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H.P.S.T Chapter 287: Hermione’s Divination class

“I can’t believe I missed the Cheering Charm!” said Hermione angrily. “And I bet it will come up in our exams; Professor Flitwick hinted they might!” 

“If necessary, I can help you practice this spell.” Evan said eagerly. 

“Thank you, Evan!” Hermione leaned her schoolbag over her shoulder and sighed, looking very depressed. “You’ve helped me a lot. Without you, I really don’t know what I could’ve done. I would like to practice this spell, but I have no time. It’s hard to imagine. I spent the whole afternoon in the Divination class, staring at a crystal ball in a daze.”

A week before, the third year class was taught crystal ball Divination. 

Evan was very able to understand Hermione’s current mood. For most wizards who do not have Divination talent, it is impossible to see anything from the crystal ball. 

As Hermione said, they were totally wasting their time there. 

It’s to be known that Divination talent, while highly valued, is very rare, and is usually inherited.

To put it simply, if there were no foreseers in your ancestors, then you shouldn’t get anything useful through Divination. 

At the very least, no one had this talent among the young wizards that Evan knew. 

Taking into account Hermione’s current timetable pressure, if she chose to give up on Divination class, Evan would absolutely agree. He comforted her with a few words. A few minutes later, Hermione went to Divination class, and it seemed that she was about to reach her limit. 

To her, Professor Trelawney was nothing but a liar. 

It was totally unbearable for her to go and listen to Professor Trelawney’s nonsense all afternoon under the strain of time.

So, at dinner time, Evan wasn’t surprised to hear the other third-year Gryffindor students talking about Hermione leaving the Divination class halfway through.

“As usual, Professor Trelawney was predicting that Harry will die!” Ron gave himself a big spoonful of mashed potatoes, while explaining the whole incident to others; he wrinkled his nose and exaggerated. “Hermione suddenly interrupted her. Professor Trelawney said that Hermione did not possess the qualities required by the noble art of Divination. She said that she didn’t remember ever meeting a student whose mind was so helplessly mundane. Do you know how Hermione reacted?” 

All the students in the first and second years shook their heads and their faces were full of curiosity. 

“She was silent for two or three seconds, then suddenly stood up.” Ron tried to imitate Hermione’s tone. 

“She said directly to Professor Trelawney “I give up! I’m leaving!” Then, to the whole class’s amazement, she left the Divination classroom. It was really brave, wasn’t it?! I was scared by her, and I bet Professor Trelawney must have been frightened. She stood there, breathing rather heavily as she tugged her gauzy shawl more closely to her. It was like that.” 

“Come on, Ron! Professor Trelawney had predicted this. She had predicted her departure. Remember our first lesson?! “Around Easter, one of our number will leave us forever,” Lavender, sitting across the long table, interrupted Ron. “She had already predicted it, didn’t she?”

“In a sense, she really knows everything.” Ron waved his hand, unhappy at Lavender’s interruption, adding disdainfully, “As long as it is about unfortunate things!” 

“That is the whole charm of Divination, predicting the danger of the future, allowing one to avoid, isn’t it?!” Lavender whispered, trying to convince Ron. 

The two of them discussed this topic, and Evan asked Harry about Hermione’s whereabouts. 

“I don’t know, she might go back to the Common Room first. Leaving directly from the classroom, this matter must’ve been a big blow to Hermione.” Harry said uncomfortably, “We’d better go and find her. I dare say she must be very upset now…” 

Harry stopped before he finished his words. 

Hermione was walking into the Great Hall from the outside. She looked like she was not sad at all. She was very happy. Her face was full of smiles. She smiled and sat down in the seat Evan and Harry had given her. 

Because of what happened in the Divination class, almost half of the students at the table turned to look at her, hoping to know what happened after the incident. 

“Are you okay, Hermione?” Evan asked tentatively. 

“I’m fine, Evan!” Hermione looked very happy. “Since the beginning of the semester, I have never been in such a good state. Think about it, I can finally get rid of Professor Trelawney and the meaningless Divination lessons and devote my precious time to other things.”

“But you left directly from the class. There has never been such a thing before!” Ron’s attention shifted from Lavender to Hermione. He curiously asked, “I mean, if you give up Divination, what would Professor McGonagall say?”

“Thank you for your concern, I’ve just returned from Professor McGonagall.” Hermione took out her timetable and used the wand to remove Divination class and answered easily. “She is very supportive of my decision. From today on, I don’t have to waste any more time in the Divination class. If you also want to give up, you can always speak out without worrying about what Professor McGonagall would have to say.” 

“That’s because it’s you!” Ron whispered, “If I had given up Divination as you did, Professor McGonagall would have criticized me so severely, make me apologize to Professor Trelawney and then write to my mother about it.”

Giving up Divination, Hermione could be more relaxed. 

Even without Divination, she was taking more subjects than anyone else, but her mental state was much better. 

Compared with before, she was smiling all day, full of motivation, without the slightest pressure of her studies on her. 

For Hermione, learning was a happy thing. However, other people were not so optimistic. The Easter holidays were not exactly relaxing. Because the school year exam was approaching, the second years were doing more and more homework. 

In Colin’s words, he had never had so much homework. 

In fact, not only in the second years, the entire school’s young wizards now spent almost all their time studying, and they spent more and more time in the Common Rooms and the library. Neville seemed close to a nervous breakdown, and he wasn’t the only one. 

At noon on the last day of the Easter holidays, Evan had just entered the Gryffindor Common Room when he heard Seamus Finnigan roaring in the corner.

“They call this a holiday?” He threw a few magic books on the ground. “The exams are ages away, who are they kidding?”

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