F.S Chapter 90: Sakamoto [2 in 1]

“Thank you!” Seeing the bright red Mapo Tofu, Sakamoto thanked Mu Fan and picked up a pair of chopstick and started eating. “Hou—” Sakamoto felt the spiciness and exhaled. His entire mouth was set on fire as the spice spread on his tongue. He couldn’t stop eating. Gradually, his forehead was filled with sweat as

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F.S Chapter 89: Sakamoto and Mapo Tofu!

“God of cooking?” Mu Fan’s brows wrinkled. Although his cooking skill wasn’t low, he was far from attaining the full potential of cooking. Although Sugou sounds polite, wasn’t he just doing this on purpose? “I’m not a cooking god, I’m just an ordinary chef.” Mu Fan smiled modestly. At this time, Asuna was frowning, she

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F.S Chapter 87: Asuna’s concern!

He and Kuroneko stayed all night leveling up, and their levels rushed to the top. Mu Fan’s level was 80% of the third level, and Kuroneko was 30% in the fourth level. Kuroneko’s level jumped to the top three. Mu Fan purchased the Drawing talent from the system and started drawing the map of the

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F.S Chapter 86: Little Cat!

“Onii-chan, you’re finally here.” The sweat voice of Hatsune sounded in Mu Fan’s ears as she flew down and sat on his shoulder excitedly. “Sorry, Hatsune, I had things to do yesterday, and I couldn’t enter the game.” When he thought about Hatsune’s lonely appearance in the past day, Mu Fan touched her head and

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F.S Chapter 85: As long as Sagiri is Happy!

“This is the novel that you wrote for Eromanga-sensei?” After staying silent for a moment, Yamada Elf stood up and said. “Yeah.” Mu Fan sighed, he didn’t care if Eromanga saw Accel world before, even if she didn’t, he would find an illustrator. But since he knew that Sagiri is Eromanga-sensei, he didn’t dare chose

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F.S Chapter 84: Confrontation!

After agreeing with Eriri to go to the Game Production Club tomorrow, Mu Fan and Eriri went back home. When Mu Fan reached his home, he found Yamada Elf waiting in front of his door, and it seems like she has been waiting for a long time. It seemed like she wanted to compare their

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F.S Chapter 83: Why Are You So Skilled? [Part 2]

“I have learned a bit.” Mu fan took the brush from Eriri’s hand and smiled. “You want to draw Manga after only learning a little?” Eriri picked her Eyebrows and couldn’t help retort: “Don’t blame me when you fail. Drawing Manga isn’t like drawing other things, or else mangakas would fill the streets.” “I understand

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F.S Chapter 82: Why are You So Skilled!

“Isn’t it your job to draw them? What if someone came to the club to eat?” Mu Fan who slept late last night didn’t want to leave the cooking club and lazily sat in his place. “No one will come,” Eriri said while holding his arm. “Why are you so sure that no one would

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F.S Chapter 81: Discussing the Plot!

Seeing that Eriri didn’t understand the meaning of Yosuga No Sora, Mu Fan could only explain to her: “The origin of this name refers to family and the rapidly changing and the love that goes beyond everything.” “Can the plot of this brother and sister be made a game at all?” Eriri licked her lips

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F.S Chapter 80: Shocked Eriri!

Mu Fan was interested in the discussion of the authors, some of them thought that he wasn’t thinking about the plot and writing sloppily. But he knew that the quality of his work is guaranteed. Mu Fan just smiled a little, he was too lazy to reply to them. It’s common for people , and

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