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Chapter 3: Hiratsuka-sensei isn’t cute

F.S Chapter 3: Hiratsuka-sensei isn’t cute

After Mu Fan looked at the door, he took out his phone to look at the time. Suddenly, his face changed, he began to run quickly on the street. After all, this was his first day of school and he didn’t want to be late.

Fortunately, Toyosaki High school isn’t that far from home. Mu Fan already surpassed the speed of normal adult as he quickly entered the school.

However before he reached the classroom, the bell rung, Mu Fan body shuddered as he accelerated.

However, When Mu fan was about to enter the hallway of his classroom, A shadow suddenly walked out of the corner. He couldn’t lower his speed, so he crashed directly into that person and fell on him.

Suddenly, Mu Fan felt softness while a scream sounded.

Mu Fan knew that he crashed into a girl, and she would probably hit him. He quickly lowered his head and said in apology: “I’m Sorry, I accidentally ran into you. Are you okay…”

But after saying this, Mu Fan found the person under him to be familiar, When he took a closer look his face turned green.

“Shizuka… Shizuka Hiratsuka-sensei?”

Mu Fan mouth twitched a bit, In front of him was a beauty with long black hair down to her waist. She wore a pair of high heels on her feet a white coat which was the teachers uniform.

Although this teacher was an extremely beautiful woman, in Mu Fan’s memory, the original owner of this body was really afraid of her.

Because this teacher had a tendency to violence and she got superb fighting skills. Just knocking her down with his strength without injuring her shows how powerful she was.

She was excellent in martial art and good at using weapons.

As for her cute and lovely appearance, Mu Fan didn’t pay much attention to it, as she only gave him a terrifying feeling. She wasn’t cute at all.

“Mu Fan, Why is your face so ugly? Is this teacher so terrifying? Rest assured, Even though you are late and you tried to attack a teacher, teachers can’t use violence. After all, this is the beginning of a new semester. You don’t want your classmate to know that right?”

Although her face looked like an angel full of smiles, the words she said made him breathe cold air. Her sentence was exactly the opposite of what she meant. She obviously meant: “On the first day of school, you are late and attacked a teacher, you’re looking to die.”

Encountering such an accident on the first day of school would mean his future days will be extremely dark.

“Eii, what sensei said is true.”

Mu Fan laughed twice, now that she said that he attacked her, how can he explain? Mu Fan wanted to end this quickly and go to the classroom.

“Aren’t you going to class with me?” Shizuka bent leisurely and picked up the textbooks which were scattered on the ground then she straightened her back and held her books and smiled.


Hearing her words, Mu Fan suddenly felt relieved, after apologizing, he quickly ran ahead toward the classroom, he quickly took the seat at the back beside the window as this was the seat assigned to him.

Not long after, she calmly entered the classroom while holding his textbooks. she went toward the blackboard and started her lecture.

Mu Fan already went through high school and naturally, he wasn’t interested in any of this, so he turned around and looked out the window.

Many boys were playing basketball on the court full of youthful spirit, from time to time, beautiful girls would walk on the playground with exquisite short skirts and tight over-the-knee stockings, revealing their white tights area which was pleasing to the eyes.

“This is youth.”

Looking at the beautiful youthful figure outside the window, Mu Fan was full of emotions as he couldn’t imagine one day he will relive his high school life again.

But Mu Fan didn’t have the time to appreciate the beautiful scenery before him. After all, He was facing a crisis of survival, he should think about how to earn his living expenses. In the next few days, he may starve with his sister.

Not to mention the distant future.

While he was thinking suddenly a voice was heard in his mind: –You’re cute little sister was satisfied with the food you made which completed the first task! Cooking skills have been upgraded to level 2. You learned: “Golden fried rice” recipe and earned a few fantasy points–

After this notification sounded, the art of making the golden fried rice was transferred into Mu Fan’s mind. Mu Fan’s cooking also changed from the first level to the second level, he felt that he understood cooking even more now.

“It seems like Sagiri ate her food and was satisfied while eating it.”

After hearing that the task was completed, Mu Fan’s heart was full of ecstasy. He now could cook Fried rice and plain noodles. He was happy to learn a new cooking recipe. After all, he may become a master class chef in the future, and his cooking might be sold in those high-class restaurants…

Once this idea flashed in his mind, he could no longer make it disappear.

This was a way to make money.

“Does the girl you’re looking at from the window look good?”

When he was in this state of excitement a voice suddenly entered his ears and brought him back to reality, turning his head he saw an unhappy face looking at him.

“Mu Fan, you are looking through the window without paying attention to the class. Is it that you already understand everything I’m teaching or is it that you hate your teacher?” Shizuka took the textbook and slammed it on his desk, she looked at him with a smile that wasn’t exactly a smile, and her eyes were full of killing intent. Even if the day wasn’t hot, Mu Fan was full of sweat right now.


He was late, he accidentally hit her and this time he wasn’t paying attention to class. It seems like he won’t be able to get away this time.

“You will have to come to my office after class!”Shizuka glanced at him then sneered.

Hearing her words, Mu Fan’s heart was beating wildly with fright, he felt wronged in his heart. This semester just began and he drew this violent teachers attention to him.