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G.O.S.S Chapter 307: Stopping The War


When Vivi saw Roja, she was delighted that he really came, but she didn’t know if he could stop such a war.

The people in this war numbered more than two million after all.

Ta ! Ta ! Ta ! 

The rebel army rushed on camels while there was no sign of Roja and Vivi as they were covered by dust. The hoofs were coming too fast to tread them.

The next moment, Roja who came and stood next to Vivi, he raised his head slightly and looked forward without any unnecessary movement.

But, such a simple lift of his head made the atmosphere of the whole battlefield change, as if time stopped!

Even the dust inexplicable and strangely stagnated in the air!

Just one step before the hoof of the camel would tread Vivi, it stopped in mid-air, not only that hoof, all around it, all the people and all the camels were frozen at the same!

Vivi’s eyes opened widely as she looked around in surprise.

What did Roja do!

In the next instance.


The Camel in front of Vivi fell to the ground and following it, the person on its back.

Suddenly camels fell one after the other quickly.

At the same time, nearly all the rebels fell too.

Not just this, all the dust around Roja and Vivi suddenly spread in every direction and disappeared.

Only a few rebels were left standing in front of Alabasta.

“This… This is…”

Looking at this, Vivi couldn’t believe it. She was shocked beyond belief. Her mind was blank as she couldn’t even think anymore.

She thought Roja would shout loudly or make some huge move to stop the rebels. But He actually didn’t even lift his hand and all of the rebels collapsed.

They were two million people!

“Don’t worry, they just fainted.”

Roja looked as nothing happened, as if this was just a trivial matter to him. He gently patted Vivi’s shoulder to wake her up from her shock.

Even Vivi standing beside Roja couldn’t understand what happened, not to mention the army of the Kingdom.

Whether they were soldiers or captains of the army, they didn’t know what just happened as they stayed frozen in their places.

A moment before, the earth was shaking and the sound of footsteps was like thunder, in just an instant, all of them just fell to the ground.

Many soldiers couldn’t help but ask.

“Is this a God?”

Vivi looked at the rebel army who fainted and was unable to suppress her excitement.

The war really stopped.

“Thank you, really thank you…”

Vivi looked at Roja and thanked him excitedly. She couldn’t keep her calm anymore. Even her voice was trembling when she talked.

Roja smiled slightly and shook his head at the same time.

Roja didn’t have anything against Crocodile. The latter did kill many new pirates which made the first half of the Grandline a little calmer, that’s why he didn’t kill him last time.

Although this had nothing to do with him, Crocodile didn’t get the warning last time.

After a while, Vivi finally calmed down and remembered something, she wanted to say something but stopped with a hesitant look on her face.

“What is it?”

Roja asked Vivi strangely.

Vivi felt complicated in her heart as she felt anxious, but she didn’t know how to say it. Could she say that a group of pirates went to fight Crocodile and she wanted Roja to save them?

No kidding, Roja is an Admiral.

“Crocodile is still continuing with his plan? He really used his position as a Shichibukai too much.” Roja looked at Vivi strangely as he shook his head.

When Roja mentioned this, Vivi’s expression turned even more anxious.


Roja wasn’t an idiot. After paying attention to Vivi’s expression, he thought a little and sighed as he remembered something and released his Kenbunshoku Haki.

After a while, he found a few familiar presences, he retracted his Haki and shook his head.

“I have changed so much in the original story. They actually entered the Grandline and reached here?”

In the city, Crocodile with the member of the baroque works was fighting none other than the straw hat pirates.

Roja glanced at Vivi and asked: “Are you worried about Luffy and the others?”

Vivi almost nodded directly but in the end, she stopped.

Seeing this Roja shook his head and said: “Don’t worry, they will win. Also, I won’t catch them, they are different.”


Vivi looked at Roja with amazement. She suddenly felt that Roja knew more about Luffy than she did.

Vivi hesitated for a moment they couldn’t help but ask: “Do you know… them?”

After all, as an Admiral, a group of pirates like Luffy’s shouldn’t be that well known to Roja. There doesn’t seem to be any hostility in his words too.

“Of course I know them.”


Vivi heard his words, a well-known Admiral directly admitted that he knew a pirates group. She was taken aback as she looked at him stupidly.

“You… How do you know Luffy?”


Roja rolled his eyes and said: “I’m his uncle!”