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G.O.S.S Chapter 527: The strongest Thunder

“This is… Damn! Stop this technique!”

Realizing the technique his body was gonna use, the Raikage was immediately angered and forcefully wanted to terminate it, but his body didn’t respond.

Obito’s had half Hashirama’s cells, in addition to that, he was an Uchiha with a Mangekyo Sharingan, so the force controlling the Raikage wasn’t normal.

The technique used by the Raikage was his strongest secret technique, other then him, no one could use it in the cloud village, only someone with a Tailed beast chakra could use it.


After completing the hand seals, a huge amount of chakra erupted out of his body, and lightning cracked loudly out of his body.
The lightning hit the clouds and directly thunder clouds condensed in the sky.

Numerous thunder Dragons were formed in the sky and directly rushed down, blowing the ground.

“Lightning Release Secret Art: Thunder Dragon Roar!”

No other kage had this kind of power. This technique could destroy mountains.

In the past, the First Raikage relied on this technique to flatten a city.

This attack wasn’t any inferior to a Bijudama.

“In this place, there is a… Hatred! This place should be destroyed.”

Initially, the Raikage’s face was full of anger, but as he looked at the place where his Jutsu was going to fall, he wasn’t as angry anymore.

As the lightning hovered above the Shrine of Moryo, suddenly, sword energy flashed directly toward that place.

Words can’t describe the power behind that attack, but there is one thing that could be felt, the world seemed to be cut in halves.

Under the attack, the lightning Jutsu dispersed.


The Raikage’s complexion changed suddenly, as he looked at this with disbelief.

His move, even against Hashirama, it would at least make him step back when he received it, and even against the complete Susanoo of Madara, it would force him to use his sword to resist the attack.

And here is someone who just destroyed his attack just like that.

The Raikage looked at the direction from which the attack came from, only to see two people, one young girl and youth with long hair wearing a black and white Haori.

Of course, these two were Roja and Shion.

Of course, if sword energy was released from several Kilometers away to destroy the Raikage’s strongest Jutsu, it could only be Roja.

“Excuse me, but I can’t make you destroy this place yet0” Roja grasped Sen Maboroshi and looked at the first Raikage.

Because of the speed, they moved with, Shion was dizzy, when she recovered, her small face was surprised as she asked Roja.

“That… why can’t we have him destroy the shrine if he directly can eliminate Moryo…”

Roja looked at Shion before saying: “I will let you know later.”

Roja looked at the first Raikage who was staring at Roja seriously.

“You can defeat this old man’s strongest Jutsu easily, and it seems like the current generation are surpassing the older one, which village are you from?”

“I don’t belong to any village, but the Mist are my subordinates.”

Roja thought, so Obito wants to use the Edo Tensei to collect the tailed beasts?

That’s creative.

Hearing Roja’s words, the first Raikage’s brows wrinkled, if Roja was from the cloud’s village, he would be happy, and if he was from another one, he wouldn’t be angry.

“Since you can block my power, perhaps you can seal this old man and shake of the control on me…”

At the same time, his body directly moved and started making hand seals.

“Lightning Release Secret art: Lightning strike!”


The earth rumbled as endless lightning crazily gushed from the Raikage’s body.

Almost like dreadful waves surging from the ocean, lightning swallowed the ground and wanted to destroy everything.

Shion was in a panic when she saw this, but thinking that Roja was with her, the shinobi No Kami, she was slightly relieved.

But still, she was still afraid of what she was seeing.

Although Roja casually cut a mountain, the lightning was scary. It can even swallow a whole mountain.

Compared to the disturbed Shion, Roja was gently looking at the Raikage, and he didn’t even seem to consider the lightning in from of him. Grasping Sen Maboroshi, Roja directly swung his hand.


A silver ray directly passed through the lightning directly splitting in half.