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F.S Chapter 47: Leap Of Faith!

“It seems like we would spend the classes period here until they go out and we call for help.” Mu Fan leaned on the railing and smiled bitterly.

Eriri was unwilling to sit down as she showed her canines and said unhappily: “Mu Fan, why do I have to face so much trouble being with you?”

“It’s your own fault, who would block the door if it was open already if you didn’t close it, we wouldn’t be stuck here. If you weren’t afraid of people hearing what you said, we wouldn’t have been here.”

“I’m not afraid of people hearing me…” Eriri looked at Mu Fan and rolled her eyes as she continued: “How would I know that someone would block the door.”

“Forget it.”

That already happened, there is no need to argue anymore. He stood up and walked toward Eriri step by step.

“What are you going to do?”

Looking at Mu Fan walking over, Eriri’s brows wrinkled as she asked.

“Of course, to sit down and take a break, the weather is hot, I can’t stay standing till classes end.”

Mu Fan glanced at Eriri and sat down, the position was a little bad as half of his body was still under the sun.

“Mu Fan, what is the light novel you wrote?3

Seeing Mu Fan silent, Eriri couldn’t help ask.

Eriri knew from Asuna that Mu Fan wrote a novel, but she didn’t know its name. She wanted to know if this would delay the game production.

“Accel World!”

Mu Fan leaned on the door and looked up the sky.

“Then I will go look for it, if I don’t like it, you can forget about the game,” Eriri said proudly.

“Yes, I can confirm that I’m writing the game then.”

Mu Fan knew that Eriri would enjoy Accel World. As long as the person reading isn’t picky and don’t like that kind of plot.

The weather was so hot that Mu Fan felt a headache.

After a few minutes, Eriri’s voice came as she asked: “Mu Fan, do you have water?”

“I just came here without anything, where would I put the water?” Mu Fan said speechlessly.


About a few minutes later, Eriri’s weak voice woke Mu Fan: “How are you okay? It’s getting hotter here.”

“Well the sun is hot during noon, and unfortunately we are locked here.”

Mu Fan smiled as he said. Eriri was a lady, and probably this was her first time staying out for so long under the sun.

“In other words, why do I feel that I have no strength and dizzy.”

“Dizziness? How can that be? Although the sun is strong… Hey, you shouldn’t…”

Hearing this, Mu Fan couldn’t help stand up and quickly looked at Eriri who fallen pale on the ground.


Mu Fan’s face changed, the weather was too hot, and there was no shadow in the rooftop. He called Eriri, and she didn’t respond while her face was pale and her eyes closed.

Mu Fan reached and touched her forehead and felt the hot temperature.

“Is she having a heat stroke?”

Mu Fan frowned, he knew the difference between his body and hers. It was possible for her to have a heat stroke staying under the sun for too long. It was only 20 minutes since class started, and if he waited till it ends, Eriri would be in a serious situation, and this may cause major illness.

After thinking a bit, Mu Fan stood beside the railing and looked down and swallowed down.

Because the weather is too hot, there wasn’t even people taking Physical Education classes outside.

Does he have to do a leap of faith today?

Of course, leaping was impossible, he tore his uniform into three pieces and made a rope out of them. He tied one end to the railing and turned around to go down.

Looking at down, Mu Fan couldn’t help take a deep breath. If his hands lose the rope or if the rope tore, it would be game over for him. But fortunately, his body was strengthened.

His goal was to enter the floor below the roof, when he was about to reach the window, the uniform made a squeaking voice.

“Am I really going to fall?”

Mu Fan suddenly sucked cold breath.

If it was so simple being killed, then he would really die.

I knew that I should’ve taken my pants too. But now I will have to climb back up again, I will fall if I do that.

At this critical juncture, he didn’t know who opened the window.

Upon seeing this, Mu Fan’s heart suddenly leaped with joy as he bit his teeth and used all the power in his body to jump there.


The uniform finally gave in and tore, but fortunately, Mu Fan already used the force to jump directly into the window.

“It’s really hot today…”

A student who just opened the window didn’t finish his sentence before Mu Fan directly rushed in and fell onto the body.

The other students in the room were shocked by Mu Fan who suddenly entered through the window. People wondered, could he have jumped from the rooftop?

“You… what are you doing?”

The boys were frightened as the looked at Mu Fan’s naked upper body.

Upon hearing the voice, Mu Fan looked at the boy and quickly stood up, and his face twitched.

It’s important to save people, could you not call me Gay?