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G.O.S.S Chapter 532: The undercurrent!

In this world, many villages perished, Uzugakure perished in the war, and many other small ones perished, but the difference is, none of the five great villages disappeared.

Even in wars, The Sand village was never destroyed completely before. But now, the village was destroyed, and even the Kazekage was captured.

This was a big event in the world, and many villages were shocked by this. Onoki was having difficulty imagining what could cause the destruction of the sand village.

The council of the Rock village gathered to discuss this happening, but they were attacked at that time.

They were unexpectedly attacked by the First Tsuchikage and the Second Tsuchikage.

The second Tsuchikage was Onoki’s teacher, and he knew everything about Onoki’s dust release. After the peace was established by Hashirama, the five great villages were founded, but now, the second village was destroyed.

The Rock village was destroyed.

And both the Jinchuriki of the Four tailed and five tailed beasts were taken.

The Rock village was in luck as it wasn’t completely disappeared, unlike the Sand.

If the two of the most powerful villages in the world received so much damage, the world would be in high alert.

The cloud and Konoha didn’t sit still after hearing of the news and directly wanted to form an alliance.

But that couldn’t be accomplished any more, as the Cloud happened to be the next target.

The second and third Raikages, along with the third Mizukage, attacked the cloud village.

The first Raikage was destroyed by Roja so he can no longer be summoned using the Edo Tensei, but the second and third Raikage both were strong as well, along with the Mizukage who was peak Kage level.

Even though the cloud village was in high alert, A couldn’t face all these kages alone, and even with Killer Bee, it was useless. Finally, the Eight tails and two tails were captured.

The only weird thing Obito noticed was his inability to summon the first Raikage whose power was stronger than the ones he sent to the cloud village combined. The cloud village’s casualties were much less compared to the Rock and Sand.

But even so, the news still spread all over the world, making everyone tremble in fear.

All the ninjas in the world knew that something big is going to happen and were helpless to do anything.

From the strongest five, only two weren’t attacked yet.

Konoha was the next target, and the one attacking it was the first Mizukage, and the second, as well as the third Hokage.

The first Mizukage was as strong as the other first generation of kages, and the second Mizukage was a peak kage level.

What’s important was Hiruzen Sarutobi, who was known to be the strongest Kage of his generation, he may be limited in his life due to old age, but now with the Edo Tensei, he could use all his Jutsu without any limit.

However, Naruto’s power erupted as he used the Kyuubi. He was using eight tails of strength, and even the first Mizukage was hard pressed against him.

But that changed as other Edo Tensei summons appeared.

The seven swordsmen of the mist.

Konoha’s white fang.

Hanzo the Salamander.

Konoha wants to be able to endure all of these attacking together. Even the one who gave Konoha Sanin their name was attacking Konoha.

White Zetsu also attacked, and finally, Naruto was severely wounded and captured.

Finally, only Kirigakure was left, all the other great villages were done, with the sand and Rock receiving the largest damage, While the cloud coming right after Konoha with the smallest casualties.

Finally, at this time, all the villages, or what remained, determined what the goal of all these attacks was…

The tailed beasts!

The conclusion was made after looking at all the villages attacked, and the Sand wasn’t that noticeable as it was the first to be attacked. Then comes the Rock, which raised some suspicions, and the attack on the cloud made it obvious while the final attack on Konoha made it crystal clear.

It made people fearful of the result of some power controlling all the nine tailed beasts. Only the three tail was not captured.

What does the one behind them want, control the entire world?

Only The mist was untouched till now, and they hold the three-tailed beast, so it was their turn next. People were really hopeful that Roja, the Shinobi No Kami, and the rest of the experts in the Mist village could win.

But can they really resist them?

Many were anxious, Roja’s power was something no one can doubt, but if the person behind these attacks could control the tailed beasts, can he defeat them all.

Especially with the First generation of the kages helping them and the other kages.

Perhaps, this would be the end of the Mist as well, even with Roja, facing so many people should be impossible, right?

A few days passed without any new movement, but the entire world was gloomy, it was as if these few days were the calm before the storm.

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