In the far east. Legend has it that the emperor of the Great Qin Kingdom, who has crossed the river for two thousand years, came to our time day and woke up. His ambition is to unify the world.

Such rumors soon spread to all countries at a very fast rate.

Then the countries that got the news found out that the rumor was not a rumor, but a fact. 

It has been three days since the date of Qin Yi’s military command.

Also today, among the 26 neighboring countries bordering Qin, there have been incidents at the same time that shocked the country.

Some of the heads of the Neighbors countries declared their submission to the Great Qin State and became part of it at this moment by they will. some of them by freak powers.

Of course, these are not important. What is important is that the territory of Qin has expanded.

At the same time, some troops of Qin State has been fighting the army of the Soviet Union in the north.

A large number of super-powered people appeared in the territory of the southern part of Russia and began to attack in wantonly. they were so destructive and powerful that their military forces slaughtered in short time.

This kind of news instantly made the world look awkward.

No one thought that the country that had been bullied by Japan for this years had turned into a raging dragon in a blink of an eye. and he looked up, to swallowing the beast lying beside him (Russia).

The strength of Qin State is beyond the world’s expectation, and it also plunges the world into a panic.

In the Golden Temple, Qin Yin sat on the dragon chair. After listening to the reports of the officials below, there was a slight sneer on his face.

“The threat theory of the Great Qin State?”

“ridiculous!” He suddenly stood up and looked ahead as if he had seen the world.

“The Emperor  will let them know that this is not a threat, but a unity!”

“Give the orders to the frontline generals to continue advancing.”

At this time, the Golden Temple was crowded,  In this short period of time, a group of ministers and officials had been selected to manage this huge and expanding country.

Under the command of Qin Yi, the major army of the Great Qin Dynasty continued to advance, and they fought and won. As long as which country is annexed, it will become the territory of the Qin State, which will increase the power of the King of Qin Yi.  it can provide continuous backup support for the army

Their army was getting stronger and stronger, and their numbers are increasing.

Such a rapid event can only be achieved by the king Qin Yi all those who belong to him, will become a part of his country, there will be no resistance, There will be a strange change in their mentality.

the whole world thought that the Dragon Emperor who quickly annexed such vast territory would stop his pace and focus on stabilize his land.

but, this ancient emperor did not.

“Is he crazy? My God!”

“Is he going to swallow the whole continent?”

“Russia has been conquered by him. Is this Great China again?”

The world was shocked, it was unimaginable. No emperor did this before. If he succeeded this time, he would surely have stepped into the whole world.

Inside the Golden Temple, ministers looked up at the emperor sitting in the Dragon chair. They were in awe, but they felt like they were in a dream.

When was their army so strong? Conquering other countries is as simple as eating and drinking.

It’s only a few days, about seven days, a week! The Great Qin State has become the largest country in the world.

“Ordered the frontline generals that there is no need to wait the next orders give me this continent, then report again!” Qin Yi said.

Are you kidding me? With the characteristics of his power and more than 3,000 elite ninjas, what else he could do if he couldn’t achieve such a situation?

At the same time, the Soviet Union has been unable to sit still anymore.

“where are the nuclear weapons? Hasn’t the preparation been completed in a week yet?” Roosevelt roared.

“It is ready, Mr. President!” The generals shouted.

Roosevelt smirked and said directly: “Let’s get started, and then delay, the whole East China continent is his!”

If the Dragon Emperor really unified the East Continent, then there would be no need to use swords and soldiers at all, only to oppress with power, and many countries would have to surrender to the ground.

“Mr. President, you can use your key now!”

“In addition,  the weapon’s code is ‘black dragon’.”

Listening to the sound in the microphone, Roosevelt nodded. “Black dragon?” 

Very good, killing the black dragon with a black dragon, very meaningful!

Taking a deep breath, Roosevelt placed his password suitcase on the table in front of him.

Then, he unlocked the password and pressed it down.

At the same time, in a nuclear weapon base in North America.


A speed missile rushed out from the ground, crossing the ocean at a very fast speed, towards the Chinese capital.

This scene is very conspicuous and has been seen by countless people in USA.

“It’s an atomic bomb!”

“Our country is striking down on the State of Qin. That’s great!”

“That evil emperor must be destroyed!”

People roared with excitement.

Inside the Golden Temple, Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly opened.

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Author’s Note
Ts note: Hey there, D.Otaku here. I hope you like the story so far and are happy with the releases; I just posted chapter 62 in Patreon! If you’re interested in supporting me and reading more chapters, feel free to join us there ^^ (D.Otaku has a Special Offer 6 more chapters)

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