The astonishing news from the battlefield has reached the high ranks of the Village.

When they first received the information the four elders of Konoha didn’t believe it, they thought it was impossible!

After they carefully confirmed the authenticity of the information, their reaction turned from disbelief to a complete shock.

Finally, both Sarutobi and Danzo organized a council meeting with the two elders, Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado to discuss the recent performance of Naito.

The highest level of the Hokage building.

This small room has the highest position, and only essential meetings have been organized here.

Only the highest ranked people in the village can be part of these  High-level meetings, and Hatake Sakumo has the highest rank.

However, only the elders can participate in the Council meetings, they are the people who have the most power in Konoha.

“What is your thoughts about Yuu Naito?”

Sarutobi opened the discussion by this question, the shock was still evident on his face, and his tone had a trace of exclamation.

“Naito performance was perfect for the past few months, either it was assassination mission, scouting, or even a frontal liner in the battlefield Naito completed his tasks perfectly, he’s power become very strong…”

Danzo’s expression was very cold, yet his eyes were revealing his shock, he didn’t expect Naito to achieve something like this in the battlefield.

This is almost incredible!

Utatane was very silent, then she slowly said: “As Danzo said, Naito’s role in the battlefield become very big, his existence is almost like a war weapon to us, he must be controlled like a Jinchuriki.”

Sarutobi heard both Danzo and Utatane’s opinion, then turned toward Mitokado and said: “And you Homura, what do you think?”

“I believe that Naito currently is indeed more important than a Jinchuriki, but I don’t think we should do anything about it, we need his presence in the battlefield.”

These words seemed very wisdom, Sarutobi was listening and nodding in approving.

Upon seeing this, Danzo couldn’t keep quiet anymore and said: “Hey, what are you even thinking?! Just give him to me, and I will make a perfect war weapon out of him!”

After that, Danzo said these words but his intentions were very clear, he was planning for something else.

Sarutobi stared at Danzo for a while, then he finally shook his head and said: “I think Mitokado made a good point here, and I agree with him.”

“I asked Sakumo, he said that Naito can grow even more under his assistance, so there’s no need to control him since he is still under our control.”

Danzo wrinkled his brows then said: “If that little devil grows even more, can Sakumo stop him?”

“His growing degree is huge, he surprises us every time, if he grows even more, what we will do?? It will be him, or us!!”

Danzo’s words made Sarutobi frown a little bit, but in the end, he looked at him and sternly said: “Even if he grows more, if Sakumo couldn’t stop him, I will!”

Listening to Sarutobis words, Danzo suddenly stopped talking.

He was preparing himself on storming out, but he got shut down instead, these words, made the sweat appears on his forehead.

The stares of Sarutobi made it even worse for Danzo, he got very terrified, and he couldn’t add any other word.

“Besides, we don’t even know if Naito is gonna turn on us, I’m more concerned about you Danzo… You look very enthusiastic about controlling Naito more than anything.”

“And this is wasn’t the first time, I’ve heard that you want to control the new Jinchuriki too, Danzo are you planning on something behind our backs?”

The shock on Danzo’s face was very clear, in fact, he is thinking of a way to control the new Jinchuriki, but he didn’t know how Sarutobi knew about this.

Could it be a traitor in his roots?

That’s impossible!

“Well, the Jinchuriki is very important, it’s only normal that Danzo is paying too much attention to this topic.”

Utatane said that trying to defend Danzo.

On the other side, Mitokado looked at Danzo and said: “However, showing this much interest can give Sarutobi consider, I hope you’re not thinking of backstabbing us Danzo.”

Danzo was silent.

Sarutobi stood up, then made a glance at Danzo and said: “This is it, the meeting is over.”

It’s true that Danzo is one of the highest ranked people in Konoha, and possess a lot of power in his hand, but when it comes to the strongest, it will be none but Sarutobi, and because Danzo has always crossed his sword with Sarutobi, the last was very careful around him.

Just like in the original story, Danzo teamed up with Orochimaru in order to make him the fourth Hokage, and this threatened Sarutobi, he always felt that Orochimaru is too dark inside, and not suitable to be a Hokage; therefore, he was still resolute to rebut Danzo’s plans.

This made the hateful in Danzo’s heart grows even more, which made him finally organize an assassination to kill Sarutobi, but it failed eventually.

At this time, Sarutobi didn’t take the matter personally, he always thought of Konoha first, the Village was more important to him more than anything, even himself included, in the end, Sarutobi chose to forgive Danzo, after all, Danzo position was critical to the village, so he limited his authority and made him only deal with the dark side of the Village, in his view, the benefits were outweighing the disadvantages.


This decisive battle between Konoha and the Rocks was brought a lot of attention around the world of Shinobis.

Even the Clouds who did not participate in the second war, and the Mists who were so far on the other side of the sea, were extremely concerned about this battle.

And when the news was transmitted, it shocked the whole world of Shinobis.

The whole world was trembling!

When they’ve been asked about Naito, all the Rock Shinobis who survived this battle, and almost none of them couldn’t talk about it without shaking!

Yuu Naito was almost like a nightmare to them!

That scene has literally hunted their dreams, the body of that man covered in blood, rushing in the battlefield, killing every single person in sight, there was no way to stop him rather than kill him, what a scary scene for a person to remember!

The codenamed Yujin has disappeared in the dark.

And instead, a new name came to light, Yuu Naito, Konoha’s Ashura the Demigod of War!!

This was the most nickname they used at the time, there were also other nicknames, they called him, the Shinigami, Hades, and even Yomi!!

In addition, the story of Sakumo cutting off Onoki’s assistant arm also become very famous.

The nickname they gave him was the same he had in the original story.

The two of them gained a great reputation.

Konoha’s Ashura! And Konoha’s White Fang!

Two titles, and two people, they were like to sharp Katana leading Konoha into victory in the Second Shinobi World War!

At this point, Naito became very famous.

Even Naito didn’t expect that he will be this famous even before the three Sannin of Konoha.

His strength may not reach the level where he should be this famous, but what he achieved in this battle made him the focus of the entire world.

Konoha Village.

Minato has finally been promoted and became a Chunin, he was preparing to go out in a mission, so he went to the Missions Hall.

The Ninjas there didn’t care about Minato who was standing there in front of them, they were all still so shocked by the news.


“How did this happened?”

“Naito-Kun… No, Naito-Dono is very strong!”

This discussion has been taking by several people, Minato didn’t care about how they made him stand there waiting, the moment he heard Naito’s name, he showed a hint of surprise.

He couldn’t help but ask: “What happened to Naito?”

One of the Ninja in the office turned his head and looked at Minato, and said with such a great honor: “You still didn’t hear about it?!”

“What do you mean? hear about what?”

Minato looked very confused.

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