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G.O.S.S Chapter 513: Undercurrent (Part 2)

Uchiha Madara knew the Edo Tensei before the last fight with Hashirama, and The Mizukage experience this move before, but he didn’t think that one day it will be used on him.

The first generation of kage’s in every village was stronger than the next ones because most of them fought with Hashirama and Madara’s like existences.

“Damn! Who are you?!”

Realizing that he was in Edo Tensei, the First Mizukage looked at Obito and angrily said.

Obito looked at him indifferently and said: “I’m… Uchiha Madara.”

After saying this, Obito made a hand seal. The Mizukage’s eyes dimmed as his consciousness was suppressed by Obito.

“Finally, you succeeded, Obito.”

Black Zetsu looked at the first Mizukage and said to Obito in Hoarse voice.

Obito shook his head as he said: “No, this is a failure, the Mizukage could only use 10% of his strength now.”

Black Zetsu nodded and said: “If we want to deal with Roja, 10% of a kage’s strength isn’t enough, even if we have more than one.”

Obito replied: “If we can gather the Tailed beast and release the Juubi so I can become its Jinchuriki and grasp the six path power, then no matter how strong he is, it would be meaningless.”

Zetsu was clear about Roja’s power and knew that even if Obito became the Jinchuriki of the Juubi and have the power of the six-path, he won’t be able to deal with Roja.

The only one who can deal with Roja is his mother, Kaguya.

“So we need to continue to improve the Edo Tensei’s precision, you don’t need to worry about the sacrifices as we can use the White Zetsu…”

In the original story, because of Kabuto many suffered when he used Edo Tensei, but it was impossible for him to understand it more than black Zetsu.


Obito nodded and once again started using Edo Tensei, his whole body was almost made of Hashirama’s cells, at the same time he had the Mangekyo Sharingan of the Uchiha, with these two, training in the Edo Tensei without any danger of losing control on the ones he’s summoning.

Looking at Black Zetsu disappearing, Obito’s eyes flashed with a cold glow as he said: “When I master the Edo Tensei, the plan starts! Nobody can stop me! The Great villages won’t and you won’t as well.”

When all of this was happening, no one knew that a plan that threatens the whole world was getting cooked.

Inside Konoha, the tower in Death Forest.

Five days passed by and thus concluding the second part of the Exam, which eventually ended the same way as the original one. Naruto’s group was the final ones to enter the tower.

In the field, the Genin gathered while the proctor stood in front of them.


In the crowd, Gaara looked at Yakumo with eyes full of anger as he wanted revenge, but he didn’t find her in the Death Forest.

And after getting to the tower, his sensei told him that Yakumo was first to arrive and broke the record of this exam and without a doubt, she was considered the strongest Genin in the exam by all Jonin.

Not only Gaara, the majority of people here decided to stay vigilant of Yakumo.

As the second part of the exam ended, the third part was about to start.

Quickly, the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi got on stage and focused his attention on the Genin as he started making his ‘moving’ speech.

Like the original story, the first match was between Uchiha Sasuke and Yoroi.

“Uchiha Sasuke…”

Kurenai looked at Sasuke slightly before she thought: “he should be Uchiha Itachi’s younger brother.”

Kurenai encountered Itachi once before, she faced him and was nearly defeated, he was strong, but looking at his brother, he was weak even though there is a strange aura around him.

Yakumo took note of Kurenai’s expression and asked in a low voice: “This Sasuke is in the same team as the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki, what’s special about him?”

Kurenai shook her head and said: “He isn’t special, but his older brother is fierce…”

While saying this, Kurenai felt that something was strange, she looked at the corner and saw someone using a disguise without letting even a bit of chakra out, but she didn’t need to that to clearly know who it was.

It was Orochimaru of the Sannin.

“So the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki, Uchiha Itachi’s Younger brother, and now Orochimaru is also here…”

Kurenai’s eyes flashed as she was very interested in this.

Kurenai wasn’t the only one who discovered Orochimaru, Yakumo also discovered him.

Orochimaru felt that his disguise was seen through and looked at Kurenai and Yakumo with wrinkled brows.

“Not only has he sent Yakumo, but also the blood beauty of the Mist… This is unusual, and the Mist is attaching great importance to the Chunin Exam.”

Orochimaru had all card of Konoha in his hand, he feared nothing of Konoha, but the Mist was the one he feared. On one hand, Roja was behind the Mist, and with him there, he can’t risk having any spies there, so he didn’t know what kind of strength the Mist currently holds.

Yakumo could suppress him, Kurenai could fight him, Kimimaro and Haku can also fight him. Between the five great villages, the Mist was already out of balance.

He wanted to destroy Konoha this time, and he hoped that the appearance of these two wouldn’t disrupt his plans.

Even if he wanted to possess Sasuke, with Sasuke being the reincarnation of Indra, there is no way Orochimaru’s soul could actually possess him.

And with the Evil Sealing Method suppressing Orochimaru’s seal, it can only be used when Sasuke wants to use it. Temporarily putting Kurenai and Yakumo out of his mind, Orochimaru smirked evilly.

“Such power, this may be…”