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Chapter 17: Announcing the results

Chapter 17: Announcing the results


Three days passed fast. The time for the assessment is finally over. The Marine’s siren resounded all over the island. So all recruits stopped their actions and walked out of the forest.

In fact, the number of monsters in the forest was significantly reduced. In the last day, almost all low leveled monster disappeared and the other more powerful monsters were hunted by teams of recruits and killed together.

Leaving the forest The recruit could see a hell like an area all burned black They couldn’t help but feel fear.

“Fortunately it didn’t continue ahead .”

“That fire was indeed scary but how did it lit in the first place.”

“Who knows.”

Recruits were looking at that burned area and talked while passing by.

In fact, although no one was involved in the fire it still made the difficulty of the assessment increase greatly as all monster feared that fire they tried to escape from it So they were like tides of monster everywhere.

At this time outside the forest.

Roja was the first out of the forest. The second day he occasionally hunted a few monsters and the third day he almost couldn’t find any so he came early to the edge of the forest waiting.

Hina wasn’t with Roja as she left when Roja extinguished the fire. Her character was strong she didn’t like to rely on others.

Outside the Forest, Garp was waiting there early.

When he saw Roja come out Garp directly went in front of him and grabbed his shoulder with a grin “Brat that was quite the mess you made there but … Great job !”

Although Roja made a big mess and affected the whole forest But Garp himself didn’t mind it. He didn’t want to be bound by the rules. Roja was strong and even reminded him of his early days.

While surrounded by many instructors who looked at Roja with different light.

Born to wield the sword and can produce flames with it, so as long as Roja trained a little he will surpass them in no time and most likely would be a vice admiral.

So their attitude toward Roja Turned hundred eighty degrees.

Garp Hit Roja on his back and Roja could feel his heart want to go out.

Roja’s mouth was twitching and looked helplessly at Garp.

“It hurts”

“Uh … Ha ha ha”

Garp was looking embarrassed But he was long accustomed to Roja’s way of talking. Garp lifted his hand and put it on Roja’s shoulder and continued to laugh dryly.

Roja sighed helplessly.

Gradually the recruits began to gradually come out of the forest Most people had their clothes torn apart.

This island made especially for the assessment of the recruits and there is also a rescue team but not everyone can return here.

After all, this is a forest and being lost or dying is a normal thing but thanks to the monitoring device those who are lost can be retrieved and the forest will be cleaned thoroughly in half a daytime.

This time there is still casualties but most of them are only injured.

There are only two cases of death.

This is far better than fighting against the pirates. If they really did fight with pirates in this combat assessment then probably there will be double the casualties.

In addition to the heavily injured recruit, the slightly injured one and the injury free ones have half a day to rest and return to the warship.

Soon half a day passed and the warships finally returned to the headquarter.

In the square of the Marineford, In addition to some heavily injured recruits and Roja who was taken by Garp, all the other recruits were gathered here.

seeing that the announcement of the result still didn’t appear, all the recruits started whispering.

“How many did you hunt ?”

“I killed at least three level 3 monsters as for level 2 and 1, I killed too much I don’t know.”

“I hunted a Level 4 monster.”

Another recruit said in disdain as each level between monster mean that its strength is many times stronger and many times the score too.

This sentence made many of the surrounding recruits surprised and many revealed a trace of envy as they didn’t meet any level 2 monster and even if they did they could only escape.

“Hey who do you think will come first?”

“It must be Drake, I heard that he killed a level 5 monster.”

Hearing this most recruits breathed cold air.Drake was too strong.

Even in the elite camp in a one on one situation against a level 5 monster wining is not necessary. And Drake could kill A level 1 monster alone his strength is definitively above others.

He is absolutely getting into the elite camp.

Many people looked at Drake and couldn’t help revealing an expression of awe.

And at this time footstep could be heard so all the recruits quieted down and all of them looked up.

“Scores has been counted, your actual assessment result will be published now.”

Led by a Marine’s rear admiral and the Marines behind him will pull up the curtain, while the projection phone snail will project the results.

All the recruits stared fixedly at the curtain fist to see their own name and see their achievement. Some people were relieved and some weren’t willing to look.

And after seeing their own result the recruits started to look up and they still didn’t find the name they want to find.

Those recruits were surprised suddenly a voice came.

“I will read the top ten names of the recruits.”

standing there the rear admiral said in a serious tone and then he signaled to the Marines behind him to put down the curtain and the snail and took out a list.

The recruits began to hear familiar names.

“Tenth, Saul!”

“Ninth, Hugh!”


continuously reading names. The recruits didn’t seem surprised. Apparently, they expected almost the positions of those names.

“Fourth, Hughes!”

With the ranking getting higher and higher the tone of the rear admiral started to slow down too and after he finishes saying a name he paused.

hearing the name Hughes. The recruits seemed to be surprised as they didn’t expect him to be fourth.

Hughes is strong and should’ve been able to enter the first three.

“it might be a little strange.”

The rear admiral ignored their discussion and his eyes swept in front of the recruits and continued to read.

“Third, Drake!”

When this name was out all recruits turned silent.

not only Drake himself all the recruits looked stunned.

Drake … Is just third place.