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T.S.H Chapter 138: The Rock Village’s Regrouping!

However, although the amount of Naito’s Chakra doesn’t meet the standards of this technique, Naito’s strength, on the other hand, was much stronger, and he was absolutely qualified.

Moreover, the enhancement of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou this time worked the best for Naito’s advance, it was recovering very quickly the Chakra that he was using in order to cultivate the Second Stage, which allowed him to continue his practice.

Although he was barely able to practice it, yet his progressive was too slow.

However, even after all of this, Naito was so amazed by the power of the second stage.

It’s indeed an extremely powerful secret Ninjutsu!

The first stage may not show it’s real power, but the second proved that fact.

If Naito didn’t learn the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou first, he wouldn’t be able to learn this technique!

It’s a very mysterious technique!!

Under the serging of his Chakra, a blues flash of lightning start to appear around Naito’s body, it seemed very terrifying.

The lightning around his body was more evident than the first stage, and it was even shattering Naito’s clothes.

However, Naito didn’t care about that and focused on controlling the lightning… In fact, he was trying to control it from shattering his own flesh.

Any other man, who wasn’t mastering the lightning attribute, his body wouldn’t be able to withstand this level of lightning!

Even if he doesn’t turn into ashes, he will have physical injuries from the reflecting of the lightning attribute on his body.

Only the like of Naito can withstand learning this kind of Ninjutsu, a young man who managed to learn the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou on the age of nine years old.

After just a half day of practicing this technique, Naito started to feel the enhancements on his body.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that this is was the beginning of the cultivation and the effect should always be extraordinary at the early stages, this day of cultivation, worth a whole week of physical training!

With this progress, it’s indeed possible to significantly enhance the practice rate of Naito, and he might be able to open the Fourth Gate sooner.

It’s almost a year since Naito entered the battlefield of the Second World War.

Calculating the time, if everything works the same way as the original story, this war is coming to an end.

In this year, if Naito trained every day for the whole year, perhaps he should be now able to open the Fourth Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou.

But now it’s still far away.

Fortunately, since Naito managed to master the First Stage of the Lightning armor, he gained three month worth of training.


Naito took a deep breath, the practice was moving slowly, yet Naito was a little bit tired, and he needed to take a break.

Naito closed his eyes and started to meditate, he was thinking about the Third Stage, but it was so difficult to get it right now, the secrets of this technique should be sealed deep in the Cloud Village, it should be ranked as a top secret.

The only one who managed to get the Second Stage Scroll was Orochimaru, but am afraid it’s almost impossible for him to get the Third.

Just as he was deeply thinking about this matter, he heard a voice coming from outside of the room.

“Naito-Kun, are you here?”

The voice was very familiar, it was Tsunade coming in.

“Yes, am here.”

Naito opened his eyes to find Tsunade right in front of him, he nodded to her then he noticed that she had a very weird expression.

What happened?

Naito looked at her, then he noticed how she was looking at him weirdly, so he looked down, and then he slightly stiff.

Due to his practices on the Second Stage, Naito’s clothes got completely shredded, but he didn’t notice that until now.


Naito got a little bit embarrassed then he shrugged and stood up, he took a piece of clothes and put it on his body, then he said in a serious way: “Well, I think we’re even now.”

“We’re not even close to even!!”

Tsunade got a little bit upset, how could he call it even?!

Naito found screaming that was a little bit cute, but he kept his calm and innocent expression.

In other words, Naito was always using his childish face to keep things cool at these kinds of situations.

Although he knew that Tsunade wasn’t that mad at him because she thinks he’s just a young boy, yet he always enjoyed teasing her.

The atmosphere got a little bit awkward.

“Right, why did you come to see me?”

Naito tried to change the topic to ease the mood.

Tsunade bit her teeth first then she snored: “That crazy old man, he ordered his men to gather an army of two thousand people, then they attacked one of our units when they were on their way for a mission, we’ve been assembled to join the battlefield.”

Upon hearing this news, Naito got a little bit surprised and said: “Aren’t they afraid of being attacked by the Cloud Village?”

“Who knows?!”

Tsunade shrugged then looked at Naito and said: “There’s a big chance that Onoki will join the battle, you should be careful, that old man is so powerful, and he might even target you.”

Naito smirked then said: “Well I will be honored.”

Tsunade got mad from Naito’s attitude and said: “Are you listening, all the world know your strength now, you should be more careful!”

Hearing t his sentence, Naito nodded at her seriously.

When he was playing around a moment ago and treated the matter as a joke, he was just easing the mood, he’s not stupid, of course, Naito knew that he should be more careful from now on.

He just chose to respond to her with a joke.

“It might be true that all people will target me from now on, but you should know that am not an easy target!”

Naito expression was very calm.

He might be even harder to be targeted than Hatake Sakumo himself!

He’s good at both wide-range attacks and at damaging single targets, he’s immune to non-special Genjutsu, along with his high speed and the teleporting technique, this makes him perfect in every aspect.

He has almost no weakness.

Being targeted is so difficult for those who don’t have weaknesses.


The country of Rain, close to the location of the hinterlands.

There’s an incredibly empty hilly area that looks a bit like the place where Hanzo and the three Sannin fought.

The rain was falling from the sky washing the blood on the ground.

Konoha and the Rock’s Ninja were killing each other.

It was one of those big battles, it was just about four or five hundred fighting each other, while the armies of the two sides were heading toward this location.

The commander of the Rock was Onoki’s assistant Sando, but a masked ninja was standing behind him.

Judging from where he was standing he shouldn’t be the Anbu Vice Captain of the Rock Village.

He was just one of the Anbu.

Even though Sando was defeated by Sakumo, two of them were once again facing each other fearlessly.

In the field, most of the ninjas were Chunins.

Looking at the situation in the field, Sakumo was calmly analyzing the situation, and suddenly, he took the lead to make the first move and sent the Jonins toward the battlefield.

There wasn’t a lot of people around Sakumo, only dozens were under his command, and some of them were already sent to join the battlefield.

Together with them, there were two Jonins troops with over one hundred people.

This time, the war’s heat reached its highest levels.

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