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G.O.S.S Chapter 517: The Shock of the Audience!

Roja appearing here made every Konoha’s jonin and even the Hokage himself sweat as they looked at him with horror.

“What? You won’t allow me to watch the Chunin Exam that your village is holding?”

Roja looked at the people in the field and thought that nothing much changed in this place. Just the few words he said made everyone here terrified.

“We wouldn’t dare, having the Shinobi No Kami watch the Chunin exam is an honor, but I invited the Mizukage before, and he didn’t respond, I didn’t think that you would come when he didn’t.”

Sarutobi stood up as he gestured in welcome.

Roja directly sat down in the seat of the Kazekage as he said: “I’m looking forward to the performance.”

Offending Roja was stupid, and this was a proven fact for them.

But at this time, the people who couldn’t recognize Roja, the ones from the civilians mostly were astonished.

“Who is this person, he actually sat down beside the Hokage?”

“Is he the Kazekage? Doesn’t the Kazekage has a hat as well?”

Roja didn’t have any clothes close enough to look like the Kazekage, which drew the discussion between people.

Quickly, some of them directly asked for information, but when they confirmed his identity, they were shocked, to say the least.

The Shinobi no Kami.

The person sitting in the seat prepared for the Kazekage was actually, Roja the god of shinobi.

He is the one with the power to destroy any hidden village with his power alone.

Looking at Roja, many were surprised and curious at first, but learning who he is, they were fearful now.

In the audience, Hiashi Hyuuga was sitting with his youngest daughter, and when he recognized Roja, he didn’t dare open his Byakugan to observe him.

“Otou-sama… That person isn’t the Kazekage; why is he sitting in his seat?”

Hanabi asked at Hiashi curiously while looked at Roja in the distance. Hiashi almost fell down, and he didn’t know how to respond to this question.

Hiashi directly turned his head fiercely and shouted at her: “Don’t say anything like that again, Hanabi!”

Hanabi was scared by her father’s response, it was the first time she saw her father talk like this, and she could see beads of sweat on his forehead.

She was frightened and didn’t speak again.

Hiashi took a deep breath and calmed down, and he looked at Roja with fear and awe.

“He sits in the Kazekage’s position, and nobody would question him. Even if the Kazekage was here, he wouldn’t object to this and would gladly give him his seat.”

“This… how is that possible? The Kazekage is different from our Hokage? He isn’t the strongest person in his village?”

Hanabi looked in disbelief at Hiashi as she knew that the Kage of each village was the strongest there, that’s what they studied in the academy.

Hiashi revealed a forced smiled but still said: “That’s right, but there are existences above the Kage, even the five Kage wouldn’t dare provoke such people.”

“This person holds the same title as the Hokage; he is the Shinobi no Kami, he could easily destroy Konoha alone without anyone being able to stop him.”

A person that can destroy Konoha alone!

Hanabi was shocked as this seemed not believable for the young Hyuuga; if the person who told her this wasn’t her father, the calm, collected, and never cracking Joke Hiashi, then she wouldn’t have believed this.

It was still hard to believe this even though Hiashi was the one who told her this.

Similar scenes appeared all over the audience.

When people like Gara and the others heard that this person was the Shinobi No Kami, they were all shocked.

“This fellow is… The Shinobi No Kami?”

Gaara’s fist clenched tightly as he looked at Roja, he shivered slightly as he didn’t know whether he was afraid or excited.

Kankuro’s head was full of cold sweat. Although the Sand never fought with Roja, he heard the legends that go with Roja’s names.

“The Shinobi No Kami is so young.”

Temari looked at Roja very clearly and was surprised by his appearance.

“Just appearing here and saying a few words, made so many celebrities and even Hokage-sama act like that, the strength of this person is hard to imagine…”

Shikamaru’s IQ was working on full throttle here; he was observing the reactions of many people and was amazed.

Simply entering the scene, he was able to make all people alert and even frightened of him. This exceeded even his own imagination, and that’s something.