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G.O.S.S Chapter 535: Haku of the Ice Release

“It seems like your Mist kids are ready.”

The Second Kazekage spoke as he looked at Mei and the others. The third Mizukage was about to talk, but suddenly the look on his face changed.

The Second Kazekage directly started making hand seals at extreme speed, in a flash he finished his jutsu as his chakra erupted and the earth started changing to Sand while moving toward the Mist ninjas.

He tried to swallow them whole.

From Mei’s side, someone quickly prepared his Jutsu rapidly and said.

“Ice Release: Ice Protective Dome!”


Almost in a blink of an eye, a dozen meter tall Ice Dome emerged and blocked the sand.

Bang! Bang!

The sand hit the ice dome and made it vibrate as it shouldered the second Kazekage’s attack.

“Well, this is unexpected! Someone from the Yuki Clan can block this old man’s attack.”

The second Kazekage was astonished as he did expect them to block this attack, but not a single ninja alone to do so.

This made his face change slightly as he knew the Yuki clan and other formidable clans in the Mist village, but they shouldn’t be this powerful.

“Haku of the Ice Release, The Mist Special support unit’s team captain, looking forward to our fight.”

While Haku was talking, she made a few hand seals and directly from the Ice Dome, countless Sharp Thorns emerged and shot directly.

The entire Ice Dome changed to ice thorns, and their target was the Second Kazekage.

At this, the other Kazekage was surprised along with the others, but the previous Mizukages were pleasantly surprised.

“No wonder that person attacked with such power to cope with your Mist village, it seems like there is a reason for it… Earth Release: Earth Wall!”

The Second Kazekage started talking before he made a single hand seal and pressed his hand into the ground, making a huge earth wall emerge from the ground.


The Ice thorns hit the Earth Wall, and the power behind them made the Kazekage startled. His earth wall unexpectedly couldn’t completely block the attack. The ice thorns penetrated the wall and directly headed toward him.

He was unexpectedly stabbed several times.

“Ice Burial Seal!”

With a tranquil face that seamed to expect this outcome, Haku made a single hand seal and said. The Ice thorns on the body of the second Kazekage directly started spreading, freezing him completely.

At the same time, Runes and characters started appearing on his body and directly sealed him.

With just one attack, Haku forcibly defeated the Second Mizukage and directly sealed him within Seconds.

The Surprised Kages were now shocked as not even one of them thought Haku would be able to seal the Second Kazekage forcefully.

Even if he was being controlled, he was still really strong, and he was the strongest Kazekage behind the first Kazekage.

Without a doubt, they were mistaken about Haku’s power.

After many years of training, Haku and Kimimaru reached the peak of the Kage level in strength, and that happened quickly as only a few know how strong they are currently.

With a little bit of Reiatsu, Haku’s soul became strong, and his chakra quantity increased by a huge margin, now he shouldn’t be that far behind when he is in front of a Super Kage.

The Second Kazekage was also at the peak of the kage level, and although the Edo Tensei grant an infinite amount of Chakra, he wasn’t as flexible as he was when controlling his own body, adding to that underestimating his opponent, or we should say Obito underestimating Haku made it possible to seal him quickly.

“That is the Mist’s support unit captain, Haku of the Ice release!”

“Unbelievable… He could defeat and seal the Second Kazekage in a few seconds?!”

In a distant place, a few scouts from different villages were observing the situation and couldn’t help shuddering at Haku’s power.

Although Haku was well known in the world now, defeating the Second Kazekage in seconds and sealing is terrifying.

Not only these scouts, but even the sensors of the other villages were also the same as well as their leaders as they heard their report. They were completely shocked.

They thought that the Mist had only Roja behind it, but if they think carefully, they would know that beside Roja, there were many powerhouses in the Mist.

Since Haku was that strong, would that mean that Kimimaro is that strong as well?!

At this time, a thought appeared in the current Kages’ mind, that maybe… Just maybe the Mist could get rid of this attack without needing Roja’s help.

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