Which one should be chosen between these three, Naito had troubles to find the right answer for this question.

Although the only method he had currently was Ryuchi Cave, it wasn’t difficult for Naito to get the other two.

Naito could get some help from Jiraiya if he wanted… Although he already knew the method.

He knows already that two out of three methods are different, and the third should also have its own way, but Naito wants to have his own way, a way that will be the most suitable for him.

If he could learn the three of them and create a new one, it will be the most suitable, and his Sage Mode will be undoubtedly the best.

For the time being, Naito put the cultivation method of the Sage Mode aside and continued to study the Scroll of Soul.

This was boring because this is something that wasn’t mentioned in the original, these were Orochimaru’s own researches, and it required a lot of scrutinies.

Naito kept studying it for a few days.

Finally, he finished studying it and began the cultivate.

The effect at the beginning was excellent, Naito could even feel the enhancement of his soul, and this made his control of Chakra stronger!

The Chakra itself become stronger, even his Shock Force got enhanced.

However, after half a month, the effect gradually slowed down, and finally, the progress became negligible. Obviously, the enhancement had a limit.

At this point, his soul power increased by at least one third!

It doesn’t look much, but it was already beyond Naito’s expectations, he thought it will be much lesser.

With this one-third only, both Naito’s Chakra, and Shock Force become stronger and more subtle.

Naito’s first obstacle from cultivating the Sage Mode was his Chakra amount, but with this enhancement, it reached the standards.

Next step is to have perfect control, to achieve a balance between the natural energy and his own Chakra; otherwise, it will fade.

Failing while following the method of the Mount Myoboku will turn you into a petrified frog, and Failing using the Ryuchi Cave method will mean getting eaten by the White Snake!

Naito didn’t have any guidance, he needed to explore everything by himself, so he needed more preparation.


Naito needed to figure out the third way, so he went directly to the source and found Tsunade.

Tsunade was just in the village, during this time, she didn’t go to gamble like she always does, or maybe she lost everything and went back to Konoha.

Seeing Naito has always made her happy, although he was currently in the village, Naito was always busy doing his own things, and Tsunade didn’t want to disturb him, she rarely takes the initiative to find him.

After a simple greeting, Naito directly said what he had.

“Sage Mode?”

Tsunade looked a little bit surprised after she thought for a little bit, she said: “I am aware of it, but since it seems am not qualified to learn it, I’ve never put a lot of thoughts in it.”

Not everyone is qualified to learn the Sage Mode.

For example, the Fourth Hokage Minato couldn’t successfully use it, and he himself said that he hard a lot of troubles learning it.

“Sure enough, as I suspected the Katsuyu slugs have their own special Sage Mode.”

Tsunade looked at Naito, and with a solemn tone, she said: “So you’re asking me to give you the Katsuyu method? I heard that it’s a very dangerous one, maybe you should go directly to the Shikkotsu Forest and meet the Great Slug Sage!”

“The Slug Sage?”

Naito was surprised when he heard these words.

he already knew that these slugs had they’re own Sage.

However, Naito was surprised that Tsunade has suggested meeting him and learning the Sage Mode directly from the Shikkotsu Forest, would they be willing to teach him?

Tsunade sensed Naito’s worries, she smiled and patted his shoulder then said: “Rest reassured, she’s very gentle and easy to talk with, even if you don’t sign a contract, she will be willing to work and communicate with you.”

“Besides, even if she didn’t want to, you will still have me.”

Tsunade pat Naito’s head showing a trace of a sister treat, letting Naito’s mouth twitch slightly. After her little brother Nawaki got killed, the tendency of the Sister little brother control became more serious.

Naito didn’t have a blood contract with the Slugs; therefore, they couldn’t do a reverse summon and directly enter the forest.

Therefore, Naito left Konoha with Tsunade and went directly to the forest.

Shikkotsu Forest was much closer than Mount Myokobu, and since both of them were incredibly fast, they arrived in a few days.

The forest was under the ground.

It was an extraordinary wide cave under the ground, that used to be a massive volcano.

“Were here, the sage should be there.”

Tsunade looked around, then pointed to one direction.

This forest and the three other places are all legendary holy lands, the age of the sages was unknown, they were all ancient existences.

While walking into this forest, the two of them often encountered some slugs around the place.

These creatures were all greeting Tsunade.

Soon, Naito and Tsunade reached the Slug Sage, its body was indeed huge, even Naito couldn’t hide his shock.

At a distance, Naito could see other huge slugs around.

Even the Tsunade’s original summon Kotsuyu looked small compared to the Slug Sage.

“I was also shocked when I first met her.”

Tsunade looked at him and smiled.

The huge slug turned around its head and looked at both of them.

“Well isn’t it Tsunade, why did you came here?”

Although it was very huge, her voice was no different from Kotsuyu, it’s incredibly gentle, and didn’t have any murderous intent like the snakes.

Her warm voice made Naito’s shock gradually fade.

Tsunade bowed at her then she raised her head and casually said.

“We came here to know more about the Sage Mode.”

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