M.I.H.G Chapter 71: Another case

Fang Cheng seems to be really busy. After a few words, he started to take a nap on the sofa in the living room. Frank also returned to his bedroom to organize the thesis and organize the order. around twelve o’clock, Fang Cheng’s mobile phone alarm sounded. When Frank went out, Fang Cheng was wearing

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S.C.S Chapter 34: He’s For Sale!

Watching Ian tie Cabaji up again and holding the rope as if he was walking with his dog, Koby’s legs were shaking, and he asked: “Ia… Brother Ian, do you really want to go to the marine base? The Buggy Pirates have gone there. Aren’t you throwing yourself into their net? Otherwise… Why don’t we

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S.P.P Chapter 124: I won’t forgive you!

This time, The Buddhist palm was three times bigger than the previous one, it was about 35 meters, and if it fell down on the ship, more than the half of it would be crashed. Crocodile was angry, and his right hand slammed down again on the deck, which was still intact under his feet.

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M.I.H.G Chapter 70: Suspects are never

Hannibal’s IQ is really high, though he is a bit changeable. Because of his hobby of changeability, his medical attainments are not limited to psychology. With the help of Hannibal Lecter, Frank’s thesis is progressing at a tremendous speed. What kind of information is needed. A little description, Hannibal can tell him which one and

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S.C.S Chapter 33: They Had Come

As Ian and Cabaji spoke, the battle between the Buggy Pirates and the marines on the sea began. First of all, on the Marine side, the cannons in the base were placed in the high position so the range of attack could reach the offshore, the cannon bombardment sounded. The solid shells whistled as they

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S.P.P Chapter 123: SandStorm!

Crocodile’s body was directly inserted into the deck, and his head was on the ground. His blood was on the deck, and its smell was sharp. His whole body was scratched and bruised by Jason’s fierce punch. The natural power was amazing, and Jason was very strong, he was absolutely stronger than Crocodile without devil

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S.P.P Chapter 122: Join us!

After knowing that the water makes this Devil Fruit user weaker, he rushed to get his hands wet by wiping his clothes, which made him very happy. “This is good, I’m not afraid of you, haha!” With a laugh, Jason walked two steps forward. He was naturally strong, and after eating the Devil Fruit, he

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S.C.S Chapter 32: Buggy Pirates Attack

After Ian left, Morgan smiled at the middle-aged marine and said, “Haha, it’s really interesting. The pirate caught by this rookie is one of the circus-like Buggy group?” “Yes!” The middle-aged marine nodded. There was some disdainful dialogue between the two men, and the truth was revealed inadvertently. In fact, at this time, Buggy’s real

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S.C.S Chapter 31: Oopsie!

Seeing that these soldiers were holding guns at them, Koby knew that the other side were marines, and he couldn’t help shaking his legs and making trembling noises with his teeth. He can’t help it. He’s a coward. When Ian saw the marines for the first time. He couldn’t help looking at them for quite

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S.P.P Chapter 121: Water Stains

The arrogant tone, the indifferent eyes, and the words that were full of self-confident made Jason a bit surprised. “What’s wrong with you?” Jason asked, and he was confused. The first thing that this captain said was, “Be my man!”, it was something unbelievable for Jason. The captain’s eyes condensed, and there was obvious anger

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