G.O.S.S Chapter 392: Shisui Of the Body Flicker!

Inside the mountain, Dozen of Konoha’s ninjas were moving forward. Five people were leading the group, and one of them was one of the Sanin. “Be careful, we should be close by.” The commander was a Ninja from Konoha, her chest was swaying as she ran: “Is there a perceptive Ninja who can discover Shisui?”

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T.S.H Chapter 215: Collapse and Wracks

“All of the mountains… Collapsed.” “It’s too destructive, at this rate the whole place is gonna collapse!” Everyone felt despaired and stunned. “Not good! How is the Raikage?!” “I can’t see anything!” They kept watching the Chain of Mountains collapsing, while the ground was trembling and shaking, until it gradually stopped, when all of the

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T.S.H Chapter 214: Strongest Punch!

Naito kept hitting the Raikage so har, however, the former’s endurance was unexpectedly strong, he kept standing back every time, no matter how many times he was being bombarded. This fight kept going on for almost a day and a night, but no matter how long they kept fighting, no one dared to get close

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G.O.S.S Chapter 391: Mei Vs. Shisui!

In the mountain, Roja was holding Sen Maboroshi and playing with it, constantly changing its form. “Can you change the form of your sword at will?” Mei and Kurenai followed behind Roja while watching the sword changing forms and they couldn’t help blink seeing that. Before fighting Roja, she didn’t pay attention to Roja’s sword,

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T.S.H Chapter 213: Stronger!

The Shock Force spread out under Naito punch smashing the entire mountain. The Raikage got hit hard by this punch, but he tried to block its impact by folding his arm against his chest. Bang!! Under the strong impact, the Raikage suddenly flew out and crashed on the ground destroying the whole place. “His attack

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G.O.S.S Chapter 390: Uchiha Shisui.

Crossing the Territories, Roja and the others arrived at the Land of Fire. It was a small village at the borders of the land of fire. Even though the village wasn’t destroyed by the war, conflicts between ninjas will occasionally arise. Inside a restaurant. “Give us your best.” Mei was in front of the counter

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F.S Chapter 88: How many Brothers Does Aladdin have?

“Don’t worry Asuna-san, I won’t drop out.” Mu Fan took the notes from Asuna’s hands and put them down and smiled: “Because we work well together on the club…” “Even if you say so…” Asuna hesitated a bit before pointing at a formula and said: “Mu Fan, as long as you can solve this, I

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T.S.H Chapter 212: Accident!

Looking at the calm expression Naito had as his injuries got healed entirely, the Raikage’s expression got extremely serious. Enemy! The Raikage has finally recognized Naito as an absolute enemy instead of just treating him like a new annoying generation. Even his Hell stab didn’t have the upper hand against Naito, although it was only

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T.S.H Chapter 211: Hell Stab!

His fingers were folded together, the edge was very sharp, and it seemed like it can penetrate anything, after all, the Raikage used this technique to cut the Hachibi’s tail. Whoosh!!! In the next moment, the Raikage’s figure turned into a residual image and rushed toward Naito. “Sure enough!” Even Naito couldn’t follow his movements

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G.O.S.S Chapter 389: Punishment!

In an open space inside a canyon, Roja and Kurenai were walking ahead, suddenly a beautiful figure appeared above the canyon. Light flashed in her eyes, and her Chakra surged. “Lava release: Melting Apparition Technique!” Wouch! Mei launched an attack and immediately, Roja and Kurenai were drowned in the Liquid. “Is this still inside the

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