As Evan and Sirius entered the ruins of the Centaurs, a shimmering orange light flickered in the darkness in a hidden stone chamber in the deepest part of the temple.

“Last night, my people met Sirius Black in that bar, and there was a boy beside him, about twelve or thirteen years old!” A man said, with a deep, powerful voice, “That child has a strong sense of magic, beyond imagination…”

“It’s really interesting!” another voice said.

This was also a man, but his voice was strange, cold and piercing like the cold wind.

“Black and a boy, he should be a student of Hogwarts, maybe this is why Dumbledore suddenly appeared in this forest!” The cold voice paused for a while, “Let me think about it. No doubt, our goals should be the same… all powerful hidden forces in this desolate Centaurs Temple.”

“I don’t understand, since you have chosen that magic, why do you come here to look for other powers? You should know what kind of evil is hidden in this place!”

“You don’t understand, Caresius, although we have a common ancestor, our pursuit of power is not the same.” The voice said coldly, “No matter what is here, I will get the Philosopher’s Stone left by the ancient Centaurs, which will make me stronger!”

“The magic that leads to the final area requires a lot of flesh and blood to crack.” Caresius said, with a hint of anxiety in his voice. “I suspect that the magic itself is an ancient sacrifice ceremony. We are calling a monster that does not belong to this world.”

“I can feel the voice talking to me. But it is bluffing. It is now weak and even weaker than me. It cannot stop us.” The cold voice now sounded menacing, “Do as I say, Caresius, and order your people to lure more fools here. We need more flesh and blood sacrifices to open the gate. We must enter the core area before Dumbledore sees through everything and returns here.”

There was a moment of silence, and the atmosphere in the chamber was very depressing.

“You should remember our agreement, Voldemort?!” Caresius whispered. “For Slytherin’s sake, I have to remind you once again that we are just working together, and I and my people are not your men.”

“Naturally, I remember, our goals are the same, Caresius!” Voldemort now spoke in a different tone and said in a smooth voice, “I will help you deal with that trouble after I have fully recovered my strength. I also want to see what our great ancestor, Salazar Slytherin, left behind.”

“If you really want to help us, then hurry and regain strength.” with a hint of anger in his voice, Caresius said, “You can do it without Harry Potter!”

The chamber was silent again, longer than before.

“No Harry Potter?” Voldemort seemed to be thinking. He said softly, “I understand…”

“That boy is under Dumbledore’s close protection. We have no chance to approach him at all. I don’t want my people to die for your foolish perseverance.” Caresius raised his voice. “If we use another wizard, male or female, things can be decided quickly, and we can always bring you a suitable person. I think the boy with Black is good. He has a lot of magic.”

“Use another wizard?!” Voldemort’s voice became colder and colder. “You don’t understand, it has nothing to do with the strength of magic.”

“I don’t see any difference in this. My opinion is obviously more reasonable.” Caresius went on to say. “As long as you give up that meaningless persistence, you can quickly become stronger, instead of hiding here like a bug.”

“I know everything, Caresius!” Voldemort said hoarsely, his blood-red eyes fixed on the vampire in front of him. “This is not meaningless!”

For a while, he seemed to want to cast a Killing Curse as a response to the offense.

A huge snake, at least twelve feet long, also slipped gently from the corner, leaving a winding, wide track in the thick dust on the ground.

It hissed at Caresius showing its icy tongue.

The tension reached its zenith, and Caresius put his hand on his wand at his waist.

But nothing happened. Voldemort started talking again, his voice cold enough to cause goose bumps.

“I have my own reasons to use that boy. I explained to you that as for the boy’s strict protection, I believe my plan will work.”

“But your plan will take a few months to succeed.” Caresius was not convinced. He stared at the big snake on the ground with disgust, holding his wand tightly in his right hand. “You should know that during this time, any accidents can happen.”

“I won’t use anyone else. I have been waiting for thirteen years. It will be fine to wait a few more months.” Voldemort said in a whisper, “I have my own plan, if you want to continue cooperating, don’t continue bringing up that topic!”

“Very good, I noticed that you killed the woman named Bertha Jorkins!” Caresius said angrily. “If this is your plan, it is stupid! I remember me reminding you that the woman was an official of the Ministry of Magic.”

“I killed Bertha Jorkins because I had to. After I had finished my interrogation, she was useless, completely useless.” Voldemort said diplomatically, “If she came back to the Ministry of Magic with the news of meeting me during the holidays, it would really destroy our upcoming plans.”

“We could have dealt with this in many ways besides killing her…” Caresius said, “We have a lot of special magic that could alter her memory.”

“I have to admit that vampires do have a lot of magic tricks that ordinary wizards don’t, but they are not fail-proof.” Voldemort said, “Any magic, no matter how strong, would fail before a wizard who’s strong enough, which I confirmed when I interrogated her.”

Caresius did not speak, apparently disagreeing with Voldemort.

“In short, it is also an insult to her memory not to use the information I got from her.” Voldemort said softly, “As long as you do what I say and find my most loyal servant, he will do the rest for ME.”

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