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Chapter 13 : The hunting begin

Chapter 13: The hunting begin


“I am not crazy as for you I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Anyway, I will hunt.”


This made Hina almost spurt blood.

She almost left without him, but after gritting her teeth and thinking this was Garp, nephew, she calmed down. But she still looked at Roja with eyes that wanted to murder him.

Roja shrugged and directly ignored Hina murderous eyes. His patience almost ran out, just when she thought that he’s sick.

He was humiliated for the first time in this world.

Hina who saw Roja directly ignoring her was helpless.

Looking around for a bit Hina stayed calm at first but with every second passing, she began to panic little by little.

Because … they waited and no Monster came out.

The more they wait, the more she panics. She felt danger and thought that at any moment monsters will rush out from around them.

Perhaps because there is a large number of monsters, they were fighting each other or they were afraid of other monsters that’s why they didn’t come yet.

“Hey, you really don’t want to go? you can stay then”

Hina took a breath and looked at the serious Roja . She couldn’t stay in this place anymore. She felt like she was waiting for death.

Hearing Hina’s words Roja turned and looked at her like he was saying to her leave already.

Hina bit her teeth and turned away.

Her nature is not bad . She didn’t want Roja to be killed by countless monsters, but she was ready to call the monitoring team to come and rescue him.

Roja wanted to do something ridiculous, even now there wasn’t any way to stop him. Maybe all the monitoring devices were burned.

After a while, Hina was determined to leave this area.

But , without her entering the bushes. A bloody Roar suddenly come out from there. A strong sense of crisis invaded her heart .

Almost without looking Hina just somersaulted backward instinctively .

Biting (sfx) .

At the time Hina looked at where she was, there was a big mouth that bit a piece of her clothes .

“Damn it’s too late.”

Hina looked at the bushes , a giant wolf three or four time larger than a normal one . her face become extremely ugly.

Level 4 monster , Giant Green Wolf.

Her hand was holding the gun for a while But she didn’t dare to shoot because she didn’t’ know if this is the only one one or there is more monster hiding.

She wasn’t afraid of a level 4 Giant green wolf but she’s worried about other monster coming out .

After biting nothing the giant green wolf didn’t rush directly at Hina but It just stared at her at the same time it moved a little bit toward her

This wolf is wise , from just that bite it knew that it’s opponent isn’t something it just can directly eat so it didn’t rush to attack but it exerted pressure on Hina.

it was waiting for Hina to expose an opening and then attack .

The heavy pressure continued to fall and Hina’s forehead gradually become full of sweat. If this was another place she had more then a thousand way to kill this wolf.

After all, she was one of the best in the ordinary camp and fully qualified to enter the elite camp.

But in this kind of situation, Hina didn’t want to act rashly. most of her attention was on the bushes so she won’t have to face another sneak attack.

This time in the forest Hina could feel many other powerful presence.

Every presence may be a strong monster.

Because of the smell of the barbecued ape. All the monster didn’t fight between each other but were approaching by the side quietly. This area has long been surrounded

“This is really terrible. I am really gonna die because of that idiot!”

In this situation, Hina could feel her heart turn cold. Her pair of small hand gradually began to lose their temperature.

At this time Roja was quietly watching by the side .

Didn’t want to embarrass Hina But he was calmly observing the forest and the shadows lurking in it and coming up with a plan to fight them.

That … he didn’t to consider how to fight anymore.

For him, this place is a favorable terrain. With his ability to release flames he could stand in the face of any monster or even groups of them it didn’t make any difference .

At this moment Roja was standing by the side holding his sword in his hands. Finally, he stood straightly his mouth showed a little smile and excitement flashing in his eyes.

Roja may seem easily calm but he was a little bit afraid o blood cause in his past life he was afraid of blood and he also died once even thought he crossed worlds that fear didn’t disappear.

This is another world why would i be afraid ?

surrounded by a large number of monster that fear gradually disappeared from Roja’s heart.

Roja’s face showed an exited smile one hand holding the Honoo no tsuki the other is the scabbard. He slowly raised it to his chest and pulled it out slowly.

sword out of scabbard (sfx) !!

The next moment the sword was out .

Hina who was focusing on the wolf in front of her suddenly heard that sound and couldn’t help but be distracted.

Almost at the same time she was distracted the wolf rushed with his eyes flashing with murderous light and wanted to slice her throat.

Oops !!

Hina reacted and prepared to dodge But she saw a shadow above her and looked.she saw Roja’s figure above her.

Almost the next instant , Hina was shoked watching him getting by her side like a lightning flash.