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G.O.S.S Chapter 518: An Instant.

People didn’t dare make any noise as silence filled the place. All that could be heard was breathing sound as soon as the Kazekage arrived, this was Orochimaru who killed the Fourth Kazekage and disguised as him to take his place.

“This is…”

Orochimaru perceived that something wasn’t right, the atmosphere wasn’t that of the Chunin Exam. His heart was shaking as he still continued without knowing what’s happening.

Suddenly he looked at the Hokage’s seat, beside him sat Roja, which come as a surprise to him.

Seeing Roja, his pupil Shrunk, obviously, he didn’t expect Roja to appear in the stage of the Chunin Exams.

However, Orochimaru was Orochimaru after all. After the surprise, he calmed down and directly walked toward Roja and Hiruzen Sarutobi.

“I didn’t think I would see the Character of the legends, it’s an honor.” Orochimaru was using the sound of the Kazekage as he friendly talked with Roja.

Hiruzen directly signaled silently to the Anbu to bring a seat for the Kazekage as Roja took his seat.

At the same time, Sarutobi welcomed the Kazekage with a kind smile as he said: “Kazekage-dono, welcome to Konoha! You should be exhausted from the journey.”

After the hollow and false small talk, the Anbu arrived with a chair and directly placed it beside Sarutobi, as Orochimaru took the seat.

Sitting down, Roja and Orochimaru looked at each other, but the latter couldn’t figure anything from Roja’s expression. Orochimaru directly looked at the arena.

Sarutobi looked at Roja and knew what he was thinking and stood up once more.

“It’s time for the competition to start.”

Sarutobi gave his speech and announced the start of the exam. Although the speech was somewhat long, no one cared now.

“… Then now, carry on with the order from the preliminaries, I hope everyone enjoys the fights.”

“Aren’t there nine fighters, two of them aren’t here?”

The Kazekage, or Orochimaru in disguise, said as he didn’t see the Uchiha and Dosu amongst the fighters.

There should’ve been nine fighters originally, the Uchiha was late, and Dosu was killed by Gaara.

Sarutobi didn’t say anything, but hearing Orochimaru, the Proctor, didn’t know what to do until he looked at Roja and announced the list of fighters.

In the competition, only eight names remained.

Before long, he announced the first match between Yakumo and Sasuke.

“Sasuke isn’t here?”

Naruto, in the stands, was anxious. Although Yakumo was strong, he didn’t want Sasuke to be disqualified because he is late, and he didn’t think that Sasuke would lose to anyone.

Finally, the proctor’s brows wrinkled. He was preparing to disqualify Sasuke, but suddenly leaves started dancing in the center of the arena as two people appeared.

“It seems like we made it.”

When the leaves disappeared, Kakashi and Sasuke appeared. Kakashi looked around him before smiling at Sasuke and said: “Then, I will get out of the Arena.”

While saying this, Kakashi directly jumped to the stand.

Suddenly, as he looked toward the Hokage, he found the Kazekage beside him and suddenly noticed Roja, and almost fell to the ground.

He calmed down and directly arrived beside Sarutobi Hiruzen and asked: “What’s going on?”

“I’m not clear.”

Sarutobi directly looked at Roja and responded with a low voice.

In the field, everyone aside from Sasuke and Yakumo jumped into the stand.

Everyone was looking forward to seeing the fight.

“Yakumo Kurama, the disciple of the Shinobi no Kami, and the Genius of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Sasuke, this fight should be good.”

“Yes, I didn’t think the first match would be that good.”

Yakumo being Roja’s disciple, wasn’t a secret, Kakashi knew this from Kurenai and directly informed most people of Konoha.

Nowadays, almost everyone knew that Yakumo was Roja’s disciple.


Yakumo looked at Sasuke and said his surname.

The Uchiha and Kurama clans were once respected in Konoha, the Uchiha clan was the biggest one, and the Kurama’s clan was the size of the Hyuuga’s.

But nowadays, the Uchiha clan was left with two members, one of them is a missing ninja, and the same thing for the Kurama, only the Hyuuga remained.

Sasuke didn’t speak, but he looked at Yakumo seriously.

Although he was taught by Kakashi and was somewhat confident in defeating Yakumo, he didn’t look down on her. Instead, he was serious.

Because Kakashi informed him that Yakumo Kurama creates an illusion, and everything happening inside the illusion would turn real and… Yakumo being Roja’s student.

To Sasuke, Yakumo’s identity is even more frightening than her.

Roja was terrifying, and he experienced how powerful he was when he saw him in the wave when he faced the missing ninja from the Mist, Zabuza.

Finally, the start of the match was announced.

However, what no one expected is that as soon as the match started, it ended. All it took is an instant.

Yakumo waved her hand, and suddenly, Sasuke was black as if a lightning struck him as he fell to the ground.

Everyone was silent; no one from the civilian knew what’s going on.

No one knew that as soon as the fight started, Yakumo directly used a genjutsu on Sasuke that burned him directly.

“Oh, I knew this was going to happen…”

Kakashi put his hand on his forehead and shook his head. Sasuke’s luck was the worst, and he had to face her first.

It was an insta-kill.

Although nobody understood what happened, many swallowed as they turned their heads respectively toward Roja, and looked at him with fear and awe.

Perhaps, since Roja was terrifying, anyone he teaches would be as well.