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G.O.S.S Chapter 365: Lacking a Chef!

They actually met him. They’re in big trouble right now!

Seeing that her companion had launched an attack on Roja, Kurenai shrunk and tried to stop them, but she was too late.


The flames exploded, and the wind blew while shurikens flew toward Roja.

Seeing their attacks, Roja looked at the flames and held out one hand, which made the fire stop on their tracks.

Following this, the shurikens and Kunais fell on Roja, and nothing happened to him.

“This is impossible!”

If Roja stopped their attacks with Ninjutsu, it would’ve been normal, but this scene was difficult to explain.

Especially the shurikens that fell on Roja and produced sparks as if hitting metal made them all numb with shock.

“Thanks for the fire, I will land you some Ice in return.”

Roja held the ball of fire in his hand as he glanced at the squad and made a hand gesture.


Ice spread from Roja toward them, and the entire forest was frozen.

When they saw this, they were dazed.

Just a hand gesture is actually this horrible!

They tried to resist using Ninjutsu, but almost instantly, they were defeated.


Kurenai stood on the other side looking at this, and she couldn’t help but shout.


However, the Ninjas of Konoha were already turned into an Ice sculpture.

Roja’s eyes swept Kurenai as he said: “Oh? What is it?!”

Kurenai’s face was pale, and she didn’t escape knowing that she was facing such a powerful person; it was almost impossible to escape. But she didn’t know why Roja didn’t kill her.

“You… Why didn’t you kill me?”

Kurenai was hopeless as she asked him. She wanted to ask the same thing last time too.

Roja glanced at her as he was preparing to make a BBQ and said: “Didn’t kill you? What do you mean? I don’t have any enmity with you, why would I kill you?”


Kurenai was stunned with an awkward face. She didn’t expect this answer.

No enmity?

Is there something like that in the Ninja World?

Kurenai wasn’t stupid. She heard Roja’s word and remembered something. It seems that everyone else took the initiative to attack Roja and Roja only countered.

She didn’t attack him even once, so Roja didn’t attack her.

But… This didn’t make sense!

“I’m a Ninja from Konoha. Aren’t you a Kiri Ninja…”

“Kiri? What Kiri Ninja?”

Roja couldn’t help but roll his eyes, what kind of thing is a Kiri Ninja?

After shaking his head, Roja asked Kurenai: “Do you know how to make a fire?”

“Oh, yes…”

Kurenai didn’t know why Roja would ask this, but she still answered.

Roja asked again: “Do you know how to cook?”


Kurenai blinked at Roja.

Roja looked at her and nodded: “Well, you should know how to do that… This should be basics for a Ninja… help me cook this.”

Roja squeezed the fireball in his hand and threw the Hawk in his hand to her.


What is he trying to do?

Kurenai subconsciously caught the Hawk. She couldn’t understand what was in Roja’s mind.

“Oh, by the way, your companions aren’t dead, I can just break the Ice, and they would be fine…” Roja casually said.

Kurenai heard this and showed excitement in her face.



Roja nodded leisurely: “But they tried to kill me. I want to let them go, but it isn’t that simple… Well, the choice is yours.”

Having said this, Roja narrowed his eyes and looked at her before speaking: “It’s simple. If you stay they go, you can use yourself in exchange for their lives.”

Hearing this, she silently looked at her three companions who were frozen and bit her teeth.

“I will stay.”

If it was giving a life that didn’t belong to her, she would hesitate, but if it’s hers and she didn’t accept, she wouldn’t be able to live after that.

Of course, the most critical thing is Roja’s attitude. Whether Roja will commit to the promise or not is the key for this because whether her life or her companions lives, they were in Roja’s hands.

“Good then.”

Roja’s eyes flashed, and with a finger, the Ice covering the Ninjas disappeared.

The three came out of the Ice while looking at Roja with Horror.

“You can leave.”

Kurenai looked at them and tried to look indifferent.

The three of them heard everything while they were frozen. Two of them were hesitant, but the leader was an elite, he bit his teeth and said: “Go!”

If Roja changes his mind, they would be goners, and they should leave while they can.

The other two also bit their teeth and turned to leave.

Watching her companions go far away, Kurenai took a deep breath and turned to look at Roja. She was suppressing her emotions as she was about to face death.

“What are you doing?”

Roja glanced at her and said: “Go cook that Hawk and send it over. Don’t look at me like that, and I don’t want your life. I’m just lacking a Chef.”


Does he want a Chef?!

Kurenai’s eyes were slightly widened. She was embarrassed as she thought Roja would do something ‘Bad’ to her and wondered whether she should commit suicide or not.

Roja didn’t care about the look on her face and said without hesitation: “By the way, you can try to escape. If you succeed, I won’t follow you, but if you fail… The consequences would be a little bit serious.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will poison you?”

Kurenai blinked. She initially thought about assassinating him, but she remembered that his body couldn’t be pierced by weapons and changed her mind.

“You can try.”

Roja glanced at her with a deep gaze and ignored her.


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