H.R.P Chapter 233: Sasori of the Red Sand!

In the afternoon, Ryo set off with Maki, Shisui, and Kakashi. Ryo could use the Teleportation Barrier, but instead preferred to run his way to the Sand Country along with the three. After Minato’s succession, Kakashi was assigned at the Anbu, and was performing several tasks with them. Ryo hadn’t seen him for a long

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H.R.P Chapter 232: New Tasks

“It is Wood Release! How is this possible?” Seeing the two small saplings growing on the ground, Minato became sure that Lain was using Wood Release. Still, he didn’t understand what actually happened. “Kushina, that’s indeed Wood Release. It’s exactly like that of Hashirama. I can’t mistake such strong vitality!” Kurama said with great certainty.

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H.R.P Chapter 231: Wood Release!

Under Chinse’s attentive care, Lain quickly recovered her ability to move properly, and she regained all her speech capabilities. The relationship between the two became closer and closer. Later, Chinese simply let her call her mom, and Ryo had a sister at home. A few days later, Ryo teleported to the borders of the Fire

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H.R.P Chapter 230: End of the Experiment

After dealing with Danzo, Ryo was feeling better. During the following few days, he trained Shisui rigorously in the 3rd training ground. Suddenly, he received a letter from Orochimaru. It said that the Lain’s experiment had undergone a special change. His face changed greatly, and he immediately said goodbye to Shisui, teleporting to Orochimau’s lab.

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H.R.P Chapter 229: Danzo Out!

After the meeting, Minato and Ryo left the conference room to the office.  “Ryo, do you really have any evidence?” Minato anxiously asked as soon as he sat down. Ryo smirked at Minato as he closed the door, and said: “Ni san, even you believed that? You’re too innocent for a Hokage!”  “Cough! Who said

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H.R.P: Chapter 228: High Level Meeting

In the Hokage’s office, Ryo detailed the situation in the Rain Village to Minato. After the latter listened to him, he frowned in surprise. He never expected that Danzo would make a secret alliance with Hanzo. “Minato Ni-san, that’s not the full of extent of his conspiracies, Danzo and his Root are more terrible than

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H.R.P Chapter 227: The Birth of Pain

Konan and Nagato’s souls were pulled into the Ice World. The sudden change in weather and scenery got Konan dumbfounded and startled. Nagato, on the other hand, was still very calm as he stared at her. “Konan, don’t worry. This is just a Genjutsu Space. It should be Ryo who brought us here.” Seeing his

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H.R.P Chapter 226: Ryo vs. Hanzo

“Ryo, there something wrong with that guy!” As Ryo was wondering about what had just happened, Korin spoke. “Something wrong? What is it?” Ryo answered quickly. “I can’t recognize it, but he feels very different from a human!”  Ryo frowned, for his Mangekyo could not see any abnormalities of the sort that Korin was describing. 

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H.R.P Chapter 225: God of the New World

Yahiko’s death hit Nagato deeply, and he kneeled in place in disbelief. Hanzo could immediately notice the bloodlust that overtook him, and told his Ninjas to attack him at once. Just as Ryo was about to move in, Nagato made his first move, repulsing all beings around him, sending them flying away. Ryo frowned muttering:

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H.R.P Chapter 224: Dealing with Danzo

Ryo felt that catching Zetsu was a mistake that cost him a lot of time. After all, he learned nothing new of much value. He helplessly sighed, deciding not to think of this matter, and using Sage Mode to chase Danzo and his team. Danzo and Hanzo were talking about picking a “place” for something.

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