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G.O.S.S Chapter 512: Undercurrent (Part 1)

In the center of the death Forest, a tall tower stood, several ninjas were inside the tower.

These ninjas were in charge of the Chunin Exam, one of them looked lazily as he yawned.

He looked at the time and shook his head: “It’s been half an hour, it should take three to four hours for the first group to arrive, in other words, I must wait for a long time, and I can’t eat ramen.”

“Idiot, do you want to make Konoha lose face in front of other villages?” On the side, someone’s eyes rolled at him.

Hearing these words, the lazy guy smiled embarrassedly and said: “Naturally I won’t, I’m just a little sleepy. I didn’t manage to have a good sleep yesterday.”

After speaking, he heard the sound of footsteps.

Several examiners looked at each other slightly as their eyes widened strangely when they looked toward the entrance.

In the next moment, three Mist ninjas walked in, and they didn’t have even a sign of injury on them.

Seeing them, the examiners were startled, no one expect a team to arrive so early.

It wasn’t even an hour since the exam started.

But the second part of the Chunin Exam is five days, someone passing before an hour passing was simply unprecedented, which made the examiners surprised.

Even if they were to take the exam themselves, it would’ve taken them several hours to complete.

In the upper level of the tower, the leading Jonins from each village were gathered inside a room enjoying the leisure. Kurenai was sitting on a sofa while talking to Kakashi, in the room, only Kakashi was strong enough to stand up to her, and that’s why she was talking to him since their level was about the same.

“Is Naruto your student?”

As they chatted, Kurenai mentioned Naruto, which astonished her in learning that Naruto was his student.


Kakashi smiled at Kurenai.

Kurenai held her chin gently as she said: “He is unable to control the Kyuubi’s chakra and looking at his age, he is most likely just graduated from the academy? You allowed him to participate in the Chunin Exam directly without fearing any accident?”

When the Jinchuriki dies, his tailed beast would also die and be reborn after some time, but it would take a huge amount of resources to seal it inside another one afterward.

Kakashi scratched his head and said: “I believe in him.”

“Talking about this, you’re leading a team of your own from the Mist, with Yakumo Kurama unexpectedly part of it. Is she your a student?”

“No, I don’t have the qualification to teach her…”

“You don’t have the qualification to teach her? Wait… in other words…”

Kakashi was surprised then his face changed to that of shock.

Kurenai nodded, at the same time, she said: “It’s nearly an hour now, they should be arriving soon.”

Almost as her voice came out, a sound spread out through the room, which means someone arrived at the tower.

Hearing this, the Jonins were in an uproar; this kind of high difficulty test was actually passed in less than one hour.

Even if an elite Chunin was to take the test, he wouldn’t finish it this fast.

Kurenai was expecting this, so it didn’t surprise her, while Kakashi beside her frowned while the others were in disbelief.

Arriving at the tower first was Yakumo Kurama and her teammates, and after them surprisingly arrived Gaara and his siblings after an hour and a few minutes.

After the two arrived, no other group actually made it that fast again, obviously, other teams didn’t have the ability to crash genin that easily.

Somewhere in a gloomily dark underground, some ninjas were panicking while lying down in the corner.

“The technique of the Second Hokage is hard to master.”

Obito, who was wearing a mask said while in the center of the cave-like room, stood a coffin holding a body.

After nearly killing all of the Akatsuki members, they moved their base and wanted to use the Edo Tensei to bring back some people…

In the original story, this technique affected the entire fourth war and could be said to be where normal people fought.

Since the Akatsuki couldn’t deal with Roja’s power, they needed someone stronger, which brought this technique.

Black Zetsu didn’t want to face Roja. He controlled everything from the background for many years and naturally knew the Edo Tensei and how it works.

“Edo Tensei!!”

Obito’s eyes suddenly opened after completing the hand seals. Chakra rapidly flowed, and a dark soul was drawn from the other world forcefully by him and directly entered the sacrificed body.

Dust covered the person sacrificed before his body changed appearance quickly.

The one that comes out was actually the first Mizukage, who opened his eyes that were full of confusion.

“This… What’s happening, wasn’t I dead? He looked at his body, and his complexion changed as he said: “This technique, is it possible… The Edo Tensei?!”