G.O.S.S Chapter 351: True Fear!

In the center of the Fishman Island, countless Fishman were lined up. They weren’t as disciplined as the Marines as they were somewhat scattered. They had quite the powerful momentum, as most of them were evil. Their appearance was enough to scare children. The Fishman Island home two kind of species, one is Fishman, the

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T.S.H Chapter 174: New Sword!

Just when he sat back, the ninja start to feel that something was weird. Suddenly, one more person appeared in the room, he wasn’t dressed like the Anbu, and he wasn’t wearing a mask. He looked like if he was a ninja from another village! “Wait!!” The man started trembling the moment that idea flashed

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G.O.S.S Chapter 350: Quiet!!

“You… What are you?” Bander Decken looked at this shocking scene, and his heart started beating like crazy and his pupil shrunk. Shirahoshi stopped crying and stared at this scene in a daze. “The person who killed you.” Roja’s voice came from behind the Ice. He indifferently looked at Vender Decken and waved his sword.

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T.S.H Chapter 173: Break In!

Suddenly, Naito felt his Kusanagi sword trembling, and his face shined with joy and began to follow the traces. The more his sword, the more he was getting close to the other Kusanagi sword. Finally, after he walked for a while, Naito himself start to feel the existence of another sword! At this time, Naito

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F.S Chapter 71: Teaming with Kuroneko!

“Dark Blue? There is actually a human being who got here before me?” Her purple eyes glanced at the name on top of Mu Fan’s head, then she directly went in the depth of the plain. I’m a human, does that mean you are a cat? When he heard that sentence, Mu Fan was speechless.

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R.P Chapter 142: The treatment for a gunman

The contractors did not use detect equipment or skills on each other. It was a naked provocation, it would likely cause a fight. Under the inquiry of bloody rose, the contractors talked about their advantages in turn, bloody rose would be very enthusiastic if she found the contractor was good at a close fight, and

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T.S.H Chapter 172: Reaching The Sand Hidden Village!

Naito checked himself into a hotel, his appearance now looks no longer as a child, he seems like if he was a seventeen years old boy, no one has looked strangely at him. After sitting down, Naito ordered a cup of tea. Coincidentally, a group of people on the table behind Naito were actually talking

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G.O.S.S Chapter 349: Vander Decken And Shirahoshi!

“Near Shabondy Shoto?” Roja listened to the report and couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. If the attack was on the Calm Belt, it would’ve been normal. But it’s a bit strange for large Sea kings to attack in a place not far from Shabondy Shoto. In the Grandline, a Sea king or two was

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G.O.S.S. Chapter 348: Attack!

On Shabondy Shoto’s shore, a ship was docked with no Pirate flag above it, that ship was Luffy’s ship. “Now, the name Straw hat Pirates ceased to exist. The term pirate won’t be used again. As for your adventurer’s group name, you can choose whatever you want.” Roja stood in front of Luffy and the

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T.S.H Chapter 171: The Land Of Wind!

Naito said all that he had in his heart, and Konan has listened to him quietly, while her beautiful eyes were shining. The rain was still falling. Konan finally looked up, while she seemed no longer confused, with a trace of seriousness, she nodded at Naito and said: “I understand… I understand Sensei’s idea.” “Good.”

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