G.O.S.S Chapter 388: Pseudo Truth-Seeking Ball!

Almost at the moment, the gray sphere was formed, a will descended suddenly on Roja that seemed to slam the earth. This will was so powerful that it wasn’t inferior to Roja and maybe even stronger. “… Sage of the six paths?” Roja narrowed his eyes and looked up to the sky without fear at

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G.O.S.S Chapter 387: 5 Elements fusion!

The closer you get to the power of the sixth path, the more you feel his horrifying power. This sentence wasn’t false. The power of Shinigami is totally different from the power of this world. It’s truly hard to fight against the Sixth path like this, and he may only be able to escape through

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G.O.S.S Chapter 386: Control!

Mei looked in front of her seeing Kurenai and Roja and was suspicious. Genjutsu? Is this Genjutsu? She shook her head and checked the Chakra flow, but she found nothing which meant this wasn’t a Genjutsu. After calming down, she turned around and started running again and about half a day later, she felt that

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T.S.H Chapter 210: Spiritual Shock!

The Spiritual Shock isn’t the same as a Genjutsu, it condenses the momentum and the spiritual power of the user and blasts it in all directions in a violent way. And Because this trick also uses the Shock, it doesn’t only crush weak ninja, but it also does miraculous effect on the strong ones too.

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T.S.H Chapter 209: Facing The Cloud’s Shinobis

The mountain got crushed, the people in the Village kept running as the stones fell like raindrops. At the same time, they looked very stunned. Someone is attacking the Raikage, and he actually sent him flying! Is it a sneak attack? But even if it’s a sneak attack, the Raikage wouldn’t get bombarded, even the

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G.O.S.S Chapter 385: Maid!

“My Lava release was also…” Watching the ice spread and freeze her techniques, Mei was shaken as she stopped her technique and jumped back. Almost as she retreated, the cold air rushed toward her and froze her technique while also turning everything in their line of sight into Ice. “What a horrible coldness…” Mei took

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G.O.S.S Chapter 384: Roja Vs. The Beauty!

Not only Kurenai and Roja, but even the Mist Ninjas were also stunned by Mei’s words. That’s the enemy in front of us. “It’s a pity. Why are you a Ninja of Konoha? Anyway, I will give you a kiss of ecstasy.” Mei looked at Roja, and her eyes looked at him with a strange

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T.S.H Chapter 208: Naito Vs. Ay!

It’s incredible!! The violent lightning surged around the Raikage’s body as if it was some kind of armor. The moment he threw that punch, the Thunder fell from the sky as if he was controlling it smashing the ground around him! Facing the Raikage’s attack, Naito didn’t even twinkle, without any fear, and with a

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T.S.H Chapter 207: Got It!

The more he thought about it, the more the Third Raikage felt that something was wrong about this. Unless they got trapped by a Seal Technique, how would Konoha’s Shinobi capture the whole squad who are specialized at speed? However, even if they used some kind of sealing technique, with their speed, they should easily

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T.S.H Chapter 206: The Third Raikage

Danzo couldn’t believe that Sarutobi would give permission for Naito to go to the Cloud, it didn’t even cross his mind for a second. Because this is just insane. In his point of view, since Naito has obeyed Sarutobi’s orders, then there’s no doubt, that it was because they wanted to kidnap Kushina. It will

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