this in the sky during the war, because that makes him a live target to everyone’s Ninjutsu, and the enemies will no longer be afraid of accidentally injure their teammates, they will directly hit him with their strongest Ninjutsus.

But… Naito wasn’t afraid of their weak Ninjutsu!

As long as their not combined, Naito can shatter down everything they will throw at him, and even if they combined their Ninjutsus, Naito will just punch harder and destroy everything in front of him!

Therefore, Naito was fearless!

And when it comes to the causes of this action, Naito’s intention was only one thing, that is, attack!!

Suddenly, under the shock of everyone, Naito who was at the top of the Rock army clenched his fist, then he slammed down space under him.


This wasn’t just a punch like any other punches he threw in this war, this is was a serious one, a punch with full power!

The power of this punch was so strong, perhaps it wasn’t as strong as his S-Class strikes, but the area that this punch can cover was even more extensive than any of his other attacks!

The Cracks on space spread out covering the whole army of the Rocks!!

“Is he crazy?!”

“There’s no way!!”

“So strong!!!”

The Rock shinobis were so surprised by Natio’s last movement, but the moment they released that he was targeting the whole army, they got furious, especially the elites.

Even though they all admit that they cannot be compared to Naito, but to aim for the whole army with one attack, is just too arrogant, and this is indeed provoked them.

Onoki didn’t personally engage the battlefield, he was just looking at Sakumo’s side while some Anbus from Both sides were standing around them.

At this time, Onoki noticed the Situation in the battlefield, then he looked back at Sakumo and said with a hint of mockery: “Your Ninja is powerful, but he’s insane isn’t he.”

“Is he?”

Sakumo looked calmly at Onoki.

Sakumo found it really strange that Naito decided to attack the whole army, but in his opinion, Naito’s decision also makes sense.

Therefore, Although he didn’t believe that Naito would be able to do any damage to them, Sakumo chose to believe in Naito and continued to observe the situation.

Of course, Sakumo wasn’t attending to keep on watching the whole time, he was willing to engage the battlefield at any seconds and kill dozens of people.

“Hey! stop sending those murderous instincts, and let’s just see what your kid gonna do!”

Onoki snore, then he immediately looked at the field.

At this time, Sakumo slowly moved forward staring at Onoki.

Onoki’s expression suddenly changed and became really cold: “You little brat, are you sure you want to play with me?”

“We will never know who’s gonna win until we try.”

Sakumo’s expression was remarkably calm, step by step, walking toward Onoki, a fierce momentum start rising, Sakumo didn’t pull out his sword yet, but his Aura felt already like a sharp sword that can cut everything!

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