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G.O.S.S Chapter 526: First Raikage

“This is what it became of… The country of Swamp.”

Roja was bringing Shion toward the seal of Moryo, after arriving, Roja’s brows wrinkled.

The entire country was full of destruction, and the entire place was almost leveled to the ground.

Shion was shocked by the sight.

Although she already expected these puppets to destroy everything, seeing this was different from her imagination.

When Roja dealt with the puppets, some places were spared from the destruction, but it was still cruel.

“Let’s walk.”

Roja’s expression returned to normal as he said.

In any case, he was still human, and he won’t just sit still while monsters or demons from a different world dare to set foot on this world and slaughter humans.


Shion nodded.

Roja took Shion’s hand as he moved forward.

Usually, Shion was too delicate and can’t walk too much. Originally, Shion won’t leave the country of demons, and Naruto would arrive there and face Moryo there. But with Roja’s teleportation, it would be easy to go there.

Roja moved forward and directed both of them disappeared.

In the country of swamp, Moryo was sealed inside a shrine.

Inside, a body exuding a strange aura that seemed to decay anything it touches, and both eyes on that body were fully black, without the white of a normal human.

Besides, the chakra it held is above Kages, its at least a tailed beast level.

Lighting was covering his whole body!

If a shinobi could control a bijuu that is inside him, then he would be easily Super Kage level shinobi.

But this one wasn’t a Jinchuriki, the huge chakra quantity in his body is His completely.

He looked like… The first Raikage!

He is someone from Hashirama’s time. He was the one who established the cloud village. As for his power, he was most likely only inferior to Hashirama and Madara.

The other four Kage’s are probably at the same level; they all most likely were super Kage level.

It’s just that Hashirama and Madara were abnormal, they were the strongest of their time, and even if the four other Kages attacked them, they wouldn’t be able to win.

“Damn… Daring to control me using the Edo Tensei…”

Even though the Edo Tensei controlled him, The Raikage felt that this was the most shameful thing that happened to him.

At this time, somewhere underground.

“The effect of the Edo Tensei is perfect now. Bringing these Kages at their strongest is good, and they would be strong pieces in our plan.”

Obito was on sat still as he controlled the Edo Tensei and shook his head as he said: “It’s a pity that we can’t get Hashirama Senju out.”

“Hashirama’s body is in Orochimaru’s hands…”

White Zetsu directly spoke to Obito.

Obito sneered: “I know that actually, But He can’t use Edo Tensei on Hashirama with full power, at most 10% is the limit.”

“That doesn’t mean that Orochimaru couldn’t use the Edo Tensei perfectly, because if Hashirama was to be revived with full power, he would be able to shake off the power of the Edo Tensei’s control easily and probably kill him.”

White Zetsu said with an evil smile, and he takes joy in other’s misfortune.

Obito directly said: “The Edo Tensei on Hashirama indeed has some risks, the other four first Kages and seconds… their power is enough.”

Black Zetsu information gathering was top-notch, Orochimaru and Kabuto won’t be able to use the Edo Tensei on these who are already revived.

“It’s good then, and we can test the first Raikage on the country of swamp on that demon named Moryo.”

The seal on Moryo was destroyed, White Zetsu already knew this and directly told Obito.

It happened that Moryo was the best test for the first Raikage, then they would send him toward the Tailed beasts.

At this time, on the country of swamp, the Raikage’s face, which initially was filled with anger, directly changed as he moved his hand, making rapid hand seals.