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G.O.S.S Chapter 544: Outcome (Part 3)

“Rock release: Great Rock descent!”


The First Tsuchikage was using every technique he had to strike Shion and surrounding her.

However, Shion seemed to know what he will do. She was using Moryo’s power to attack the Rocks and deflect them away while sometime she would jump and avoid them entirely.

While she was controlling the claws, she opened her mouth, which made the silhouette behind her to open its mouth.

The silhouette behind her took Moryo’s shape, and as it opened its mouth, red and black swirls started to gather around toward it, making anyone seeing it flinch.

The first Tsuchikage didn’t panic; he directly made a few hand seals and pressed his hands on the ground.

“Rock Release: Great Rock Wall!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Consecutively, three huge Rock walls ascended from the ground suddenly. Moryo was charging something like the Bijuudama, and as he released it, it directly collided with the Rock walls. It directly destroyed the first wall and moved to the second, then the third.

The First Tsuchikage directly jumped from behind the last wall while he prepared another technique aiming for Shion directly.

“Rock Release: Rock Spear Technique!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Instantly, the earth trembled as innumerable giant Rock spears emerged from the ground toward Shion.

However, Shion was looking at this calmly, and she already knew what’s going to happen, so she directly jumped away and continued to attack.

The First Tsuchikage was staring at Shion, and his eyes grew serious every time she avoided his attacks.

At first, he was worried that Shion wouldn’t be able to cope with him and always reminded her when he would attack.

But he suddenly realized that he didn’t need to say anything as Shion always seemed able to avoid his attacks.

It seemed as if she knew when he was going to attack.

The First Tsuchikage was shocked and no longer spoke as he observed Shion with some fear.

“You can predict my attack… Is it possible you can peek into the future?!”

“How else would I do it then.”

Shion said flatly, although she practiced under Roja for two years, her disposition didn’t grow. She was still a sharp-tongued, proud, and pampered young girl.

“This is troublesome, fighting like this won’t get us anywhere.”

Shion didn’t fight much before, even when she followed Roja, she never fought Kimimaro and Haku, as she just observed them.

Without experience, her future sight would only allow her to know what the First Tsuchikage would do next, but she won’t be able to finish him.

She was winning from the start, but each time she attacked, her attacks would be avoided by the first Tsuchikage.


Hearing Shion’s words, the first Tsuchikage’s mouth twitched.

He could definitively feel that Shion was just a young girl without experience; if she had some experience, he would be defeated long ago.

Even while she didn’t have the experience, she could still fight him and gain an advantage over him due to her Future sight, and all he can do is block her attacks.

The longer she fought, the more experience she got, and the more frightening she was.

“I’m really too old for this…”

Shion started to attack again, and the first Tsuchikage couldn’t help smile bitterly.

This kind of talent didn’t exist in his time, and even if it did, there weren’t many of them.

Shion really had terrifyingly talented, as the fight continued, she was getting better and better. But she wasn’t the only talent here, Kimimaro, Haku, and the other little girl, even the current Mizukage, they were all talents that were few even at his time.

Their power was beyond Terrifying, even if he wasn’t revived and fought with control over his body, he wouldn’t win against any of them.

“Ninja Art: Annihilation!”

Shion, along with the chakra coat around her, started making hand seals, chakra erupted from her small body. The charka spread all over the place as it destroyed everything in its way.

The first Tsuchikage jumped up to avoid the chakra, but as Shion knew what he was going to do, she directly made a sword made of chakra in the claws of Moryo.

“Ittoryu: Instant Slash!”

Shion was one of Roja’s disciple and the only one who was taught sword technique, as Roja made the others develop their own ability.

Of course, Shion was no swordmaster, she didn’t practice for a long time to get there yet, but Roja’s words were ‘Even if you are blind, with Moryo’s chakra it would hit.”

Moryo’s chakra was as strong as a tailed beast, and even she wasn’t a master, even crude slashes would do with that much chakra under her disposal.


The earth cracked open with that single slash.

As the Tsuchikage reappeared from his flicker, he found himself facing the sword attack and directly flickered again, but Shion didn’t give him a chance as she sent another attack out.

So even with the First Tsuchikage’s mastery over the flicker technique, he won’t be able to avoid Shion’s attack as she knew exactly where he would be next and with the terrifying sword attacks, even one hit would be enough.

Once he was hit, the Tsuchikage’s body, which was hardened by the Earth Chakra, was cut in half.

And Shion didn’t stop as she sent another attack decisively at him.

The Tsuchikage’s body started to disintegrate as he said.

“Finally… You won’t have such a hard time in the future!”

Far away, the scouts swallowed hard as they looked at this. Shion seemed like a sweet little girl, but now, in their view, she was a monster, a fearful monster.

First Tsuchikage Vs. Shion!

Winner, Shion!

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