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G.O.S.S Chapter 543: Outcome (Part 2)

“It looks like many things changed by the time we died. I didn’t expect the Mist village would be this strong. So that’s what happened.”

The first and Second Mizukages were fighting with Mei as they listened to her talking about the events that happened after their deaths.

The things they heard about Roja made them stunned.

Stopping the Cloud Shinobi and reversing the battle against them, entering the Earth country and move as he wished, facing over ten thousand Ninja from the Rock village, suppressing the Mist village, seizing Political power, destroying Konoha, and after a few years, he made the Mist the strongest village in the world.

Each one of these things shocked them, if they weren’t witnessing the power of the Mist village, they wouldn’t have believed her story.

Roja’s actions were greater than even Hashirama’s, so him having the title of the Shinobi No Kami was understandable. He gained their respect already.

“Good, you should finish the fight already, you’re the current Mizukage, Show us your power.”

Mei looked at the Mizukages in front of her and said: “Then let us finish this, Sirs.”

“Suiton: Water Prison!”

Suddenly water erupted from the ground blocking the first and Second Mizukage’s way out along with Mei.

“This is… You wanted to fight us in an enclosed space from the beginning. I didn’t expect that.”

Looking at around at the corner of the prison, the First Mizukage was astonished, although he can’t control his body, the Edo Tensei made his fight by instinct. But even if he controlled his body, he won’t be able to defeat Mei.

This water prison wasn’t strong, he can destroy it after some time, but that time wouldn’t be given to him by Mei as she would use her Corrosion Release here, making their escape impossible.

The Corrosion Release’s weakness is the speed of which it spreads, and its range was huge but not focused, but with the walls preventing it from spreading, it wasn’t possible to hide at all.

“Terrifying, I seem that the Mist under your command will reach a greater high.” The second Mizukage gasped in admiration.

Mei smiled slightly, and she didn’t speak as she released her technique.

The First and Second Mizukages tried to resist on instinct, but they were already doomed, the prison prevents them from escaping while the Corrosion technique spread and corroded their bodies.

“Sealing Technique: Running Water Seven seals!”

Mei used a unique sealing technique to directly seal the Kages and prevent them from being used like this again.

As soon as the Prison was released, only Mei emerged out.

“She really defeated and sealed them, and even the first Mizukage couldn’t stand against the Fifth’s Kekkai Tota.”

Many were shocked again. All of the Mist Shinobi looked at her with admiration.

First Mizukage and Second Mizukage Vs Mei Terumi.

Winner, Mei Terumi!

“Well, it seems like I can’t prolong the fight anymore.”

Haku, who was fighting against the Kazekage, knew that Kimimaro finished his fight as well as Mei.

He needed to end the fight now so he can at least be the fourth to finish.

He didn’t know about how to defeat his enemy, but how to immobilize him and seal him. This mission was issued by Roja, and when Roja order something, Haku will carry it out without question.

“Kaguya Kimimaro and Terumi Mei… Indeed, this generation is really something else. But if you want to finish me, it won’t be easy.”

The First Mizukage sensed that Kimimaro and Mei wouldn’t their fights, he was totally shocked, but he was a prideful person, he would let this show on his face.

Although he was slightly at a disadvantage against Haku, it wasn’t a one-sided fight. Haku saying that he won’t prolong the fight would mean that he wanted to finish this immediately, which wouldn’t agree to.

“Let’s try before we come to a conclusion.”

Haku’s eyes flashed, his heart firm, and resolute. H suddenly jumped backward and made several hand seals.

His chakra surged crazily as the temperature around them started to decrease as if everything was turning to ice.

“Wind Release: Pressure Of Death!”

The first Kazekage that what Haku is about to use was an S Class Ninjutsu, even his instinct told him that he shouldn’t let Haku release that technique, which is why he attacked.

However, Haku was calm as he leaped, avoiding the First Kazekage’s technique while finishing the hand seals.

AS soon as he finished, Haku said.

“This is a technique I studied after Roja-sama gave his permission, I didn’t use before at all, you’re the first to witness it.” Haku’s hands maintained a Ram seal as he talked.

“Ice Release secret Technique: Hyoten Hyaku Hana-so (Ice Flower Funeral)!”

Roja didn’t make Haku his disciple, but he allowed him to feel the strength of Hyorinmaru, which made Haku breakthrough in his Ice Release as he learned a similar Technique to it.

At this time, Haku didn’t master this technique completely, but he could use it.

With this move, the outcome was obvious.

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