Naito needed to go to the Cloud Village to get the secrets of the Third Stage of the lightning armor technique anyway.

After he farewelled Kushina, Naito left Konoha.

Along the way to the Clouds, Naito didn’t forget to hit the black market to get some information about the third Kusanagi sword.

But he didn’t find any useful pieces of information about that ‘Blood Hand’ guy who was holding it.

This guy is always hiding, he doesn’t belong to any village, he was wandering around the world for so many years, he occasionally goes to the black market to pick up some difficult assassination missions, and his success rate is one hundred percent!

Naito stayed in the Village for more than a year, he spent most of that time studying the Spirit Transformation technique, but his physical training has been lately somewhat fallen.

It’s not that he didn’t train hard, it was just difficult to strengthen his body anymore using simple methods, his progress slowed down, after all, the standards of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou is different from the original one.

Even if he does a hell of training every single day, it will still take him several years before he can open the Fifth Gate.

And even if he finally reach those standards, he will need to work for more few years to open the next one.

He needed the Third Stage of the Lightning armor to strengthen his body.

However, he also knew that the Raikage wouldn’t give it to him without fighting.

Constantly moving in the direction of the Land of Lightning, Naito soon crossed its borders.

The Land of Lightning was much bigger than the Fire.

This environment of this Land was helping the Shinobis of the Cloud practicing the Lightning Release.

After All, Not everyone is like Sasuke and Kakashi, mastering the lightning release looked really easy on them, but in fact, it’s extremely difficult.

Even Naito felt a little bit uncomfortable at first, but he soon fully adapted to the environment of the Land of Lightning.

“It’s no wonder that the Villages has always kept their borders even though they had several wars before.”

Observing the environment of the Land of Lightning, Naito had a new understanding of some previous confusion.

Even if the ninja can adapt to a variety of environments, but there’s no doubt that the local combat environment is most suitable for them.

Since it’s always mixed by the environments of the two Land, therefore; the advantages and the disadvantages are equal for both sides.

But once one of them move forward to the other’s Land, they will fall into a complete disadvantage.

This is the reason that kept the Rain for all those years, and this is also the reason that made Konoha unable to invade the Land of Wind before!

And that was the case for Naito currently, even though he could adapt to the Land of Lightning environment, his body got still affected by it.

And the Cloud Village location was the toughest, which will make it very difficult for him to attack it!

What do you think is the reason that made the other Villages attack Konoha comfortably in the Third War?

It’s because the environment of the Fire is too good!

Whether it’s the Sand, the Rock, or the Cloud, they could easily adapt to Konoha’s environment, and without mentioning that the Land of Fire had very rich resources.

Fortunately, because of those precious resources, Konoha was stronger than the other four major Villages.

Naito gradually began to approach the Cloud Village.

The Rock and the Cloud were having a fierce battle, although the Cloud managed to advance in the Land of Earth territories, the Rock start to push them really hard after that since they had the advantage of their environment.

The environment of the Earth Land, enhance the power of the Earth Release, even though the Lightning is stronger than the Earth, the environment changed the situation.

In this battlefield, there were some sneaky ninjas constantly advancing on the battlefield, making it more and more chaotic.

These Ninjas were Danzo’s Roots.

Danzo was resting his Roots in a huge cave.

“The Clouds armies start to fell back, it seems that the Raikage is no longer willing to fight, this is not good, we can’t let them rest…”

Danzo was sitting there and thinking.

At this time, an Anbu from the Root suddenly appeared in front of Danzo.

“I have some news from Konoha.”

“What is it?”

“Uzumaki Kushina was kidnapped by the Cloud; fortunately, Naito chased them down, and wiped out the whole Surprising Squad, and rescued Uzumaki Kushina.”

When he heard this sentence, Danzo suddenly frowned.

Kushina is the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki, but the Clouds sent a whole squad to capture her, obviously, they know about the Kyuubi.

But how did they know about this kind of top secret information?

Could it be that there’s a traitor inside Konoha?

Almost instantaneously, Danzo suspected that it was Naito because the only person who knows about this is Naito himself.

“I already warned you about this guy Sarutobi.”

Danzo’s eyes got really cold, if they managed to took the Kyuubi away, Konoha would have lost a lot of its power, this matter is not important compared to continue on provoking the Cloud.

Danzo decided to go back to the Village first, then he was thinking of asking Saruotbi to see if they can control the Kyuubi’s power, although it was unlikely to happen.

“Danzo-Sama, there’s one more information, Naito left Konoha alone, and he’s currently targeting the Cloud.”


Danzo looked very impressed when he heard this sentence.

The information about Naito leaving Konoha was a top secret, but Danzo was obviously qualified to have it.

“I didn’t expect Sarutobi to use Naito this soon… This is actually an interesting move.”

“But this really not like Sarutobi, how could he send Naito to fight with a person like the Third Raikage!”

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