Before the beginning of this war, no one ever heard about the name of Konoha’s Ashura nor the name of Konoha’s White Fang, but now, the two names were singing throughout the world!

Not only they did manage to kill Sando Onoki’s assistant, but they even defeated the Tsuchikage of the Rock Village!

Although they joined their forces to defeat him, still, he was one of the five strongest Kages!

Not to mention, even if they were three people that will still be enough to make them famous.

In the original story, Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya were nicknamed the three legendary Sannin for the rest of their lives because they managed to hold back Hanzo the Salamander in a battle.

It can be said that their reputation got build based on this event.

In the past, Naito and Sakumo were nobodies; no one ever knew they’re existing.

But from now on, the titles of Konoha’s Ashura and Konoha’s White Fang has the attention of everyone in the world!

Even though their strength isn’t qualified to be at the same level as a kage, but their reputation has already reached the peak!


The Rain Country, Konoha’s Camp.

The rain was falling as always, but Konoha’s Shinobis built a big dome from rock preventing the water from entering the camp.

After the last battle, Sarutobi sent his instructions back to everyone in the camp very quickly, to treat both Naito and Sakum with respect and honor.

Of course, these instructions didn’t mean anything, things like respect and honor cannot be gained from a promotion.

It can be said that there wasn’t any Shinobi in the entire camp who didn’t admire and respect Naito, even the elites such as Orochimaru and Tsunade respected him, he gained this respect and honor by his strength!

In addition to this, Naito has finally got promoted to a Jonin.

An eleven-year-old Jonin, Naito has made history here, even Hatake Kakashi in the original book become a Jonin at the age of twelve.

It can be said that the status of Naito has almost reached the extreme, the only there who got a higher status than him are first, Konoha’s Police Force Leader, the Anbu Captain, and the Hokage’s Assitant.

There’s also Konoha’s Council members who are considered the highest under the Hokage.

However, it’s evident that the leader of Konoha’s police force status is just for show since he’s also the Uchiha’s head and he only works for his Clan favor, and the only members of the Police Force are from the Uchiha.

The Anbu Captain position is impossible for him since his ability has already been revealed to all the world and he will never be able to serve while hiding his identity.

Of course, more importantly, is because both Naito and Sakumo now have shown their worth, and their power is better for not being hidden in the dark!

As for the assistant of the Hokage… Is currently Danzo, will he step down for Naito to take his position?!

That’s impossible!

Even if they tortured him with fire, he will never let go of his position to Naito, the amount of the hatred he has for Naito is just enough.

Coupled with the fact that Naito is so young, and its impossible for him to be one of the elders, as for becoming a Hokage, he shouldn’t even think about it right now.

In other words, Naito status hs reached the extreme in a very short time.

However, Naito doesn’t even care about that, Naito didn’t care about his status, the only thing he was thinking about from the start is power.

Power is Power!

Naito’s room once again has moved out and it been located directly in the headquarters of the camp.

No one ever complained about that, whether its Yuu Naito or Konoha’s Ashura he’s more than enough to stay there.

“This damn weather… It’s making my practice more difficult.”

Sitting there, Naito slowly opened his eyes, while he looked very annoyed.

In the Rain country, Water is everywhere.

Although the rain will not fall into the house, and there’s no water on the ground, but still, the humidity is very high.

The water is an electrical conductive.

Therefore, the power of lightning gets easily spilled over, making it difficult for Naito to control it.

The problem is that Naito is currently practicing the second stage of Lightning armor.

The thunder release is no doubt the most difficult to control between all the other attributes; it’s even more violent than the Fire.

The flame can be easily played in the palm of the hand, and you can even turn it into a fireball.

But lightning is a different case; you will never be able to do that easily, that only proves the real talent of Uchiha Sasuke and how he could master the Lightning Release at a very young age.


Looking at the lightning aura around his body, Naito softly whispered this word; then the lightning started to gather into his palm.

Constantly, the thunder started forming the shape of a Thunderball.


However, after the lightning start to slightly condensing, it exploded.

Naito didn’t get hurt!

Not only because Naito’s body is strong enough, but also because of his high control of the lightning flow, it will never hurt his body.

Even if he didn’t reach the level where he can be called a master, Naito’s control reached a very high standard.

“As long as I keep practicing, the Rain Country weather will no longer be able to affect my control.”

His eyes sparkled, then he went back to practicing the lightning release.

And just when he was about to close his eyes again, a killing intent controlled the air in the place.

It was so dark and cold; suddenly from nowhere, a shadow appeared behind the back of Naito!


With a Kunai in his hand, he tried to stab Naito from the back.

At the same time, Naito felt the changes in the air and the enormous killing intent targeting him.


The assassin’s Kunai has already reached Naito, and it was only one inch far from stabbing his back, suddenly Naito figure disappeared!

“What?!” (T/N: Nani x”D)

The Assassin’s heart suddenly sank into doubt and fear.

A Clone? Body Replacement Technique?!

No, there’s no smoke!

Just as the Ninja was still trying to figure out what is happening, and ready to quickly retreat before things get worse, Naito’s shadow appeared again behind him.

He reached out his head with one hand.


The ground cracked open like a spider web, as he pressed the Ninja head into the ground, and he couldn’t be more dead than that.

The blood flowed out of his head slowly, the ninja was taking his last breaths with an incredible look on his missed up head, and the only thing he could think about is how could he be… This fast?!

“Do you think this is my first time being sneaked attacked, how annoying!”

Looking down on the corpse, Naito’s eyes were full of coldness.

any other person would be freaked out now after being targeted by an assassin, but not Naito he looked as cool as ever.

Since he defeated Onoki along with Sakumo, Naito was targeted many times.

Sometimes they’re Anbu from the Rock other were from the Sand, sometimes they didn’t even know their identities.

There are even some assassins who seemed to be from the underground black market since there was a bounty on Naito’s head.

Sakumo didn’t get targeted many times.

Only Naito was getting targeted this much, it seems that some people are underestimating him because he’s young, even if he’s strong he will still gonna be full of opening, so they were all targeting him.


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