Danzo couldn’t believe that Sarutobi would give permission for Naito to go to the Cloud, it didn’t even cross his mind for a second.

Because this is just insane.

In his point of view, since Naito has obeyed Sarutobi’s orders, then there’s no doubt, that it was because they wanted to kidnap Kushina.

It will be a good ending if Naito could do a heavy blow by them then get killed by the Third Raikage.

Although it’s a pity that a guy like Naito will get killed, but a tool that can no longer be controlled should be used in the best way before it gets drained.

Compared to Naito, Danzo knew the Third Raikage very well, he even saw him in action, although the two of them are in the Kage Level, yet the gap between the two of them was massive!

After all, the intelligence about him suppressing the Hachibi several times wasn’t a lie!

Even though he could kill the Third Kazekage, Danzo believes that Naito wouldn’t be able to do the same to the third Raikage, the former is a killing machine, Naito won’t have a chance!

“This way is better, if he could at least give the Cloud a heavy blow… It will be more than enough for Konoha to take advantage of the situation considering the casualties they had in the several battles!”

There was a hint of a cold stare in Danzo’s eyelids.

“Hope he could do that before he gets killed.”


Cloud Village.

This field was the highest one in the entire Land of Thunder, it even reached the clouds which made it look like a piece from heaven.

The layout of the entire village was also different from Konoha.

The buildings were built around the mountains, it looked as if the hills were opening their wings circling the buildings in the middle.

At the same time, these buildings were connected by aisles.

The people who live here were hardly afraid of high places, even the civilians were walking casually through these aisles.

Naito was already dressed like these ordinary civilians, he was walking around the village without leaving any traces while using his Ultra Perceive to detect everything around him.

After practicing the Spirit Transformation technique even more, Naito managed to restrain his aura so he could keep his cover as an ordinary person, even though he had a very strong Chakra, but as long as he doesn’t use it, his cover won’t be exposed.

Using his Ultra Perceive while he was wondering the Village helped him avoid all the guards and patrols inside it, thus, no one could detect him, and no one knew that Konoha’s Ashura was already inside their village.

In front of the Raikage Building.

The building was much more magnificent than the others, it looked cool how they managed to build in the middle of a big mountain!

Naito used his Ultra Perceive to discover it, a little by little, everything started to look clearer to him.

“The third Raikage is inside of the building.”

He sensed the Raikage in there, but Naito wasn’t surprised, because even though the Rock and The Cloud were fighting, it wasn’t serious enough for him to leave his village.

Still, Naito could tell from sensing him.

This guy is strong!

His physical strength was enough, the Raikage’s body was even stronger than Naito!

Although Naito’s body is strong, but it cannot be unharmed from a cut of a sword, but the Raikage’s body is sure can!

Even if it was enhanced by the Chakra Flow, it wouldn’t cut through his body!

The scary thing about this is that Naito can tell that the Raikage still didn’t reach his peak because the Lightning armor technique will always make him stronger since it does not have a limit.

The Third Raikage will eventually die in the Third War, at that time his strength should be above the Kage Level.

Currently, he’s still at the Peak of the Kage Level.

“I cannot sense the Scroll of the third stage of the Lightning Armour technique, is it not hidden in the Raikage Building?”

After that little observation, Naito left the place and continued his search for the main purpose of this trip, even though he knew that the Raikage is stronger than him, Natio wasn’t afraid.

Since he already came to the Cloud Village, he wasn’t planning on going back silently!

After some exploration, Naito could see through the whole building of the Raikage, but still, he couldn’t find anything like a hidden scroll.

After he shook his head, Naito continued on exploring other places, he could easily find out the location of the Anbu Departement, even though it was hidden inside a mountain.

However, he couldn’t find any scrolls about the Third Stage.

There was a lot of scrolls in the Anbu Departement, but same as Konoha’s, they were all ordinary scrolls.

They didn’t even have the Second Stage scroll.

Without noticing, nearly half a month has passed since he came to the Cloud Village, during this time, Naito kept assassinating the Cloud Shinobis, sneaking into the interior of the Raikage Building, looking carefully for any traces of the scroll.

Still, the Third Stage Scroll was not found.

Naito started to doubt the whole thing, is it possible that the secrets of the Third Stage has never been written in a scroll?

In this case, it will be more difficult to get, what would he do? Capture the Third Raikage and torture him until he gives it to him?!

And even if managed to capture him, it will be more impossible to find a tool that can be used to torture that monster!

In the past half month, the Third Raikage was extremely annoyed.

On the one hand, his ninjas were getting missed mysteriously in the village, and on the other side, the Surprising Unit he sent never come back from Konoha!

“We didn’t hear from them for a while, I’m afraid that they’re already dead, that old man keeps surprising me every time.”

“Still, how did they managed to capture them, speed is their specialty!”

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