Sand Village, in the Kazegake’s Office.

The Third Kazegake was looking at the table in front of him along with his assistance, at the table there was a map for the Rain Country, and there were many flags representing the positions of several Villages troops in the country.

The Sand Village was taking part in this war, and their camp was also taking place in the Rain Country.

Although the Rain Village is a small, but it’s actually next to the five major Villages in terms of power, and there’s also Hanzo the Salamander, which turned out to be surprisingly powerful!

After they clashed their swords twice with him, they found it really hard to defeat him.

The Third Kazekage shook his hand then looked at the other side of the map.

At the other side, there was both Konoha and the Rock camps.

“Konoha and the Rocks declared war on each other, according to the information we have, they almost have the same numbers of men resources, it is estimated that this war is gonna be a lose-lose for both sides… We will only need to make Hanzo back off temporarily, then we’re gonna be the winners of this war.”

Just as the Kazekage finished his sentence, a Ninja with a shocked expression on his face rushed directly to his office.

“Kazekage-Sama, urgent information from the frontal lines!”


The Kazekage wrinkled his brows, thinking about what kind of urgent information has made this Ninja so shocked, nothing surprising should be happening there, the outcome is already estimated.

“The Rock Village got defeated, and all of their Shinobis were killed in the battle between the Rock Village and Konoha, the scouts in the frontal lines sent information saying that the casualties were over one thousand Shinobis!”

When he first heard this sentence, the shock on the Kazekage’s face was really clear, then it slowly turned to a very joyful expression.

Unexpectedly, the Rock Village and Konoha fought against each other fiercely!

Both the Rain and the Sand expected this battle to be a small conflict, and both sides will not send more than one hundred people.

However, the Rock has directly lost more than one thousand, which means that the Rock got badly hurt, and they will need to retreat from this war… And since the battle was this big, it’s estimated that Konoha’s situation right now isn’t that good too!

Therefore, they can now relax and enjoy the benefits of this battle!

“What about Konoha’s side, how many ninjas survived? and what’s the number of casualties?”

He was very sure that almost all of Konoha’s army has been destroyed, there shouldn’t be a lot of Shinobis left in Konoha’s Village too, the Kazekage asked the question, but in his head, he already knew the answer.

“The Casualties of Konoha’s side are basically zero!”

“Great, all of Konoha’s Shinobis are dead, they got destroyed, and this is came to our advantage!”

The joy on third Kazekage face was very clear.

“And also…”

But in the next moment, he felt that there’s something wrong, he remembered the first report, he said that all of the Rock Shinbois got killed.

And yet also all of Konoha’s army died,  how could be the Rock Village is the one who got defeated?!

The Kazekage thought that the Ninja has made a mistake, he stared at him waiting for an explanation.

The Shinboi hesitated first, then he reports the information one more time.

“Kazekage-Sama, Konoha didn’t get destroyed, the casualties on their side are basically zero, which it means, that they didn’t suffer any deaths, they only had few injuries…”


Suddenly the Kazekage become very quiet.

Then immediately, his expression was full of doubt and disbelief.

Is this some kind of a joke?!

Almost all of the Rock army got killed, but Konoha didn’t have any casualties?

This is impossible even if Konoha was the stronger side.

“This is impossible! Did Konoha sent a whole army of Jonins?”

Although the Kazekage knew that the Ninja wouldn’t tell him such information if it wasn’t true, yet he couldn’t believe it.

Because it’s just incredible!

“Kazekage-Sama, Konoha didn’t send a whole army of Jonins, but… This outcome was because of one man who lead Konoha to victory.”

After he said these words, the ninja slightly hesitated, then he added with a soft voice like if he was whispering cautiously: ” And it seems, that this man was possession on the Kusanagi sword…”

The Kazekage heard the first sentence first, but he didn’t even have the time to be shocked after the Ninja added the second sentence, the Kazekage looked at him and couldn’t help but exclaim.

“The Kusanagi sword?! That’s Impossible!!”

“Is it the one that got stole after Kinjin’s death?”

Under the shock of the Kazekage, he directly asked.

When he heard this information, the Kazekage’s mind was about to explode, he felt like he got struck by a lightning thunder.

He thought that Kinjin will always be there to perform his assassination missions for him, but under weird circumstances, Kinjin got killed!

And now the Kusanagi sword has fallen into the hands of Konoha!

“How could this happen, who is this Ninja, do we have any information on him?”


The Ninja who reported the information to the Kazegake knew that he’s gonna ask these questions, so he quickly pulled out a piece of information about Naito and handed it to him.

The information on the Anbu codenamed “Yujin” were top secret, but the info about Yuu Naito were very easy to collect.

When he looked at the first line, the Kazekage seemed somehow scornful.

Yuu Naito? A Genin?


There’s no way.

However, after he looked more carefully, the Kazekage expression changed.

Something was off, the following information had Naito’s age, and some data about how he graduated early from the Ninja school, and about how he won some kind of competition and became the most genius kid in the history of the Village.

The information wasn’t complete, and there was no information about him for more than a  year.

It seems that Yuu Naito is really just a Genin!

But how is this possible?

The Kazekage kept staring at this piece of paper for a long time, then with a very confused expression he returned to his sit and threw the papers on his table.

“Konoha… Just where did you find this monster?!”


in the Mist Village, the Mizukage slammed the information on the table.

“What kind of Joke is this?! There no way that this information is true!”

The Mizukage looked very angry, he looked at the Ninja who handed him the report and shouted: “GO BACK! And check out this information! An imp from Konoha defeated the Whole army of the Rock, BULLSHIT!!”

But no matter how the Mizukage asked the scouts to check out the case, every time the scouts came back with the same information, finally the Mizukage start to believe it.

“The Second War is about to end… We will continue on observing it… Let Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist guard the sword, if that guy dares to come to Kirigakure, they will be responsible for killing him, we cannot let him take the sword from us.”


The Cloud Village.

The Raikage was looking at the data in his hands.

“Konoha really managed to raise a genius ninja to their side, but if I were there, he wouldn’t even be able to lift a finger, if he dares to come to Kumogakure I will kill him!”

The third Raikage eyes flickered, and slightly revealed a trace of disdain, he really didn’t care about Naito’s performance, because he was confident to be stronger.

His lightning armor was so perfect, he mastered the third and Finale stage a years ago, his body was so strong… He reached a state were Ninjutsu has no effect on him, nothing could even scratch his skin!

The third Raikage was even able to hold the Hachibi all by himself!

However, even this powerful man had some fears from Naito since he’s very young, but he didn’t share these fears with anyone and kept his cold face.

He didn’t care about how much Naito was strong right now, but to be that strong in this young age, made him a little bit shocked.

No one before him had these kind of achievements on this age, he never expected that someone else like him will come in the same era.

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