Noticing how Minato didn’t really know anything, the Ninja in the missions hall widened his eyes and looked at Minato weirdly.

“This news came from the frontal lines of the battlefield, didn’t you hear anything, Naito alone managed to wipe out the whole battlefield, killing hundreds of the Rock’s Shinobis without even being scratched!”

“He should be promoted to a Jonin by now, so you better call him Naito-Dono from now on.”

Delivering this news the Ninja couldn’t help but reveal a hint of admiration.

He was the same Ninja who stopped Naito and Dai in the past from taking that mission, he wasn’t even thinking about that, Naito has already reached a level that he could only look up to!

He really admired Naito from his heart.

Hearing these words, Minato looked like he got struck by a lightning thunder.

Yuu Naito… How did this happen?!

His expression was full of shock and disbelieve!

Naito has already reached such a level, dominating a victory of a war!

What a shock!

Initially, after he met Naito the last time, Minato was thinking of working harder to close the gap between the two of them, but he didn’t expect that in a short time, Naito just made that gap between them even wider!

At the same time, Minato couldn’t help but think about that Anbu he met earlier at the accident of the Surprising Squad.

Suddenly, everything become clear, and he finally figured out the whole thing.

That Anbu from that time was Naito!!


On the Street of Konoha, Kushina was wandering.

Every time she looked at a corner she saw Naito’s figure, just to notice that it’s just an illusion from her own imagination.

Slightly sighed, Kushina headed toward Naito’s house.

Just as she reached the door of the house, a hand gently patted her shoulder.

She got surprised, and out of hope, she smiled and turned around, but just when she took a glance at the person behind her, she knew that it wasn’t him.

“Kushina you little stalker!”

The person behind her said that with a smile on his face, then he said: “I have some news about Naito, do you want to hear it?!”

“Yes please!”

Kushina nodded.

Minato smiled then told her about the whole thing, Kushina couldn’t help but widening her eyes with an incredible look on her face.

“I had the same expression when I first heard this news, in fact, I couldn’t even believe it!”

“No, It’s true!”

Kushina took a deep breath and slowly suppresses the shock in her heart, then she said very seriously: “I just didn’t think that he will reach this level so quickly.”

“Konoha’s Ashura… This Nickname is kind of suites him.”

Kushina smiled, she sure looked pleased about this news.


The Rain Country, Konoha’s Camp.

Because they managed to defeat Konoha, and also they didn’t have any casualties or a lot of injuries to look out for, Konoha’s camp started to move forward into the center of the Rain Country.

However, they didn’t want to go so far into the center, since that where the Rain Camp was positioning, after all, they needed to be careful from Hanzo.

The re-established camp, The Center of the Camp, The Headquarter.

In the middle of the center, there were some rooms allocated, for the elites to stay in it, like Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and some other people.

In addition to these people, there was a room for an ordinary shinobi, but no one from the elites was against this.

Because the name of that Shinobi was Konoha’s Ashura Yuu Naito!

Yes after this war, Naito’s status got raised, he skipped both the ranks of Chunin and Tokubetsu Jonin and became a Jonin directly!

This promotion was so incredible, before, when Dai promoted to a Tokubetsu Jonin this caused a shock for countless people.

But this time, everyone was shocked, no one could just believe this!

However, no one was against it, everyone saw what Naito is capable of!

At this time, the room was huge.

Naito was sitting quietly in there, a table was in front of him, it was made from rock, and connected directly to the earth, it was obvious that some Earth Release user has made it.

On the table, there was an open scroll.

This scroll was the one Orochimaru has gave to Naito, and it was the secret to mastering the second stage of Lightning Armour, as for the purpose of Orochimaru’s action, Naito still couldn’t understand it.

He studied the information of the scroll back and forth many times, but there was nothing wrong about it, all the information seemed accurate, and it was confirmed that it was true.

“It’s weird, but with my current strength, there’s no need to worry about Orochimaru, as long as  am stronger than him, it should be fine.”

After he shook his head, Naito temporarily threw aside these thoughts, then he began to study the second stage.

Although Konoha managed to defeat the Rock and achieved unprecedented victory, the Sand and the Rain are still fighting this battle, so local battles were still exploding.

After Naito returned to the camp, he didn’t leave it.

Naito is no longer an Anbu, so he didn’t need to perform any special missions from the Anbu Departement, he was only an ordinary Shinobi, and he needed to accept that fact and stay in the camp waiting for any regular tasks.

Perhaps Naito’s strength didn’t yet reach the level of Sakumo, yet the two names; Konoha’s White Fang and Konoha’s Ashura, were very famous throughout the world equally!

These two names were representing the whole army of Konoha, which made Naito’s status in this war became the same as Sakumo, and nothing could shake this fact easily.

In this way, there is no doubt that this is was the time for Naito to become even stronger.

“In the first stage, this technique uses Chakra to stimulate the skin’s cells, and strengthen its surface, only a small part penetrates the skin and stimulates the flesh.”

“But in the second stage, it crosses the level of the skin, the flesh and the inside of the body completely, stimulating the muscles and whole body.

“As for the third stage… The Chakra mode, it will be more attached to the body surface for further enhancing to the defense.

After he reread the content of the scroll, Naito whispered these word, then he closed it, and began his practice following its instructions.

The second stage wasn’t easy as the first one, and his progress was somewhat slow.

It’s not that his body strength wasn’t up to the standards of this stage, but his amount of chakra wasn’t enough.

The requirements of the Chakra wasn’t as the first one, his Chakra amount was more than enough for the First Stage, but the Second… Needed the level of an Anbu chakra to cultivate it!

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