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G.O.S.S Chapter 545: Outcome (Part 4)

Compared to other battlefields, this one was really chaotic even though the fight here produced less noise.

It might be less noisy, but the fight was really a sight to behold. Various Ninjutsu and Genjutsu were used, and even some Kinjutsu.

The Third Mizukage didn’t care about using Kinjutsu here, as he was revived with Edo Tensei, the Kinjutsu won’t have any effect on him.

Fighting against the Seven swordsmen of the mist along with the third Mizukage, even if Hiruzen Sarutobi was at his peak along with two teams of Anbu, he would be lucky if he got out alive.

But in front of Kurenai, they would be hard-pressed.

She didn’t have the Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) the same as Minato, and she didn’t have the third Raikage’s power, not even Haku and Kimimaro’s ninjutsu strength.

She was quite Balanced, and she was the perfect Shinobi. She didn’t have a specialty as she is skilled in every aspect of the Shinobi, and she reached the Super Kage level with that kind of mindset.

Sarutobi may have been similar to Kurenai when he was at his peak, but Kurenai gained Haki with being with Roja as well as a stronger soul, which meant a stronger Chakra.

She might not have any shocking abilities like Haku and Kimimaro, but she was fighting without any pressure at all.

Each Jutsu released was planned; each movement had a reason; she displayed her strength greatly.

Even someone with a Sharingan won’t be able to do the same thing as her.

“Ninja Art: Kage Shuriken no Jutsu!”

“Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death!”

“Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet!”

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

Kurenai was making hand seals for different techniques on each hand.

The fight continued with the seven swordsmen interlocking with Kurenai, in a short time, they exchanged over ten moves and wounds appeared on the bodies of the seven swordsmen.

As the wounded swordsmen looked at their wounds, they were shocked.

“Is our level so far apart in Taijutsu? I’m one of the seven swordsmen of Mist…”

Sometimes he thought that he knew what she was going to do, but he still couldn’t avoid completely.

All of the swordsmen were filled with wounds, and they finally understood the reason.

“You are strong, but you won’t be able to keep going like this, as we are revived by the Edo Tensei, he has unlimited Chakra and Stamina, you will only burn yourself out like this.”

Because of the fight completely one-sided, the Mizukage relaxed completely and started talking.

One of the swordsmen also said: “Yeah, you need to deal with us quickly. Otherwise, you will deplete your chakra and stamina and won’t be able to seal us later.”

“Call some of the Anbu elites here. Based on your strength, you can cope with us but not seal us.”

Another one of the seven swordsmen talked.

But Kurenai maintained silence, and her eyes flashed as if she was thinking about her next move. Finally, she jumped back a few meters.


“Almost what?”

Kurenai’s eyes became tranquil as she no longer looked serious.

“Your abilities, I was just trying to get them before I end the fight, but I cannot continue like this any longer, or Roja-sama would be annoyed at me.”

Kurenai finished her speech before she disappeared and attacked again.

One of the Seven swordsmen was attacked and tried to resist with his sword, but he was cleaved by Kurenai directly from head to toe.

The others directly wanted to support their comrade, but Kurenai already finished another technique and disappeared again.

She was moving gently while runes and words spread on the ground.

“This is… Seal! When did you…”

The third Raikage couldn’t finish his words before his body moved and released a Water technique instantaneously covering all of them.

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