S.P.P Chapter 152: Squad

After killing Sagaki, Trensu was very calm at that moment. From the moment he went there, he already knew that he’ll kill him, so he wasn’t surprised at all. “Trensu!” A soft voice came out, and it made Trensu’s body trembled. This voice was very familiar to him. In fact, he was very happy when

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S.C.S Chapter 63: Swordsmanship instructor

“What about it?” Ian blinked and pretended to be a fool. Smoker puffed out a cloud of smoke and said, “Don’t pretend to be stupid. Look at it yourself. How much trouble does your appearance cause to Loguetown?” Ian looked around and saw bloodstains and craters all over the square. The execution platform collapsed, the

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S.P.P Chapter 151: Go to hell, you scum!

“he, he’s a devil fruit user!” Some people were terrified, they have never seen such magical ability. In a blink of an eye, Crocodile stepped forward and reached the corpses, this horrible attack had killed nearly fifty people. After turning the enemies into corpses, the sand rope floated back to Crocodile’s shoulders. “Crocodile, what are

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S.C.S Chapter 62: Compensation

“Ca… Captain!?” Gin turned his head and saw the scene of Krieg kneeling down. Members of the Krieg Pirate Regiment, who were captured and tied up in the square, were still vigorously shouting at the marines, but when they saw this scene, they were all in a state of stupefaction. “The Captain… is dead!?” No

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S.P.P Chapter 150: hurry up!

At that moment, Sagaki was very angry. The last time, Trensu pointed the gun on him, also Crocodile intimidated him and made him frightened, all of that, and he didn’t dare to take his revenge. The pirate Crocodile, he was very famous among the first half of the Grand Line, and everyone knows him and

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S.C.S Chapter 61: He’s mine!

When Smoker gave the order, the marine soldiers immediately took action. Ace had already beaten Buggy and made his nose and face swollen. He had just stooped to pick up the Seastone key that had fallen from him. Suddenly, a marine soldier opened fire on the ground in front of him. Ace was shocked. He

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M. I. H. G Chapter 99: this is inexplicable

Frank heard the administrator’s question, who looked at him as if he watched the aliens for more than ten seconds. Then he slowly patted the administrator’s shoulder and said: “To tell the truth, not true, fake, not fake, Look at the relationship.” Then Frank followed by the little white tiger went to the cable car

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M. I. H. G Chapter 98: Open your mouth.

Frank did not get off to watch, but when he came out of the cable car, he was recognized by the man and the woman. The man directly pointed to Frank and said: “Why can this person take the cable car, but we can’t take it?” “Sorry, we are for private use and not open

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S.C.S Chapter 60: Catch them all!

Originally in the Manga, Ace met Buggy only after joining the White Bearded Pirates. It was several years later, but now because of Ian’s involvement, Ace has met Buggy in advance and started a fight. Unlike Ian, Ace fights with his fists and feet. Buggy was unlucky to face him. Although his split fruit can

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S.P.P Chapter 149: Hit the doors!

Alubarna. In the noisy streets, Jason and the others kept walking, and they were glancing around. They seemed to be looking for something. Crocodile was walking between Jason and Crocodile, and he was very calm with his cigar in his mouth. They didn’t speak since they left, and they didn’t do anything special. At this

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