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G.O.S.S Chapter 546: Outcome (part 5)

Facing the Third Mizukage’s Kinjutsu, Kurenai jumped away and impressively, another Kurenai appeared.

“Doing several things at the same time? How? Isn’t Genjutsu just an illusion? What kind of trick is this?” The third Mizukage was startled.

“Earth Release: Mud wall!”

Suddenly a huge mud wall emerged from the ground and blocked the Third Mizukage’s technique. The wall stopped, then started falling down on the Mizukage.

The Third Mizukage jumped away. In mid-air, Kurenai leaped toward him and attacked.

They were interlocked in midair, Kurenai wasn’t successful in cleaving the Mizukage, but before she jumped away, she stuck an explosive tag on his body and detonated his body directly.

It might have taken time to describe all of that, but it took only a second for it to happen. From eight people, five were routed and partially sealed.

The other three didn’t stop as they directly moved at the same time to attack Kurenai, but she was very calm.

After a short confrontation, one of them was directly routed by a Genjutsu, while the other was directly severed.

As for the third person, before he could help the one in the Genjutsu, he was directly attacked by Kurenai.

Kurenai was strong, and even her Kage Bunshin was better than the seven swordsmen.

Kurenai’s main body was flickering as she formed a few hand seals.

“Demonic Illusion: Scarlet Dance!”

The last person was directly under Genjutsu.

Kurenai is skilled in almost all techniques. Naturally, she knew sealing techniques. After a short time, she directly prepared the seals and put the symbols on the ground, directly making the seals crawl toward the bodies as she said.

“Darkness Seal!”

Kurenai maintained the Ram seal as the words and runes crawled toward the bodies, directly sealing them. After finished, she took a deep breath and put down her hands gently.

The fight ended, and most people were dazzled by what they saw Kurenai do.

Various villages couldn’t even begin to comment on the fight.

All of this happened in less than ten breaths.

“It seems like the Blood beauty of the Mist also finished her fight; it was unbelievable… The third Mizukage, along with the seven swordsmen of the Mist, was defeated by her.”

The Sensor in the Rock village scratched his forehead as he said.

Onoki looked at him with tranquil eyes then said.

“She gathered information on her enemies at first, and when enough was gathered, it didn’t take her long before taking them down directly. She is really frightening.”

If Kimimaro and the others were monsters, Kurenai was just a normal human, but she displayed the power of a perfect Shinobi.

A perfect fight, without any useless moves.

Such a Shinobi, compared to Kimimaro and the others, made Onoki fearful because, in the battlefield, Haku, Kimimaro, and the others would be soldiers, but Kurenai would be the general.

“The Mist village is terrifying.”

“They have outstanding Members and a frightening leader, and they can dominate the world with such a group.”

Tsunade muttered

Kurenai Won her fight.

Only Yakumo was the only one remaining.

But as soon as she knew that Kurenai finished her fight, she said.

“I seem to like all of them finished, well I need to finish this as well.”

As her sound fell, Yakumo suddenly moved her hand and tapped two bodies.

Hanzo and the others broke like puppets, their eyes were vacant, and their bodies dispersed.

Obviously, she could’ve ended the fight whenever she wanted, and she just didn’t want it to end so early so it won’t be boring.

“Really, you’re the one who should’ve ended first.”

Kimimaro walked and looked at the fallen bodies on the ground and shook his head.

Yakumo didn’t have much pride, but she smiled faintly: “Our matches are different. You were slowing down as well, right?”

If Kimimaro wanted, he couldn’t end the fight fast as well.

“It was a good fight, but it’s not like I wanted to take so long, I just didn’t have the mean to finish quickly.” Kurenai walked and smiled at them.

Haku gently said: “Don’t be humble, Kurenai-sensei, you could’ve ended much quicker, but you wanted a perfect fight…”

“It was good, indeed, well enough talking, we should go back.”

Mei jumped and fell beside them, and there was no other Edo Tensei summons anymore.

Several people looked at this and smiled. Everyone turned around and walked toward the Mist.

Several Hundred Shinobi cleaned the battlefield and carried the sealed bodies one by one.

A moment later.

They started restoring the ground to its original form using the earth release Jutsus.

After that, all the shinobi returned to the village finally. But no one paid attention to the various scouts from other villages.

This concludes the fight between the Mist and the Edo Tensei Army.

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