H.R.P Chapter 249: Kurama’s Choice

Ryo’s eyes were not deceiving him; this was really Minato’s body standing before him! “You all hide! Hand over this matter to me!” Ryo said to the 3rd’s Anbu. Fools don’t become Anbu, and everyone around Minato realized that the horrifying Chakra being emitted by Minato’s body was nothing that they could deal with. In

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H.R.P Chapter 248: Battle Against the Shinigami

With the remaining “half of the Kyubi” suppressed by Ryo, no accidents occurred as Minato sealed it within Naruto. Minato looked at the clueless Naruto, and then at Kushina who was in tears next to him, and smiled bitterly. He wished that he could stay with them, but he know that it was impossible. He

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H.R.P Chapter 247: The Kyubi’s Night (5)

Ever since Obito activated his Mangekyo, this was the first time anyone managed to counter Kamui. Minato’s Rasengan was extremely powerful, and it immediately destroyed Obito’s transplanted arm. Obito jumped away, making distance with Minato. When he looked at his figure, he suddenly felt very familiar to him, but he couldn’t have clear memories. Immediately,

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H.R.P Chapter 246: The Kyubi’s Night (4)

In the center of Konoha, both Ninjas and civilians ended their day’s work and left to enjoy the serenity of the night. Ever since the 3rd Shinobi World War had ended, it’s been particularly peaceful in the village, and everyone for once was able to relax…. No one could foresee, what was about to happen.

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H.R.P Chapter 245: The Kyubi’s Night (3)

While he was fighting the Wooden Giant, Ryo felt that the Kyubi’s Chakra was separated from Kushina. He felt unprecedented burning rage in his heart. He wanted to leave everything and run to Kushina’s side, but Black Zetsu’s integration within the Wooden Giant stood in the way, for no matter how many times he took

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H.R.P Chapter 244: The Kyubi’s Night (2)

As the Wooden Giant made by Black and White Zetsu stood in Ryo’s way, Sakumo and Jiraya were also having hard battles of their own. Sakumo’s opponent, Sasori, was giving him a headache, for he had finished turning Hiruko into a puppet. This puppet had good defensive and melee capabilities, effectively making up for the

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H.R.P Chapter 243: The Kyubi’s Night (1)

Year 48, on September 22nd, Shikamu Nara was born. Inoichi Yamanaka and Choza Akamichi were the first to go congratulate him. The next day, the roles were reversed, as everyone was congratulating Inoichi for Ino’s birth. All 12 besides Naruto and Hinato were already born. On October 5th, the 3rd’s wife, Biwako Sarutobi went to

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H.R.P Chapter 242: Action in the Dark

In the Water Country, the Mist Village, the 4th Mizukage was looking at some of the orders he had issued since becoming Kage. After Madara’s death, his control over Yagura naturally disappeared.  Obviously, Yagura did not know that he being controlled when this happened and only had blanks in his memory. But as he looked

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H.R.P Chapter 241: Sasuke’s Birth

Korin’s power went back into the seal, and by the time that was done, he felt his spirit was submerged within an ocean of Natural Energy. Obviously, this was Korin’s power. However, unlike what happened with her, the power was lying quietly within the seal without any signs of fluctuation. Ryo felt eager to try

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H.R.P Chapter 240: Korin’s Evolution

While she had heard of Ryo’s speed, Yugito Nii only realized how fast he truly was when seeing him. She was in cold sweat, knowing that she could not run. She knew all too well, that her only option was to fight. The Nibi’s Chakra began to surge out of her, and soon, her whole

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