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T.S.H Chapter 192: Sarutobi!

After they took a walk in the Ninja School, Naito and Kushina left the place and headed toward the streets again. The sky gradually got darker; therefore Naito escorted Kushina back to home Kushina’s hand was very soft, and Naito really liked holding her hands. Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly saw

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T.S.H Chapter 191: Unexpected Encounter!

Kushina right now has become a Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, just like the original, nothing has changed, the seal was in its strongest state, the Kyuubi cannot escape it, and Kushina cannot use its power. Naito thought that there was a strong posiblity that Uzumaki Mei could replace Kushina as the next Jinchuriki but it

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T.S.H Chapter 190: Out of Control!

The Hokage Building. You can see the whole Village from the Hokage’s Building. At this moment, two people were standing there. One of them was the Third Hokage, and other was Danzo. The expression on Sarutobi’s face wasn’t calm and peaceful as always, but it was very serious. “I didn’t expect things to get out

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T.S.H Chapter 189: Back To Konoha!

Naito’s growth rate is indeed incredible. No one can imagine that a thirteen years old can have such a power. To invade alone the Sand Hidden Village, and kill the third Kazekage, is something impossible even for the Third Hokage, probably only the First and Second Hokage can do such a thing. Sakumo could no

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T.S.H Chapter 188: Surrender!

Naito walked to a chair and sat down, then he smiled and said: “Well I’ve come here to help since I heard that you’ve missed me.” “Well, you’re here now, and you should make up for that.” Tsunade looked and Naito and smiled. On the other hand, Sakumo also smiled, then nodded: “Yeah, it’s about

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T.S.H Chapter 187: Konoha’s Camp!

Going all the way in the desert. Currently, the two Kusanagi swords were wielded by Naito, he sealed the first in his left hand and other in his right. The moment he held the second one, Naito felt a bit of connection between the two swords, but there wasn’t any special effect. The two swords

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T.S.H Chapter 186: The Ichibi Escapes!

The reason why Shinobis aren’t a great match against the Bijuu isn’t that their Ninjutsu’s power level cannot fight against the Bijuu, it’s just because Bijuu has a high endurance compared to ordinary people. The reason behind calling them war weapons is because every single one of them has the power to destroy a country,

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T.S.H Chapter 185: Smashing The Ichibi!

After he continued smashing the Air Bulettes that the Ichbib was sending, Naito kept walking until he reached his front. Boom!! With one punch he made a big hole in the lower body of the Ichibi, then he rushed over him and jumped toward his head. At the next moment, Naito swang a punch at

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T.S.H Chapter 184: Pain!

The Ichibi glance at the Sand Shinobis, then he looked back at Naito. “Although, it was because of you they released me… But you will just die along with them!” Suddenly, the Ichibi attacked Naito using his claws. Whoosh!! The horrible wind pressure instantly burst out as his huge claws were falling, it looked like

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T.S.H Chapter 183: The Ichibi!

With the establishment of the five major villages, and the presence of the first Hokage Sanju Hachirama, the world lived a quite long time in peace, no one dared to start a war until the death of Hachirama. In the first world war, four Kages has died, the second Tsuchikage and the second Mizukage killed

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