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Chapter 18: Ranking caused a public outrage

Chapter 18: Ranking caused a public outrage


Drake didn’t use all of his strength but even so to be in the third place is out of his expectations.”Hey, Is this a joke ?”

“isn’t there a mistake?”

The recruits rioted. For them, Drake was already recognized as the strongest and not just the fifth group strongest But all the ordinary camp groups.

And now that Drake is ranked third?

This is simply a joke.

In the crowd, only one person wasn’t surprised. It was Hina With her eyes flashing and took a deep breath.

Only when she did that did she guess what happened.


The rear admiral saw that the situation was going out of control frowned and yelled loudly.

His voice was like a thunderbolt which instantly made all the recruits shut up. Still, some had a look of suspicion in their eyes and couldn’t believe those results.

The rear admiral facing those eyes he smiled a bit in his heart although he looked serious in fact when he first looked at the result he also couldn’t calm down.

“Second, Hina!”

After this declaration, all the recruit had eyes were full of surprise and couldn’t believe this.

“Hina scored more than Drake ?”

“Although Hina is strong… More than Drake. This is not possible right ?”

Many recruits had an incredible look on their faces.

However In the fifth group other then Drake there is also Hina and her scoring more than Drake was still a possibility.

Just … Who was the in the first place then?

All the recruits had a name that came to their mind which wasn’t on the list and wasn’tannouncedd either but then rejected the idea.

“Be quiet!”

The rear admirable said again with a serious look on his face and silence returned again.

“The first place … Roja!”


Dead silence.

It was silent that if you dropped a pin you could hear it touch the floor.

All the recruits looked at each other. They all suspected that they didn’t hear right and wanted to confirm.

Then in the next moment.

The square finally broke out and couldn’t be suppressed.

“This is a fu*king joke!”

“What is this ranking? first place is Roja the weakest Rookie ?”

“Even if his the nephew of vice admiral Garp This is just unauthorized tampering with the results. It’s too much. This is just too much.”

All the recruit almost were outraged.

Roja used his relationships and getting hold of the third or fourth even the second place is still considered but getting the first place like that is a bit too much.

Did they take the recruits for idiots?

Roja was always last in any exercise and in this assessment he ranked first.

“Give me quiet! This ranking doesn’t have any problem!”

“Be quiet Now!”

The rear admiral already expected this but still snapped at them.

But this time many recruits under anger began to contradict him

“Who is it that put him in the first place? This Roja relied on his relationship with vice admiral Garp to get that place and you could only open an eye and close the other like you didn’t see a thing”

“You want us to shut up”

Hearing those word the rear admiral become angry and yelled. All the square shook like an earthquake and all the recruits had their eardrums humming. Finally, the scene calmed a bit.

“Is that what you say to your superior? Those people who just talked come out now!”

Cass* looked angrily at the group of recruits but this time no one answered everyone looked at each other and no one stood up.

(TL : Cass is the rear admirable finally we know his name I wouldn’t have to repeat the rear admiral anymore.)

Although they were angry they knew that standing up now would lead to unforeseen consequences.

Cass saw that no one stood up. He wasn’t going to interrogate them. So He said loudly “You doubt the authenticity of this ranking right ?”

No one spoke but their eyes spoke in their stead.


“Then let me inform you, Because of some unexpected reasons, this time assessments will not lead to the promotion to the elite camp But … A month later there will be a competition .”

“The selection into the elite camp is after that competition. This was a war based assessment so there wasn’t any favoritism in the result as it wouldn’t lead to anything. So prepare well for next month.”

After Cass said all this the recruits finally calmed down a little.

Drake frowned But his face once again regained its calmness.

A competition based assessment?

Since it’s people against people and they all could watch there won’t be any behind the scene operations.

Who is the strongest we will know in that competition?

” Have you calmed down now? So now go break a sweat and come to train tomorrow!”

After that seeing the recruits staying quiet Cass turned around to leave.

After Cass left the square continued to be quiet for a moment and all the recruits gave each other a glance and finally relaxed.

“I did not expect that a month later we will hold a competition.”

“It is estimated that this time someone tempered too much with the result so they couldn’t help but organize a competition.”

“Since its a competition based assessment. It’s certainly possible and even more that guy couldn’t possibly get the first rank without them tampering with the results.”

Recruits continued talking to each other while sneering.

Hina listening to those talking. She didn’t get angry but her mouth raised slightly to form a smile and in her eyes light flashed.

“A competition base assessment would be interesting “Until that day Hina is looking forward to it.

In her mind, Roja flashed with his flames and behind him is that monstrous sea of flames while she couldn’t help forming a smile on her lips.