H.R.P Chapter 207: The Grand Wedding

After Minato left the 3rd’s office, he teleported directly to the 3rd training ground. Ryo knew that Minato would have many questions, so he was actually waiting for him there. “Ryo, where’s Rin? How is she now?” Minato asked anxiously. “Don’t worry! Rin is fine! Ni-san, come with me!” Ryo took Minato along with him,

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H.R.P Chapter 206: Control of the Anbu

After he reached a “consensus” with Minato, Ryo said to the 3rd directly: “Hokage sama, you refusing to step in and punish them will just make the Mist Ninjas feel Konoha is their playinground!” The 3rd’s face was a bit stiff. He knew all too well that any excuse he’s come up with wouldn’t be

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H.R.P Chapter 205: Minato’s Wrath!

After taking control of Tobi, Ryo and Korin returned to the real world along with him. When Tobi’s consciousness returned to his body, Korin instructed him to listen to Obito and follow his orders. Ryo then mentioned details that Obito should pay attention to when returning to Madara’s side. It was over half a night

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H.R.P Chapter 204: Controlling Tobi

After Tobi entered a state of “Hibernation”, Ryo interestingly started observing the changes his soul received. Everything in the Ice World was connected to Ryo’s Spiritual Energy, and any change that Tobi was to receive was also to be detected by Ryo. After Ryo noticed it was hibernating, Tobi’s soul began adapting with the cold

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H.R.P Chapter 203: Obito’s Decision

C“Give me some time; I need some quiet!” Obito stood up quickly, thinking about his relationship with Madara. At first, he just had a general impression of Madara, who was just a very powerful Shinobi to him. Both Konoha and the Uchiha did not give much care to his memory. However, after being rescued by

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H.R.P Chapter 202: The Truth

CAfter finishing all the surrounding Zetsu, Ryo returned to Rin. As she was staring at the mad killing figure that’s been slaughtering the Mist Ninjas, her body could not stop trembling, and tears fell unstoppably from her eyes. “Ryo, is that… Obito?” She asked with a very small, pessimistic voice. “Don’t worry about this Rin;

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H.R.P Chapter 201: Untouchable Power

CKakashi had heard Rin’s words on the Memorial Stone. The following day, he also learned that she had taken on a non dangerous C-Rank Mission in the Wave Country. Therefore, Kakashi did not worry. However, after nearly 10 days, has still had news of her return, and he realized that she might be in danger!

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H.R.P Chapter 200: The Plan Begins!

Early the next morning, Shinku arrived with his daughter, and Asuma, who was thinking he was well hidden behind them. “Shinku san, Kurenai, good morning!” Ryo saluted the two happily, and they did so as well. “Ryo, you usually practice here?” Before her father was able to talk, Kurenai asked Ryo. This question made him

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H.R.P Chapter 199: Genjutsu Teacher

“Orochi san, haven’t you agreed…” Ryo tried to ask. “I did, but I also want to see the legendary Wood Release with my own eyes!” Orochimaru licked his lips excitedly. Ryo did not know what to say for a while. Orochimaru was once again making the same choice! Things were clear to both of them.

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H.r.P Chapter 198: Mokuton Reproduction Plan!

After his conversation with Minato and Kushina, Ryo moved back to Konoha, and left Minato behind to cover his traces. Of course, their search was “in vain” and they found nothing. In the 3rd’s office, the Hokage and Jiraya were waiting for Minato’s investigation results. “Old man, you said a Biju was found there before

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