The Third Stage of the Lightning Armor Technique cannot be fully mastered.

To be precise, it has no limit, the more you practice it, the more it strengthens the body.

However, the degree of the enhancement is the highest at the beginning, as the body gets stronger and stronger, and began to adapt to the lightning property, the speed of the progress will become slower.

The reason behind the Ay’s strength is due to the long time he practiced this technique, even after he became the Raikage he always spared some time to practice.

These three months of cultivation has greatly enhanced Naito’s body; thus he wasn’t that far from opening the Fifth Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou.

And it wasn’t that long since he opened the Fourth Gate!

The period was shorter than this before; however, it should have taken more time, since it always gets harder the more he advances.

The only bad thing about this is that the cultivation of the Third Gate has become less effective.

At this rate, Naito will only reach the Raikage’s level after another ten years, Naito was ready to keep practicing this technique for a longer time, but once the speed of the cultivation got slow, it did no longer make sense to him.

“It’s time to leave…”

After he glanced around him, Naito finally made an end to this training.

After he stood up, Naito stretched his hands and legs.

This time Naito was completely naked, the lightning kept tearing his clothes, and since he was alone in the mountain, he didn’t care much about being naked.

The only thing that seemed strange to Naito is that his skin didn’t become dark bronze like the Third of the Fourth Raikage.

Unlike the second stage, when Naito started practicing the Third Stage, his skin gradually became extremely pure, as if he was reborn.

On the contrary of the Raikage, Naito’s skin looked really white and tender as if he was a newborn baby, this may be due to the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, and how it keeps pumping blood into his body to wash his skin, which made the bronze color fade away.

“Well, this is better.”

Naito’s face showed a smile, although the Raikage’s body was terrifying, Naito didn’t want to look like him, he only wanted to be as strong as him.

Even his body didn’t look that muscular, he seemed as thin as ever, he couldn’t see any special changes on his body.

However, if he wanted to scare enemies, he could only release his aura and heaven itself will start shaking from fear.

“Need to dress up first.”

After he checked his body, Naito was ready to dress up his worn-out clothes and return to Konoha.

But suddenly stopped and smiled.

“Right on time.”

Below the mountain.

There was a small team from the Clouds looking around and steadily heading toward the top of the mountain.

“The information said, that weather around this mountain was extremely weird, with some inexplicable thunder and roaring lightning events.” A Shinobi from the cloud looked helplessly at him and said: “It’s just some flashes of lightning and the people made a fuss out of it.”

The conflicts between the Rock and the Cloud is currently restrained, although the Cloud has lost their Raikage, the Rock was also heavily damaged from Konoha, and their situation wasn’t good too.

The two villages have already considered the idea of a joint talk between them, but none of them were ready to break down for the other, in addition, Danzo and other Clans were trying their best to keep the war from ending.

In this time of non-war period, the two villages tried not to make the conflicts between them any worse.

“Yes, but you saw how it was on the top of that mountain just minutes ago, right?!”

Another Shinobi uncomfortably looked up to the top of the mountain.

“Well since it’s a task we just need to take a look and comfort the people then leave.”

The captain of the team said this with a calm expression.

The four-person team continued to move toward the top of the mountain.

After walking for a while, one of them couldn’t help but say: “Speaking of the weather that the civilians described in the report, it’s seemed to me like the one that caused by the Third Raikge’s practicing on the Lightning armor technique.”

“That impossible, don’t make such a joke, the Raikage has already passed away!”

One of them exclaimed.

When he saw how his companions didn’t believe it, he also doubted it and shook his head.

“Hey, do you think that Konoha’s Ashura was really stronger than the Third Raikage?”

“Shut up! don’t you talk about the lost Raikage like this, he wasn’t killed by him, he got killed by the collapsing of those mountains along with that guy.”

Hearing how that ninja talked about the Raikage the Captain of the team asserted with a furious expression.

The ninja stopped talking immediately then he looked ahead.

At that moment, his expression suddenly changed.


A black shadow appeared ahead from the clouds, then it started to get clearer until it finally turned into someone’s figure.

“Someone is there! be careful!”

With a light tone, the captain immediately alerted his other teammates.

as the figure start getting close and closer, the expressions of the four people got shocked, and they looked as if they saw a ghost.

“You… You are…”


The cold sweat appeared on the ninja’s forehead including their captain, and they couldn’t help but swallow in fear.

It’s him! It turned out to be him! But how could it be him!!!

The person who came out was completely naked, of course, this wasn’t the point, the point that this person didn’t just look familiar, but also he shouldn’t be here, he shouldn’t be even alive!!!

This is a nightmare!

“Thank you for bringing me your clothes, and in order to thank you, I will go easy on you this time.”

With a smile on his face, Naito kept approaching them, step by step, then he suddenly disappeared.

The Clouds Shinobi didn’t even have time to react to that speed they were still stunned from seeing Naito alive!

Naito’s speed could no longer be seen by the naked eye, he flashed between them in just a second!

The four of them didn’t even notice, they were just thinking about one thing.

Konoha’s Ashura… Is actually alive!!

Plop! Plop!

The four ninjas fell on the ground at the same time, even the Team Captain couldn’t react!

They simply couldn’t see anything!

Until the last moment before their death, the four of them were in disbelieve.

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