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ََA.S.S Chapter 2 (part 1): Season 1: Preparation

That day, Hyun-seok welcomed a morning without a woman for the first time in a while. Actually, there are many more days when he does have a woman next to him than the days when he doesn’t. So, if you really think about it, the days without a woman next to him belong to the category of “unusual days.”

[Entering tutorial mode.]

Still, the fact that there was no woman next to him was something he could pass as an everyday occurrence.

[Mr. Yoo Hyun-seok has been selected as a Slayer.]

Hyun-seok sat up abruptly. Strange notification sounds kept coming in. It was strange to call it a notification sound. It was clearly recognizable as a voice, but it didn’t seem like an actual voice. It felt like something that was heard through the brain, not the ears. However, Hyun-seok was not familiar with such a phenomenon enough to understand it in an instant.

“Who’s there?”

He got out of bed.

“Am I still dreaming?”

He opened the bathroom door, but there was no one there.

[This system is activated when Mr. Yoo Hyun-seok, who has changed to a Slayer, needs help. To activate this system, simply recall the tutorial in your mind. This system is a system that is manifested by will and is only applicable to the actual user, Mr. Yoo Hyun-seok.]

Hyun-seok felt like he had been hit on the head with a hammer. He had no idea what was going on.

“This is crazy… am I still dreaming?”

He splashed water on his face. He felt like he had gone crazy. A hallucination that he couldn’t even hear. The notification sound kept explaining about being a Slayer, but Hyun-seok couldn’t concentrate on the content at all. Slayer, preparations for monsters that would appear in the future, and such things didn’t matter. He just wanted to wake up from this nonsensical dream as soon as possible.

“Should I go to the hospital?”

If a normal person suddenly hears a hallucination, it is a mental illness. Hyun-seok has met many women and has been very successful in seducing them, so he was proficient in skills and methods of seducing women, but other than that, he was just an ordinary person. In the eyes of others, he was a bit exceptional, but not outstanding. Therefore, he could not properly grasp or understand the situation that had just happened.

And so, three days passed.


Hyun-seok accepted the reality. Three days was not a short amount of time, to be honest. After testing various things, he realized that what was happening was neither a dream nor a result of a mental illness. Fortunately, Hyun-seok was able to adapt to reality quite well and knew how to take advantage of the situation.

“Status Window”

His status window opened up, not actually appearing in front of him but rather automatically drawn in his mind. It was as if he could see it with his own eyes.

<Status Window>

Name: Yoo Hyun-Seok

Age: 29

Height: 181cm

Weight: 82kg – BMI: Overweight

Occupation: Slayer (0/5) – No title. Cannot receive the effects of a title.


Combat Ability – Detailed explanation is provided due to tutorial mode. After leaving tutorial mode, the explanation will disappear, but the user can activate it whenever desired. (Current remaining stat points – 0)

(1) Strength: 22(-7) – Affects physical strength. Strength is the most important factor in determining physical attack power. It also affects stamina, with 10 HP per point of strength.

(2) Intelligence: 24(-7) – Affects non-physical attack power. Intelligence is the most important factor in determining non-physical attack power. It also affects mental strength, with 10 MP per point of intelligence.

(3) Stamina: 14(-7) – Affects endurance. Stamina is the most important factor in determining HP and stamina. 40 HP per point of stamina.

(4) Agility: 22(-7) – Affects agility. Agility is the most important factor in determining evasion and hit rate. 10 points increase in evasion and hit rate per point of agility.

Non-Combat Ability

(1) Stamina: 3 – Affects stamina. The most important factor determines stamina. For every point of stamina, stamina increases by 1.

Hyun-seok had accepted the reality now. He knew what tutorial mode was. It explained various things for beginners when starting the game and, if necessary, provided information on how to play the game through quest formats or gave out items or money.

“But what is this?”

Other points. That is, for points like Strength 22 and Intelligence 24, Hyun-seok didn’t know if they were considered high or not, but his Health and Stamina points were quite low. Fortunately, the tutorial mode provided a detailed explanation, and he was able to see it. In particular, the description for stamina was highlighted in red.

If current stamina is below 14, sexual power decreases by 7 points.

This additional explanation was added.

Due to prolonged sex, excitement is reduced and energy is extremely low. Please be careful.

“I’ve always felt this way too…”

“Anyway, this point seems to have been formed based on the state at that time.”

Stamina can be considered the foundation of men. If the stamina points are too low, a penalty is applied to the overall ability.

Due to the stamina penalty, the health has decreased to 7. Since the current stamina is 10 or below, the penalty is applied. Only 50 percent of the original H/P is activated. The current H/P is 150.

Hyun-seok didn’t know what these penalties were. He thought maybe he was getting tired and not recovering well lately because he was getting older, but the stat screen clearly showed his condition.

“There’s a saying that women are better at stamina than men.”

Sometimes Hyun-seok met women like that. At those times, he felt like he was really lacking in stamina. Anyway, his body wasn’t so weak that it was serious, but his legs would sometimes give out.

“It seems that the penalty is applied if the point is 10 or less.”

He reviewed the stat screen again. He had learned about it through the tutorial mode, but he could activate not only the stat screen but also the skill and quest screens.

“Since this has happened… it would have been really convenient if there was something like an inventory.”

Inventory, isn’t it an intangible storage space? If something like that actually existed, it would have been incredibly useful and great, but unfortunately, the inventory window was not activated.

“The quest window.”

This time, he tried to activate the quest window. Right now, he only had one quest given to him.

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