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G.O.S.S Chapter 540: Everyone is Abnormal!

“It looks like the rest will cope with us.”

The rest of the Edo Tensei army was looking at the Mist Shinobi, all of them once shook the entire world, Hanzo the Salamander, Konoha’s White Fang, etc.…

Hanzo looked at the Mist Shinobi then looked at the people on his side and lightly said.

“I didn’t think that the current Mist Shinobi would be so formidable.”

“The Mist power is worthy of respect.”

Many of these characters were powerful. Still, the respect that was being mentioned was the one Hashirama Senju earned, as the first to establish a Shinobi Village and the most powerful Shinobi they’ve known.

But now, The Mist Village had some very powerful Ninjas.

“Summoning Technique!”

Hanzo slammed his hand on the ground as a giant salamander appeared.

As Hanzo summoned his Salamander, Sakumo drew his sword and poured chakra into it.

Each expert started getting ready for the fight.

“What will happen now…”

The shinobi looking at the war turned quiet right now.

There were still about Ten S Class shinobi that would face the Mist army. How can they win against them?

As this issue was in almost everyone’s mind, a voice sounded behind them, and one person appeared along with that sound.

“I will take the remaining ones.”

It was a delicate-looking girl, her expression tranquil, her eyes gently swept Danzo and the others without any fear at all, even a serious look didn’t appear on her face.

Leaving the army, she moved in front of the ten remaining Edo Tensei Summons.

She was the Imaginary Demon, Yakumo!

“An Expert?

Seeing Yakumo, no one dared to belittle her as she faced all these legendary figures.

No one dared to belittle someone from the Mist village anymore, even if the one in front of them looked like a harmless little girl, and her aura seemed that of an ordinary person.

Since she was facing all of them, it’s obvious that she is one of the Mist’s experts.

Is the Mist really that strong?!

Hanzo and the others took a deep breath and started attacking Yakumo.

“Edo Tensei is really troublesome…”

These summoned by the Edo Tensei won’t be affected by her control over the five senses, since the control is from the soul. Even though she learned to control the senses of souls as well, these summoned by Edo Tensei could resist her ability to a certain extent.

Naturally, it was the not most important thing, because the summons of the Edo Tensei is being controlled by someone from a distance, even of the Genjutsu had some effect, it would be obvious.

So her goal was no longer the ones in front of her; she would just attack the one who is controlling the summons from a distance.

Since the one controlling them liked to use dead people, he thought that no attack would reach his main body?!

Facing the attacks against her, Yakumo directly looked at them and released her Reiatsu and directly shouted.

“Genjutsu: Soul Impact!”

Although she said Genjutsu, this attack was in the general Genjutsu category, and it was similar to the Tsukuyomi that could force the soul to receive damage.


The attack reached Hanzo and the other making them directly stop. Their heads were about to split as if thunderstruck their heads. They felt dizzy.


Somewhere underground, Obito, who was controlling the Edo Tensei, felt the formidable attack, and his face changed.

Yakumo’s attack reached her goal.

Feeling the power he was hit by, Obito directly used his Mangekyo Sharingan, as it was the best way against a Genjutsu.

But, unfortunately for him, the attack was directed at his soul, his complexion whitened under the impact. The attack disrupted his control over the Edo Tensei slightly, but not completely, as he controlled the impact by using Kamui and cutting the impact on his soul by going to the Kamui Dimension and returning.

“Imaginary Demon Yakumo… What a troublesome girl.”

Obito’s face became ugly.

He always was fearful of the Mist because of Roja, and he didn’t think that his army would be dealt with while Roja didn’t make his appearance yet.

The Genjutsu and soul power used by Yakumo hit him really hard, if it wasn’t for his Mangekyo Sharingan, he would be severely injured and would’ve lost all connection to the Edo Tensei.

These followers of Roja are really Abnormal!

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