Looking at the calm expression Naito had as his injuries got healed entirely, the Raikage’s expression got extremely serious.


The Raikage has finally recognized Naito as an absolute enemy instead of just treating him like a new annoying generation.

Even his Hell stab didn’t have the upper hand against Naito, although it was only the initial four-finger form, yet Ay can no longer have the smallest flaws.

The Raikage suddenly folded his three-fingers together, this is the second form and the last before his strongest technique the one finger stab!

To make it simple, the intensity, size, and strength of the technique can be proportionally increased by reducing the number of fingers involved, the last form is the only thing that could break his lightning armor and scratch the Raikage’s body!

Which is really incredible in terms of offense power, and defense!

In the original, the only scar he had on his body was caused by him, and now, he got hit two times by the Shock force directly, yet the only thing he felt was some trembling and numbs, but no injuries, which shows how strong is his defense!

But such a horrible defense got directly penetrated by his One Finger Hell Stab!

The Strongest spear is way stronger than his strong defense.

“The body of the strongest man alive huh.”

Looking at Ay’s body, Naito’s eye got very serious.

In fact, if it was just about breaking his defense, Naito can still do it, if he uses the Hakai it will be the end for Ay, but that technique is very slow, and the Raikage can easily avoid it.

Condensing the Shock Force into one point made Naito’s attack stronger; moreover, Naito’s shock waves are much stronger and sharper when he uses his sword.

Numerous thoughts were flashing in Naito’s mind, but Naito didn’t take out his sword, he chose to fight the Raikage using his fists!

Even the Raikage’s most power spear didn’t make Naito afraid!

Although the main reason for the battles between the ninjas is to kill the enemy by any means, Naito had another important reason, he wanted to use the Raikage to get stronger.

So far, almost no enemy he encountered forced Naito to go all out, the Third Kazekage was strong, but Naito didn’t feel any threat, after all, the Kazekage couldn’t attack him.

To dare to use a Kage as a stepping stone to get stronger, am afraid no one will believe that!


Suddenly, the Raikage rushed directly toward Naito using his Hell Stab.

This time before the Raikage even reaches him, Naito had already punched the space in front of him.


The Space broke like a mirror, then the crack spread in all directions.

However, as they were spreading, Naito suddenly gnawed his teeth and shouted, and made the cracks suddenly stagnate!

Naito was trying to control the range of the shock force, and focus it all on the front of the Raikage!

Although the range is still huge, it’s much smaller than the swaying one, it’s necessary to know that Naito’s shock can be enough to kill tens of thousands people if it’s used on the battlefield!

If Naito reaches the Fifth Stage, he will be able to destroy a whole village like Pain.


The cracks were stopped, and it looked like if Naito has made a defensive wall against the Raikage’s attack, suddenly, an unexpected thing happened.

The Cracks suddenly start moving back toward Naito’s fist and forward toward the Raikage!


Suddenly the Raikage felt the impact of a very horrible shock crushing his body.

And this one was way stronger than the one he had experienced before!

But the Raikage didn’t stop, he didn’t even take a step back, clenching his teeth, the Raikage kept moving forward while he was pointing one finger toward Naito.

However, his body was pushing back hard by the Shock Force, and his speed got reduced to the speed of a turtle.

“How did this… Actually happened?!”

Even Naito looked very surprised.

He didn’t expect the Shock force when it gets it forcibly stopped to connect back to its source and get more condensed.

Although it was just an accident, it was a very pleasant one.

With this technique, even the strongest form of the Hell Stab, the Ippon Nukite is no longer a threat!


The Raikage didn’t give up, he kept advancing clenching his teeth cutting his way through the Shock Force field until he stopped one inch away from Naito.

That one inch meant everything for both of them!


Suddenly, the Raikage moved his hand and almost touched Naito’s forehead, but at the last moment, he got crashed.


Once again the Raikage got bombarded and flew out, this time, the bones inside his body made a squeaky sound, it was obvious that Naito’s shock force reached a level where even the Raikage cannot bear.

With one finger he cut his way through Naito’s strongest attack, but this was his limit!


Once again the Raikage crushed on a mountain.

The Cloud Shinobis couldn’t even say a word, they all looked stunned watching this scene.

“Not yet!”

This was Naito shouting these two words with a very serious expression.

He unexpectedly developed a new strong attack, yet he still didn’t master it, and he needed a target to practice it on.

And who was the most convenient target to try it on… It was none but the Raikage himself who had an extremely strong defense!

Suddenly, Naito rushed toward the Raikage who was just crushed on the mountain and threw out a punch.


Under the gaze of countless people, Naito destroyed the whole mountain with the body of the Raikage!

But this time it wasn’t just a big hill, it was actually the mountain that they were fighting on the whole time!

“What… Is this really something that a human being can do?”

The people in the distance were shaking from fear, even the Shinobis looked very shocked.

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