Just when Naito was having a fierce battle against Hanzo along with the three legendary Sannin, there was some movement around the battlefield.

In one direction, three people were alerted by the loud sounds of the battle on the other side, when they approached the battlefield, two of them were so shocked.

“It’s… Natio-Sensei!”

The three people were Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato was the third person, he was hiding behind the back of these two after he saw the battlefield.

During this time, Konan and Yahiko were wondering around the Rain country, hiding from the Rock and Sand.

Although they were slightly strong, they couldn’t cross the Rain country and escape that easily.

They were forced to leave many times.

Eventually, after they get forced to leave time after time, the two met Nagato, and the last joined them.

While they were wandering in the Rain country, Yahiko and Konan heard about Naito many times, after all, the nickname of Konoha’s Ashura was already famous.

Neither of them thought that Naito who was just a little bit older than them to be this famous.

Although the two of them didn’t saw Naito for a long time, they often heard about him, so their respect and admiration of him didn’t decrease.

“It’s the Rain leader Hanzo the Salamander!”

Yahiko looked at the other side, and with one glance he immediately recognized Hanzo’s identity.

Hearing this sentence, Konan immediately looked at him, and suddenly, she showed a hint of worry.

Hanzo was so famous at that time, everyone knew how strong he was!

Even though Naito was as famous as him, it seemed to be dangerous to fight against someone like Hanzo.

Yahiko looked at the battlefield and couldn’t help but say: “Naito-Sensei is very strong, but Hanzo is standing on the top of the word of Ninjas, this battle may be a little bit too much… We need to think of a way to stop it!”

Konan shook her head then said: “We can’t stop this kind of battle.”

With a little-worried expression on her beautiful face, she couldn’t help but whisper: “We can only pray for Sensei’s safety.”

At the other side of the battlefield, the three of them didn’t notice that someone was staring at them.

It was a white figure hidden behind the rocks.

“This is really interesting, Nagato has actually come here, I should report this event back to Madara.”

Staring at the battlefield and at the side where the three of them were hiding, Zetsu whispered these words, he actually didn’t care about Konan and Yahiko, the only person he cared about was Nagato.

After all, the Rinnegan a was very important part of Madara’s plan.

Of course, Zetsu had a plan on his own, if Madara suddenly decided to not corporate, he will just use Nagato.


Konan and two other were hiding in the dark spying on the battle, while Zetsu was secretly observing the battlefield and Nagato.

At this moment in the battlefield, the battle started to heat even more.

“Crawling Explosive Scrolls Technique!!”

Hanzo suddenly moved his hands so fast printing hand signs.


In an instant, explosive tags appeared suddenly from the ground and wrapped Orochimaru’s body.

Upon seeing this, Orochimaru didn’t hesitate and opened his mouth directly, suddenly, another figure of him opened its way out of his mouth and escaped.


The explosive tags suddenly exploded, he was still slightly hit by the horrible explosion and got slightly injured

Orochimaru’s expression suddenly became really cold, and start to reveal a crazy killing intent.

After he cast that explosive tag technique, Hanzo rushed toward Jiraiya, then he caught him with a chain.

At the end of that chain there was a huge sickle.

“Hidden needle!”

Jiraiya didn’t hesitate, he quickly fell back then he bowed.


His hear curled up, and suddenly thousands of needles were shouted at Hanzo turning him to a kind of a sieve.

However, Hanzo’s body suddenly turned into a pile of rocks.

It’s a Rock Clone!

“Not good!”

Jiraiya was shocked by this move, he was still very young after all, and he didn’t even know Hanzo’s strength at the time.

At the next moment, Hanzo’s figure suddenly appeared behind Jiraiya and waved his Kusarigama at him.

At that time, it was too late for Jiraiya to cast any Ninjutsu, so he tried to avoid Hanzo’s strike from the side, but he ended up being slightly injured by the end of the sickle.



Just as Hanzo was about to continue his attack, and kill Jiraiya, Tsunade suddenly blinked at him and tried to crush him with a punch.


Hanzo got slightly surprised, he didn’t expect this woman to have this kind of strength, at first, he thought she was just an ordinary medical ninja.

However, Hanzo was as strong as a kage, and such an attack wouldn’t be a threat from him.

Whether it was his Chakra or his physical strength, Hanzo’s power was at the level of a kage, and he could easily avoid her attack.

With one move he dodged her punch and kicked her.

Tsunade was slightly shocked, she didn’t expect Hanzo to dodge her attack and even have time backfire her.

She couldn’t dodge that kick, she only had time to protect her self by putting one hand against her upper body.


Suddenly, Hanzo sent Tsunade flying in the air, then he threw his Kusarigama at her, the chain start dancing at air, while the sickle at the end of the chain went directly toward her body, and it seemed like it was over for Tsunade.

In just a few seconds, Hanzo alone managed to defeat the three of them, this what does it mean to be called a Demi-God!

Just when the sickle was about to cut Tsunade’s body into two halve, a figure flashed and appeared in front of her, it was Naito!


Naito’s Kusanagi sword fall, and suddenly it collided with the sickle and stopped it!

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