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G.O.S.S Chapter 515: Yakumo Vs. Neji!

“This… is a little unusual.”

Kurenai stood and observed the place with some doubt.

Even if it’s a little dull here, she still locked her perception of Orochimaru. After all, she knew that he must be preparing to do something.

But she couldn’t figure out why was Orochimaru beside Kakashi and it seems like the conflict was due to Sasuke Uchiha and unexpectedly, Roja appeared there. She knew that Roja came to Konoha, but she didn’t think he would stay here.

Not only her, but Yakumo also discovered Roja and muttered with a low voice.


Her eyes revealed her determination, No matter what Roja panned for doing, even if it was to destroy Konoha, she would follow Roja no matter what because she knew that without Roja, she wouldn’t be here.

As her turn arrived, Yakumo directly went to the arena, and what was different then the original story was that she was facing Neji Hyuuga.

“A Genin from Konoha…”

Neji stepped into the field and looked at her seriously, as he heard that Gaara’s team suffered a loss at the Mist Genin’s hands.

Many people already recognized that the Mist ninjas were the strongest.

As a genius of the Hyuuga clan, and also his generation’s genius, he thought that Konoha was the strongest and he refused to accept otherwise.

“Although you are a woman, I heard that the Mist ninjas are the strongest. Therefore, I will show no mercy.”

Neji looked fiercely at Yakumo as he wanted to be a Chunin in his first try regardless of who he has to defeat.

Yakumo was listening to Neji words calmly before she said in a soft voice: “Your luck is bad.”


Neji heard her words and his brows wrinkled as he snorted: “You mean that because I’m fighting you, my luck is bad? Perhaps you are the one with bad luck as you’re facing me.”

Yakumo shook her head.

Neji and Yakumo looked at the Proctor, and directly the latter announced the start of the fight.


Yakumo put a foot in front of her, and her hands moved toward Neji.

“Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets!”

“Ice Release: Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death!”

Neji was already in Yakumo’s Genjutsu. Yakumo directly used Kimimaro and Haku’s attacks.

“Bone? Ice release?”

Neji saw this immediately and was terrified. His opponent seemed like a delicate young girl, but her strength was terrifying.

He planned to hide this move, but he didn’t have a choice.

Neji clearly saw the bones and ice moving toward him and directly used his secret weapon.


Neji knew without this, and he won’t be able to deflect Yakumo’s attacks. Therefore he used it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He twisted as the bones and ice made contact with the dome breaking them directly.

“It’s my turn.”

Neji directly rushed toward Yakumo, he knew Yakumo was strong, and he shouldn’t hold back.

“Gentle Fist: Eight Diagrams 64 palms!”

“2 palms! 4 palms! 8 palms… 64 palms!”

After finishing his technique, Neji saw Yakumo’s body fleying down in front of him.

“You from the Mist aren’t that strong!”

Neji coldly snorted at the now falling down Yakumo, or so he thought.

But, in the next moment, Yakumo’s body was directly suspended in mid-air, as if she was a Ghost.

“Was this your strongest attack?”

Yakumo didn’t think that one of the techniques from Haku or Kimimaro wouldn’t defeat Neji instantly, but she understood that just projectile seemed not to work.

“Dance of the Seedling Fern!”

Wouch! Wouch!

In a flash, from under Neji’s feet, countless bones exploded like spears up which startled Neji as he directly used the Kaiten again.

But even so, the bones still broke through his defense and directly blood scattered.

Or that’s what he saw inside the Genjutsu.

But in reality, everyone was seeing Yakumo standing in the same place, while Neji at first used the Kaiten, then after that used the Eight Diagram 64 palms in the air. Finally, the entire ground seemed to crack as if invisible spears rushed toward Neji, and blood spurted out of his body.


Lee and Tenten shouted in alarm.

Gai immediately moved and tried to negate the attack, but couldn’t, he could only take Neji by his clothes and directly leap in the air.

The Proctor recovered from his shock and directly announced Yakumo’s victory.

“That is Yakumo’s ability, controlling the five senses and at the same time, the damage done in the Genjutsu would turn into real damage?”

Hiruzen looked at this and couldn’t help but shake. Although he already understood Yakumo’s ability, he didn’t think she was this good.

He was feeling inexplicable regret, but he was clear that without that person, Yakumo wouldn’t be this strong.

Yakumo’s body was weak, let alone Genin, an ordinary person could beat her, but the present, Yakumo, she was really strong, stronger than he imagined she could get.

Yakumo’s weakness was a sickness, and Roja cured her, the disparity of her ability before and after leaving Konoha was obvious, and this can Show Roja’s power.