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H.P.S.T Chapter 310: The Dying Aragog

“Where is Malfoy?” Evan shouted. 

He raised his wand with vigilance and carefully observed Aragog. 

He hadn’t seen it for a few months. It looked much weaker than before. It seemed to be seriously ill, and all the grey fluff on its body had dropped down. 

It lay quietly in the middle of the cobweb, almost lifeless.

Above its ugly head, the sharp black pincers began to show unhealthy grayish white, matching the layer of white covering on each eye. Unlike the giant female spider that just saw the mutation, Not only Aragog had not become stronger now, but it was getting older and had a look of impending death.

“Are you afraid of me, Hagrid’s friend?” Aragog said slowly, with a hint of banter in his voice, “Afraid of an old, dying spider?!” 

“Where’s Malfoy?” Evan Asked.

The light at the end of his wand was getting stronger and stronger. “Tell me, otherwise, I don’t mind letting you experience what dying truly is.” 

Click, click, click… 

“Useless threat, I am not afraid of death. I have lived for far too long. Death would be a relief.” Aragog said slowly, “Besides, kill me, and you can’t save your compan…” 

“Then we can try it.” Evan’s wand emitted a red light, rubbing Aragog’s body and flying over. “Forgot to tell you, I don’t really care much about Malfoy’s life or death. I came here mainly to kill you, and save Malfoy while I am at it. So don’t think you can threaten me with him.”

Aragog retreated a little, with eight pairs of white eyes facing Evan. 

They faced each other, and none of them spoke. They were testing each other’s resolve. 

It seemed to feel Evan’s determination and the powerful magic that was gathering, and Aragog soon could not hold on.

“I’ll ask for the last time, WHERE IS MALFOY?” Evan shouted. 

“That human boy is right below, there he is…” Aragog said weakly, “You are right, I can’t die, at least not now.” 

“You said Malfoy is down there?!” Evan said doubtfully. 

Through the spider web under his feet, he looked into the dark cave below. 

Nothing could be seen besides endless darkness. 

At the end of his wand, the next second, he sent out a light ball, which fell straight down through the gap in the cobweb. The light ball fell down for a long time, and finally disappeared into the darkness. This made Evan realize that the cave underneath was just too deep for light to be seen from its bottom, and he didn’t know where it ended.

He couldn’t help but think of the underground vaults of the Gringotts, a special area of underground molten groundwater and small islands, tens of thousands of feet deep below the ground. 

If this cave was the same as there, how did Malfoy get down? 

There were no tracks built by Goblins, and falling from here would definitely get him squished.

Was Aragog just lying? Was it deceiving him?! 

Thinking of this, Evan looked up and carefully observed the surrounding walls, and found nothing. It was already the deepest part of the Lair and there was no way forward. 

“What the hell is going on?” Evan clenched his wand. “I don’t have time to play games with you, Aragog. You know, my patience is limited.” 

“Don’t worry about the human boy; he is still alive.” Click, click, click. Aragog slowly danced its big pincers. “It won’t kill him, I know. Believe me, we still have time. That human boy’s soul is of great importance to it. It has been waiting for this day for a long time…” 

This sentence sounded really unpleasant. 

Evan tried not to think about what Malfoy’s soul could be useful for. 

What’s more, who was “it” that Aragog was talking about? Why does it need Malfoy’s soul?! 

“Don’t be so mystifying, Aragog!” Evan pointed his wand at him. “Who is “it”? Why does it need Malfoy’s soul? What is it going to do?”

“I’ll tell you, Hagrid’s friend!” Aragog said slowly, “It’s a long story, and I’ll tell you everything I know…” 

“Then you’d better hurry and not try any cheap games.” Evan interrupted it directly. 

“As you can see, I’m so weak that I can’t move, and I can’t threaten you at all.” Click, click, Aragog continued, “But I can’t die. At least I can’t fall down before I finish that. Otherwise, my descendants will be enslaved forever. I need your help, Hagrid’s friend! You’re brave, you have great strength, and most importantly, you’re as kind as Hagrid. I’ve never seen a human like you before. You’ll certainly help me, won’t you?”

“You’ve got something to ask of me?!” Evan squinted and looked at the old creature before him doubtfully. 

He also thought that he had misheard. Aragog actually said that he was as kind as Hagrid. There was nothing wrong with that, but it depended on who said it. 

It was very ironic that the one saying that was an Acromantula. 

Afer all, the last time he met Aragog was definitely not a pleasure.

Aragog and the other Acromantulas regarded Evan as a fresh food, and it ended up with a fire that he induced turning innumerable Acromantulas to ashes.

Just now, he left Aragog’s spouse and future offspring behind in a boiling pot of fire, further reducing the number of Acromantulas left in the Forbidden Forest. 

It can be said that the Acromantula population suffered heavy losses because of Evan’s own efforts, and now they were facing a crisis of imminent extinction. 

In this case, it was already strange enough that Aragog wasn’t doing his best to get him killed, and now he had a request from him?

Evan carefully looked at Aragog. Was this old spider getting delusional, or did it have a hidden plan?

However, both possibilities didn’t seem to be true. Aragog seemed to be too weak now; it was on the verge of death. 

“Yes, I have something to ask you, please believe me!” Click, click, Aragog moved forward a little closer to Evan. “What’s more, if you want to take that human boy, you have to get my help as well.”

Evan did not speak, shook his wand and signaled the other side to continue. To believe in Aragog, to believe in a Dark creature, an Acromantula, had already proven to be a foolish thing, and the outcome was being chased by hundreds of Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest on that night. 

If it weren’t for Mr. Weasley’s car, he wouldn’t even be alive right now. 

He won’t be stupid enough to make this mistake for the second time, but before determining Malfoy’s position, it didn’t hurt to listen to what Aragog wanted to say. 

What’s more, Evan was very curious about what Aragog would say about “it”.

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