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T.S.H Chapter 147: Danzo And Sarutobi!

Together, Naito and Sakumo made the Rock village suffer a lot of casualties.

Although Onoki has the Dust release that can wipe out almost the whole army of Konoha, he got blocked by Naito and Sakumo and couldn’t do anything.

It can be said that the battle between these three determined the outcome of the whole war, although there was still some more troops waiting in the Rock Village, they couldn’t simply move toward the battlefield, otherwise, the entire village will get wiped out by the Sand.

It should be noted that the defeat of the Tsuchikage was the main reason behind the loss of the Rock’s army; moreover, both the assistant and Anbu Captain of Onoki got died on the battlefield!

It can be said that the Rock Village got disqualified from the Second World War.

The only remainings in this war are the Rain, the Sand, and Konoha.


The Land of Fire, Konoha.

At the main gate of the village, there was a team getting gathered, there were more than ten elites from the Anbu, most of them were team leaders, and there was a dozen of other Shinobis.

None of them were ranked below a Jonin because this is was an emergency team support, only the best ninjas were choosing, and the leader of this squad was the Hokage.

In such a situation, the leader shouldn’t be anyone but the Hokage himself!

“Sarutobi-Sama, we’re ready to go!”

Beside Sarutobi, there he was the only special Jonin, Maito Dai.

In this year, Maito Dai was promoted from Genin to a Special Jonin, and he’s almost qualified to become a Jonin.

He heard that the Tsuchikage has engaged the battlefield, and he was so worried about Naito.

Dai lived the same way as Gai, he didn’t have friends, the first and only friend he had was Naito, but he wasn’t only his friend, he also was his disciple.

Once that kid was someone who stalked Dai to teach him how to open the Hachimon Tonkou’s Gates, now that kid, become so strong thanks to that technique, and people start to call him Konoha’s Ashura.

At this time, Gai was born.

Besides his wife and son, the only person who cared about was Naito.

“Dai, don’t let your emotions control you, rushing things won’t help us.”

With a calm tone Sarutobi tried to comfort Dai, but deep inside he was so angry, and his eyes were very cold.

The Tsuchikage unexpectedly ignored his identity and engaged the battlefield, and he should only blame himself for what is going to happen next!

In terms of power, Konoha is the strongest between all the other Villages, even when it was attacked by several villages in the past, Konoha managed to hold their walls against them all.

This is the real power of the strongest villages in the Ninja world!

“I will never forgive them If something happened to him…”

Dai bit his teeth with an angry face, he looked like if he was in pain: “Naito is very strong, even if he got defeated he should be able to escape.”

Even Dai who said these words didn’t believe in them, even if he’s very fast that won’t help him because he’s facing the Tsuchikage after all, he’s standing in the face of a man who is one of the strongest ninjas in the world!

Sarutobi listened to Dai’s words, but couldn’t add anything, because in the case were Naito is defeated, Konoha’s army will get completely destroyed in no time.

But the most important thing is will Sakumo be able to survive.

he couldn’t help but expect the worst, he didn’t expect that the Tsuchikage will send another army behind Konoha to continue the previous battle, and surely he didn’t expect him to engage the battle personally.

Sarutobi who was leading the supporting squad was ready to rush to the front lines, he gathered his best men, and it was only a matter of time before they reach the battlefield.

And just when they stepped out of Konoha and were ready to take the road, they received emergency information from the frontline.


A Ninja appeared in front of them and bowed down at the Hokage.

“Sarutobi-Sama, an urgent report from the battlefield!”


Sarutobi took a deep breath and prepared himself for the worst.

“The commander of our army, Sakumo-Dono along with Natio joined forces and defeated the Tsuchikage Onoki, the battle continued for two days, and ended up by the death of Sando Onoki’s assistant, and the defeat of the Rocks!”

“More than half of the Rock’s army got killed and injured, even most of the Ninjas who escaped were badly injured, the estimated number of the people who managed to go back to the Rock Village should be very low.”

With just these two sentences the silence controlled the atmosphere.

“What did you just say?!”

Even Sarutobi couldn’t believe what he just heard, because even the Ninja who delivered this information looked very shocked.

As for the other Ninjas of the squad had unbelievable expressions on their faces, they felt like they were dreaming.

What did he just say?!


The underground of Konoha.

Danzo didn’t return to the battlefield after the last meeting, if he was there, perhaps the event of the Tsuchikage engaging the battlefield wouldn’t be that bad, Danzo and Sakumo should have been enough to block him.

Even if they couldn’t defeat him, they will still be able to block him for some time.

Danzo’s power is also the same as a Kage, and he has extraordinary abilities, and a bunch of forbidden techniques.

He didn’t show up his real power in the original story, he only used the Izanagi, but in fact, he possessed more secret techniques than that.

Danzo should be ranked as one of the strongest Shinobis of his time.

“The Hokage is going to engage the battlefield huh?”

Danzo was waling in the dark, and he looked like he was talking to himself.


A ninja appeared from the smoke, he banded one knee and bowed toward Danzo then said: “Danzo-Dono, the Hokage has already left.”


Danzo nodded, and a strange color flashed in his eyes.

Since the Hokage left, there’s no one in Konoha to control the situation but Danzo himself.

And in these kinds of situations, even the Hokage’s life will be in danger, he may get injured or even killed.

And this is an opportunity for Danzo to take the lead.

“I might lose both Naito and Sakumo in this war, but its still not impossible for me to conquer the world!”

Danzo whispered these world with a cold stare on his face.

His primary goal was always to become the Hokage after all!

In the original story, Danzo didn’t get this opportunity only later when Pain attacked the Village and wrecked it, at that time, Danzo stepped in to take the position because Tsunade who was the Hokage suffered a fatal injury and her life was in danger.

Danzo will always sacrifice everything to become the Hokage.

“It’s my chance to become… The next Hokage…”

Danzo was already picturing himself wearing the Hokage’s hat, and step by step conquering the Ninja world, making Konoha the real leader of the whole world.

But in the next moment, the Root Anbu in front of him suddenly looked awkward, and his expression changed as if he received unbelievable news, he couldn’t help but interrupt Danzo’s day-dreams.

“Danzo-Dono, and urgent information from the frontlines.”


Danzo replayed very quickly then took a sip from the cup of tea on his table.

Danzo looked like he already knew the outcome, he couldn’t predict who died first, but both Naito and Sakumo should be dead…

“Yuu Naito and the commander of Konoha’s army Sakumo joined forced and managed to defeat the Tsuchikage, and kill his assistant Sando, Konoha won the war!”


The cup of tea slipped from his hand and fall on the ground then got broked into countless of pieces, the hot-water fall on his clothes, yet Danzo didn’t notice any of this from the shock.


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