Inside the Arlong Park, the battle between the marines and the Arlong Pirate Regiment was fierce.

It was inevitable for both sides to suffer several injuries in the battle, but in general, the Marines still has a huge advantage. They have a large number of people. Once some of them were injured, other marine soldiers will cover them up and let the wounded retreat. On the contrary, the pirate side, under the bombardment of warship cannons, many fish-men have been killed because of being hit by bullets or shells.

Marine soldiers were aware of this. In the beginning, they were afraid, when they have gained the upper hand now, their morale has naturally risen. They do now consider this battle as a practical exercise.

Ian saw such a scene beside the warship, which reassured him a lot. As long as no one died in the marines, as for injuries, hah! That’s a joke. Don’t forget that Ian has Yukina’s card. Even if they get injured, he can treat these soldiers. That’s why he promised Smoker that he would bring all the marine soldiers back intact.

However, Ian came to the warship for a while, originally to guard it against Momoo’s attack, but as a result, he kept looking for him, left and right, but he didn’t come.

“What the heck! This guy, Arlong is not playing with me, is he? Did he make me come over to the warship so that he can take the opportunity to escape?” Ian thought about it, but then shook his head and concluded that this was impossible. Arlong cherished his fellow fish-men, believing that they were the best race. He could not escape alone without his fellow fish-men.

So, Ian did not care anymore. If he didn’t come, he would continue attacking Arlong, so he shouted to the marine soldiers on the ship: “Aim your cannons toward the pool and fire!!!”

“Hai! Hai! Instructor!” When the soldiers in charge of shooting heard this, they immediately saluted Ian under the ship, then turned the muzzle, aimed toward the pool and bombed out.

The shells whistled and fell into the water, and a high wave burst with a bang.

The shock wave of the explosion spread to the water and made Arlong, who was hiding in the swimming pool feel uncomfortable. He didn’t expect that Ian would make the marines bombard him with shells. This kind of repeated provocation made Arlong more and more angry. He originally wanted to relax and wait for Momoo to destroy the warship and see the horror expression of their faces, but Momoo has not appeared, and he was under attack by the marines’ shells. Arlong did not know what went wrong on the other side of Hachi, so he simply emerged from the water.

At this time, just as a shell was about to hit the swimming pool again, Arlong suddenly came out revealing his mouth full of sharp teeth, and caught the shell with his mouth!

The round shell was bitten by Arlong’s mouth, and his jaws forced to explode in his face.

With a thunderous sound, Arlong’s mouth was blown up, but when the smoke dispersed, Arlong was unharmed, and he opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of smoke.

This scene of him biting the cannonball then chewing it was seen by many marine soldiers, and they were immediately frightened and scared!

Arlong burst out laughing and said, “See, silly humans! The biggest difference between you and us is the race. In a world full of oceans, only us fish-men are the natural rulers!!”

He jumped out of the water and onto the shore, then rushed towards Tashigi.

“Shit!” Ian was shocked and rushed to Tashigi’s position.

This was a good thing that Arlong wasn’t hiding in the water anymore, but he chose to attack the marine soldiers when Ian was far away from them, and his first target was Tashigi. Ian knew that Tashigi was not Arlong’s opponent now, so he had to rescue her.

When she saw Arlong rushing towards her, Tashigi reacted swiftly and immediately slashed her sword at him. However, Arlong did not avoid her swing. Suddenly, his neck stretched out, and he bit Tashigi’s slashing sword.

With a “Ding!” Tashigi’s sword was broken to pieces in Arlong’s mouth. The strength of Arlong’s jaws was beyond Tashigi’s imagination, even the steel was crushed by his teeth.

Despite the fact that Tashigi was not holding a great weapon, but when her sword is broken, she will not have any weapon to fight with. At the same time, she became so frightened, causing her to fall down on the ground.

Arlong, however, did not hesitate at all. He opened his mouth again, then he lowered his head with a high speed to bit Tashigi’s shoulder.

Shua! The blood splashed in all directions, because she did not avoid it, what she did was rising her hand to protect her shoulder. As a result, Arlong bit her left wrist, not her shoulder, making her scream loudly with pain.

However, this girl also has a solid heart. When she recovered, the first thing she did was not pulling her wrist. If she did that at this time, she might lose her wrist, but she was still holding the residual sword handle in her right hand, which she smashed it on Arlong’s eye.

As soon as Arlong’s eye was damaged sharply, he immediately loosened his mouth with a scream. Tashigi was stunned after she ruptured the corner of his eye, and blood was flowing out.

“You…!” Arlong was so mad that he was beaten like this by a woman. He was no longer merciful. He opened his mouth and bit into Tashigi’s throat.

“Sergeant Tashigi!!!” The soldiers who saw this scene screamed. If she was bitten by this attack, she would die, but they were a little far away from her and could not save her.

Tashigi seemed to see her own death coming and could not help closing her eyes.

However, at this moment, a long sword suddenly came out from the side, blocking Arlong’s sharp teeth, and saving Tashigi’s life!

“How can you close your eyes when you see your opponent coming for you?” A voice was ringing in Tashigi’s ear: “I don’t remember teaching you like that!”

Opening her eyes, Tashigi saw Ian holding his large sword and resisting Arlong’s bloody mouth. For a while, she felt a mixture of sadness and joy.

“Damn it!” Arlong didn’t expect Ian to rush that fast. When he saw Ian’s sword in his mouth, he wanted to bite down and break his blade, just as he had broken Tashigi’s sword.

But how could Ian give him this opportunity? The next second, Ian’s sword burst into blazing flames, and then he pulled it violently!

The principle of the Sword of the Darkness Flames was to condense the fire around the blade to form a sharper flame front. Ian’s pulling force was equivalent to his last Flying Slash, which causes Arlong to scream so loud.

His lower and upper jaw were pulled and broke by this blow. Arlong was able to chew the shells, but that doesn’t mean that his mouth could resist fire. The sharp pain came and made Arlong lose his mind. After recovering, Arlong reached out, pulled out a set of teeth from his mouth, and held them in his hand. Then a new set of teeth grew quickly in his mouth. Arlong was a saw-shark fish-man. His teeth can be regenerated indefinitely and extracted again, so after a couple of seconds, he held two sets of solid shark teeth in his hands and attacked Ian.

Ian waved his sword and kept blocking his attacks. Arlong’s teeth and Ian’s sword kept colliding with each other, making clanking noises. Arlong wanted to use these two sets of teeth to hold Ian’s weapon and then crush him violently. But Ian did not give him any chance. Whenever he wanted to clamp his blade, he flips his wrist and unloading Arlong’s force, it was very skillfully way to get loose.

Those marine soldiers who followed Ian’s ways to learn swordsmanship finally saw that their instructor, Ian, was really a swordsmanship master. Yeah, as he said, all the movements were just basic movements, but they were handy and skillful in an actual battle. The wrist rotation matched the waving of the sword seamlessly. There was nothing added to his slashes. What a splendid swordsmanship, making Arlong’s attacks looks useless.

After dozens of collides between the two, Arlong also found that his tactics would not work with Ian, so suddenly changed his mind and used his pointed serrated long nose to stab Ian.

However, this was a slow move for Ian, who was concentrating on the battle. Ian dodged his attack, then suddenly grabbed Arlong’s nose with his felt empty hand. Although his hand was slashed by Arlong’s sharp nose and started bleeding, Ian did not care for the pain and clenched it so hard!

The scorching flame flew out from his fist while he was holding Arlong’s nose, and Ian madly released a huge amount of Nen. The Fist of the Mortal Flame began to rise, and the color of the flame gradually turned blue, then began to shift towards white.

Arlong immediately screamed out loudly. Although Ian only pinched half of his nose tip, Arlong felt that he was being held in position, and his bones were about to melt!

When Ian finally let go of his hand, Arlong’s nose was half-gone, and the front part of his nose was burnt black. Then he fell down and slammed his hand on the ground.

To defeat a person is actually very simple. It is enough to seize only one chance to stroke him hard enough, and he will be defeated. Ian melted Arlong’s nose with his flame, causing him serious damage. Then, after Arlong lost his resistance, he used The Fist of the Mortal Flame again. The flames attached to his fist began to burn everywhere in Arlong’s body.

Arlong rolled on the ground in pain. Fighting an opponent like Ian, who uses the flame attacks, he really had bad luck. His proud long nose was half-gone, it doesn’t regenerate like his teeth, In other words, Arlong can only live with a half nose. (That’s if he stayed alive XD)

Looking at their leader like a fire-ball, burning and rolling on the ground, the fish-men of Arlong Pirate Regiment also lost their mentality to continue the resistance, staring at Arlong dumbly, listening to his miserable scream.

For every pirate group, their leaders are their pride. In the eyes of the pirates, their leaders are invincible. Now when you see the tragic situation of Arlong, the fish-men pirates have a sense of idol collapse.

This made it easier for marine soldiers to put them down.

Finally, Arlong rolled into the water of the swimming pool and extinguished the flames. Ian went over and pulled him up from the water. He found that the man was dying, burnt black, and in a state of extensive burns.

Seeing Arlong like this, Ian also knew that he can’t resist anymore. The battle was over. Ian wanted to end this fellow once and for all. So, he pointed his sword at his burned body, but when he looked at him, he found himself unwilling to do it.

Tashigi kept a close eye on Ian for fear that he would kill Arlong. When she was in the large Square of Loguetown, Tashigi remembered that terrifying scene. When she saw Ian dragging Arlong along, she sighed, perhaps because of her good nature, even though she knew Arlong was a notorious pirate. She couldn’t bear to see someone die in front of her.

“I’m handing him to you!” Ian threw Arlong to Tashigi and said, “Let him rot in your prison for the rest of his life!”

“Don’t worry, we will punish him for all of his crime!” Tashigi said.

However, at that moment, a loud voice suddenly came, “Kill him!”

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