S.P.P Chapter 143: Who’s the weak now?

“Oh, really?” Crocodile’s face showed a smile. “That kid, and you, you are very strange!” “Partner!” In his heart, it can be said that Crocodile began to enjoy this feeling of being trusted by others. The pirates in his crew before, even him, he couldn’t believe that they were weaker than his current team. The

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M. I. H. G Chapter 92: Raising Dogs

“Really.” Chen Jian gave Samoyed two pieces of meat, then ate one piece himself and made a bad expression. Samoyed looked at it for a while and found that several people around him didn’t seem to like barbecue. So, he doesn’t continue to eat barbecue and no longer pestering Chen Jian. “Dogs use olfactory and

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S.C.S Chapter 54: Convergence

The reason why Ian didn’t think about where Johnny and Yosaku went, because he thought that Johnny and Yosaku lost him when he was chasing Ace. After all, there were so many people in the square, and it was normal that they could not find him. What’s more, Johnny and Yosaku followed him at that

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S.P.P Chapter 142: Partners!

In order to please the loved ones, it might take more than a year to do so, and it was strange that Trensu wasn’t excited. After returning to Alubarna, Trensu’s legs were shaking every time he moved forward. “What happened to this, kid?” Crocodile stared at Trensu and asked Jason. “This kid is going to

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M. I. H. G Chapter 91: Sleigh 3 Silly

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin stayed in the bedroom for a while, and Chen Jian called and asked the two to go downstairs. Frank went to the balcony and saw that it was already dark. Leading little white tiger and Lin Xiaoxin down the stairs together. At this time, the grass in front of the villa

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S.C.S Chapter 53: I Forgot Something!

“Shit… I can’t find it! What can we do now?” After more than half an hour, Ian and Ace had almost searched the whole place, but they could not find the key. “Look in your pocket again?” Ace suggested. “I don’t know how many times I’ve looked there. No, no!” Ian said angrily. At that

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M. I. H. G Chapter 90: Eating Eggs

Frank really did not deliberately be tainted, and this is the case. Tiger’s tongue. The thorns in the tongue are usually pop up in this state only when they are irritated. According to theory, a single bite can lick up the bleeding. After all, the tiger tongue. The barb on the tongue is used to

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S.P.P Chapter 141: Why not?

No one ever said that to Crocodile, because of that, he wasn’t happy, such a vicious fellow as Crocodile, his eyes were shaking, and it seemed that he’ll burst at any moment. “Suna Suna no Mi, it’s very powerful fruit, and your development…” Rogen said while he was shaking his head and pointed at Crocodile.

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S.C.S Chapter 52: the real fight

It seems that because of the mention of that idiot, Luffy, Ace’s mood has improved. Turning his head to the bustling tourists around him, he watched them gather in twos and threes, taking pictures of themselves with the execution platform as a background. Then he said ironically: “Look, if the Pirate King knew that the

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M. I. H. G Chapter 89: he doesn’t believe what he asked

Frank and Chen Jian came to the third floor of the villa, then turned in a corner and went into the corridor. There is only one door on both sides, which means that there are only two rooms in such a big place. “This is the case.” Mei Jie looked at Frank. “The message that

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