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G.O.S.S Chapter 524: Miko Shion!

Many worlds were connected to this one, but only Amenominaka and Kamui are known.

But some places were connected to this world but were sealed.

The position he felt this was connected to was the Demon Country.

After several days, in the demon country, the Moryo temple region was completely razed to the ground.

The people in the palace were extremely frightened and nervous, and the bodyguards were vigilant.

“Hasn’t the Shinobi we employed came yet?”

“This isn’t good.”

Several ministers were having different expressions, as they were anxious about the broken seal of Moryo as they didn’t have the strength to fight against Moryo and his puppets.

After the shrine was destroyed, people tried to hire the Shinobi to solve the problem, but what they hired were shinobi from Konoha, which was far away from them.

At this time, a girl similar to Hinata in age appeared. She was wearing the shrine Maiden (Miko) attire.

In the palace, suddenly, a few ripples appeared in space silently.

“If I remember correctly… this should be the Demon country…”

Roja looked around, and in his vision, a small girl appeared in front of him.

Regarding the Miko of the Country of Demon, Roja had a profound impression on, and he only came here because he remembered that she could see the future.

So long as it related to time concept, Roja will directly pay attention to it.

“You… Who are you? How did you come here?!”

At this time, Little Shion was alarmed as she opened her small sleepy eyes, and when she saw Roja, her sleepiness disappeared.

Shouting in alarm, the outside guards immediately entered the palace.

A person actually appeared here without them knowing, this startled the bodyguards.

“Your highness! Are you okay?”

“Who are you?!”

Some people directly jumped in front of Shion, and they were willing to risk their lives for her. Others are looking at Roja with vigilance.

Roja looked at the ceiling and thought a bit, and then he said: “Who Am I? Um… Who Am I? I’m a shinobi.”

The king of the Marine? Shinigami? Shinobi?

He was all of these.

Hearing Roja’s strange reply, several ministers’ faces wrinkled, but when they thought that Roja could sneak in without them knowing, he shouldn’t be an ordinary person.

Thinking till here, the ministers directly asked Roja: “Then, by any chance, are you the Shinobi who got the task of protecting her highness?”

“Only you? Where are your companions?”

Before the minister could finish, another one directly interrogated.

At this time, the frightened Shion recovered as she listened to the ministers and looked at Roja’s loose Haori, which made him seem weak.

“Can this fellow protect anyone?”

Because of the things she experienced, her personality was the opposite of Hinata’s, her tongue was venomous, and her attitude was that of a pampered girl.

Hearing these words, Roja didn’t pay attention to the ministers and directly looked at Shion with a smile as he said: “A person who I must protect, nobody can dream of laying a finger on him.”


Shion’s mouth twitched as she looked at him with suspicion, then she directly said: “Doesn’t make anyone relieved.”

“You not being relieved is right, I didn’t say I will protect you.”

Roja’s eyes were teasing the girl, and she tried to analyze what she was feeling based on the future.


Shion’s face directly changed to a stunning look, even the ministers and the bodyguards were the same.

Is this fellow really the ninja who will protect Shion? Is it possible that this is some kind of mistake? What is the goal of this fellow?!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

While the people were surprised, the earth started to vibrate, and the vibration seemed to get stronger with time as the sound of footsteps was heard.

“This is… It’s bad!”

The people in the palace realized what is happening and what the sound was and had no time to look at Roja or know his background anymore as they rushed out.

Shion’s face suddenly changed as she was afraid. She got to the entrance and saw that many puppets were coming toward this place.

Keeping them off was impossible, the bodyguard, the walls, everything would be destroyed if they stood against them.

Seeing this, Shion became pale.

“They unexpectedly came now.”

Under the panic-stricken state, Shion directly turned to Roja, and without thinking, she threw herself on his back and said: “Hurry up and leave, quickly!”

If she was to know who Roja was, she would be full of sweat and break down.

Who is Roja?

He was the Shinobi No Kami!

Let alone some demons, even if its all of the five great nations come at him, he would raze them to the ground.

Roja’s rage would most likely destroy the world if someday he became enraged, that is.

It wasn’t a joke or an exaggeration. There were some examples before, and the nearly destroyed Konoha is one of them, and controlling The mist is another.


Seeing Shion riding his back, Roja almost fell to the ground. He was unhindered in both worlds, and no one dared to order him around.

And here is a tiny little girl ordering him around, he directly stretched his hand and grabbed Shion from his back.