F.S Chapter 77: Stifling Operations!

Time passed by quickly, and when it was close to seven o’clock, Sagiri finally drew Asuna perfectly. “It’s just like the real thing!” Asuna looked at the screen and said, almost horrified. Mu Fan’s eyebrows raised as he looked at the illustration. Sagiri was really good at drawing. But He didn’t know whether Asuna would

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F.S Chapter 76: Not afraid!

In a blink of an eye, time flew and school hours came to an end. Gabriel finally woke up, she didn’t do anything the entire day except for playing some games on her phone and sleeping. Gabriel dropped her ladylike behavior and was completely helpless. From time to time, she would ask Mu Fan about

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F.S Chapter 75: Yamada Elf!

“Well, the students were talking about it. You skipped class with Eriri last time, then you appeared together after that…” Asuna continued: “Mu Fan since you’re together with Eriri, you should take care of her. I heard you went out with Eriri on a bike yesterday, did you go on a date?” As you know

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F.S Chapter 74: Girlfriend?

On the next day, Mu fan woke up at dawn, he reached his phone and looked at the post he published last night. He was surprised to find that his post was directly pinned at the top and the number of clicks reached over 100,000 clicks. Mu Fan was ecstatic, although currently there are 50,000

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F.S Chapter 72: Foodies in the other worlds?

“Kuroneko, don’t always use the spear skills, try to use the agility and reaction speed to avoid an attack with normal attacks to try killing the monsters.” In the forest, Mu Fan collected Green Pepper and other ingredients while from time to time he would glance at Kuroneko who was tearing wolves. Mu Fan who

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F.S Chapter 70: RuriKuronekoKamineko!!

Mu Fan’s thoughts ended, when the Mountain pig arrived in front of him, he held the iron sword and thrust it at the monster’s head. Although the pig was fast, it couldn’t avoid this strike. It still turned around after that and rushed toward Mu Fan. “Aah!” A burning sensation came from his stomach as

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F.S Chapter 66: My Sister is really cute!

When Sagiri smelled the Golden Fried Rice’s aroma, she couldn’t take a deep breath and swallow. She picked the spoon and was about to start eating. In fact, the most enjoyable time for her every day was eating the Fried Rice and Green Pepper Prok. She was hungry and didn’t notice that the camera was

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F.S Chapter 65: Sister is Eromanga-Sensei!?

The illustration as completed but the live broadcast wasn’t. There was still some time before the launch of the game, so Mu Fan wasn’t in a hurry. “I spoke a lot today, I’m a little tired.” Eromanga-sensei seemed to be relieved, she hesitated and asked: “In the next live broadcast, what do you think I

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F.S Chapter 62: Hulk Vs. Superman!

“Fail?” Mu Fan looked at her will horror and said: “How could it fail?” “Of it will!” Eriri raised her eyebrows and whispered: “That Girl, Sena, is actually a great lover of Yaoi, what would you think she would make?” “The story of a Yaoi lover?” Mu Fan’s mouth twitched twice; he couldn’t think of

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F.S Chapter 61: Game production club members.

Chiba College. Looking at the gate of the school, Mu Fan saw Eriri directly enter and followed her. Although Eriri called it the game production club, the real name was the game research association, and the club room was on the second floor. The so-called club building was the same as his school, it has

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