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R.P Chapter 188: Ferocious

“Quickly spread out…” Reiner screamed with a distorted expression, at the same time put his thumb into the entrance, ready to bite his fingers to turn into a titan. The bright knife light passed through, Reiner lost consciousness after his sight turned black. Puchi. A lot of blood splashed on ‘Bertolt Hoover ’s body, and

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R.P Chapter 187: Horrible expression

After pursuing for three hours. Su Xiao still held the broken elf and continued to shoot. There were only a few dozen people left in the Survey Corps. The members of the Survey Corps were very miserable, leaving only a few dozen people from the original 800. This was the price of chasing without strength.

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R.P Chapter 186: Chain effect

The armored titan ran at full speed, a large number of members of Survey Corps chased in the rear, the clops were connected. Su Xiao stood on the armored titan’s shoulder, lifting the guns, adjusting the angle, breathing smoothly, and shooting. Boom. The bullets left the gun. Ding. The crisp sound of the metal collision

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R.P Chapter 185: Live targets

“Reiner, slow down.” Su Xiao observed the people of the Survey Corps through a telescope. He was deciding who to shoot. After considering shortly, Su Xiao chose the target to shoot. The speed of the armored titan Reiner had slowed down. This scene inspired the Survey Corps. “Continue to pursue, these traitors are already tired.”

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R.P Chapter 184: They Are Here!

The content of the second diary was about to end, Su Xiao opened the third diary. The third diary was a message from Grisha Yeager after the wall Maria was broken. It detailed the origins of the Titans and the history of the war of the ‘Eldia Empire’. These contents Su Xiao all understood. Su

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R.P Chapter 183: It turned out he had a brother!

Su Xiao took the lead into the basement, the entire basement was made of wood. The furniture in the basement was very simple. There were a wooden desk and a chair. There were wooden cabinets on both sides of the wall. There were several wooden boxes placed next to the wooden cabinets. There were a

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R.P Chapter 182: Not useful.

On the endless grassland, the breeze flew, the whole grassland rustled like a green ocean. A hare was hiding in the green grass, the two long ears swayed from time to time, bowing its head and eating the sprout of the green grass. The hare’s head suddenly lifted up, it looked around with a panic,

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R.P Chapter 181: Complicated Relationships!

At night, inside of the wall Maria. In a church of a small town. The church was about a few tens of square meters, the seats inside were kicked broke as firewood, a pile of bonfires rose inside the church. Several people sat around the fire, Su Xiao, Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt Hoover. In the

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R.P Chapter 180: A lamb in a tiger’s den!

After Ymir was arrested, she admitted that she was Ymir in the eyes of many believers, and wanted to save those believers. The Marley government did not care about them at all, the government even punished them without going through the court. They directly subjected Yumir and the believers with a titan injection, turning them

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R.P Chapter 179: The fake goddess

Boom, bomb, bomb. The armored titan quickly ran away to get away from the wall. Su Xiao stood on armored titan’s bumpy shoulder, his sights fixed on the wall which was covered by the steam. “Reiner, something is coming, watch out.” A figure rushed out of the steam, it was a titan about seven meters.

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